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The city of Falador is a big city that is accessible to free players and members. It is located north of Port Sarim, and southwest of Varrock. To get here, you can teleport with the lodestone teleport, level 37 spell or simply walk. In Falador, players can train the Mining Skill in the Dwarven Mines or the Mining Guild, and smelt ores in a Furnace close to the bank. Players who like to merchant can use Falador as a great marketplace in World 2. Of course, those aren't the only great things about Falador. It's time we take a closer look at this great city.

City Map


The CastleThe BarThe West BankThe HairdresserThe Mace Market and General StoreCassie's Shield ShopThe FurnaceEstate Agent and Cooking RangeThe ParkParty RoomCircle of HousesThe Eastern BankThe Mining GuildChainmails and Spinning WheelsAgility ShortcutThe Gem StoreThe Agility ShortcutThe Makeover MageAir Altar and Yew TreeYew TreesFarming PatchesA map of Falador - click on a number to read about it.


There is a lot to see in Falador town, so let's start moving. Head back down to the ground floor of the castle, and make your way across the bridge into Falador center. Go west and find the bar, which is our first destination.

(1) The Castle

Located at point 1, the castle is home to the White Knights, protectors of Falador. Inside this castle you can find killable White Knights, some quest starts, an armor shop, and more! This castle has three floors, so we will explore them one floor at a time. We will start off on the ground floor.

Welcome to falador!

The Ground Floor

On the Ground Floor, you can find many white knights. Their levels differ depending on the color of their helmets. A white knight can be level 36, 38, 39, or 42. The white knights can be attacked for combat practice. Wandering around the ground floor area are some level 1 chickens and a Squire. The Squire is the quest start point for The Knight's Sword. Also, members who have completed the Recruitment Drive Quest will have the option to change their death respawn to Falador. The ground floor is the spot in Falador where your character will appear.

The ground floor - comlete with chickens and White Knights

The Second Floor

There are many ladders or stairs scattered around the ground floor. Pick a set of stairs or a ladder and climb it. You are now on the second floor. All around the second floor are more White Knights to kill. You can find some other things as well.

The Herald

In the eastern part of this floor, you can find Sir Renitee, who is also called the Herald. He is used in the Construction Skill. You can ask him what your family crest is, or you can buy paintings and maps from him. When you know your family crest, you can add certain objects to your house and paint full helmets and kiteshield with colors that match your crest. If you don't like your crest, he can change it for 5000gp. The paintings and maps he sells can be hung up on the walls of your house.

The herald, maker of family crests

Ambassador Spanfipple

In the southern part of the second floor (southwest of the Herald), you can find some jail cells. This is most likely where White Knights keep their prisoners, such as the Black Knights. Wandering around the cell area are some White Knights and Ambassador Spanfipple. Ambassador Spanfipple is part of the Gnome Cuisine Activity. If you talk to him, you will have an interesting conversation on the White Knights being changed to pink or brown.

The jail

The Third Floor

To get to the third floor, climb any set of stairs or ladders found on the second floor. However, certain ladders or steps will take you to special parts of the third floor that cannot be accessed by other steps. These parts will be explained later. For now, let's explore the regular objects found. All around are more White Knights. You can find ladders that will take you to small towers of the White Knight Castle. Those are all the normal attractions. Now, let's talk about the special attractions.

Sir Amik Varze

On the west side of this floor, you can find Sir Amik Varze. He is the quest start point for Black Knights' Fortress and Recruitment Drive. Next to Sir Amik are a set of stairs that will take you to a tower. You can find two white knights on the tower.

Sir Amik Varze

Sir Vyvin and the Tower

As mentioned before, there are special rooms that can only be accessed by using certain stairs or ladders from the second floor. The first one is found next to the Herald. Climb the staircase and you should be in a secluded room with some white knights and Sir Vyvin. Sir Vyvin plays a part in The Knight's Sword and can sell White Knight Armor if you have completed the Wanted! Quest. Another secluded area is east of the Herald. Climbing the ladder will take you to another tower.

Sir Vyvin

(2) The Bar

The Rising Sun Tavern is the pub found in Falador. This building has two floors, so let's start off with the first one. Here you can find Emily and Kaylee. They both have the same options where you talk with them. Options include "What ales are you serving" and "What can you tell me about dwarves and ale?" Both girls sell Asgarnian Ale, Wizard's Mind Bomb, and Dwarven Stout for 3gp each. The option with the dwarves and ale will not appear until you start the dwarf chapter of Recipe for Disaster. Upstairs, you can find another barmaid named Tina and a drunken man. The drunken man is level one and can be attacked, pick-pocketed, or talked to.

The Rising sun pub

(3) The West Bank

Falador has two banks, and this is the west one. This bank is the closest to the Taverley Dungeon, making it a convenient bank for banking drops and withdrawing supplies. There is also a furnace in Falador, making this bank a nice place to withdraw ores.

The west bank

(4) The Hairdresser

The Hairdresser will change your beard and/or hairstyle for a fee. For men, it will cost 1,000gp. For women, it will cost 2,000gp. It is more expensive for women because women have more of a variety of hairstyles to choose from. Haircuts include hair coloring and/or styling. Shavings include beard or mustache coloring and/or styling.

Falador hairdresser

(5) The Mace Market and General Store

A bit northeast of the Hairdresser, you can find two stores close to each other. The first one is the Mace store. You can buy maces bronze through adamant. The second store is the Falador General Store. It's just like any other general store with the same goods to sell as well as goods that were sold to the store from other players.

Flynn's Mace Market:

Flynn's Mace Market
Picture Item Price
Bronze Mace Bronze Mace 18gp
Iron Mace Iron Mace 63gp
Steel Mace Steel Mace 225gp
Mithril Mace Mithril Mace 585gp
Adamant Mace Adamant Mace 1,440gp

Falador General Store:

Falador General Store
Picture Item Price
Pot Pot 1gp
Jug Jug 1gp
Shears Shears 1gp
Bucket Bucket 2gp
Bowl Bowl 5gp
Cake Tin Cake Tin 13gp
Tinderbox Tinderbox 1gp
Chisel Chisel 1gp
Hammer Hammer 1gp
Newcomer Map Newcomer Map 1gp
Security Book Security Book 1gp

(6) Cassie's Shield Shop

East of the General Store, you can find another store. This store sells shields bronze through mithril. Not all types of shields are for sale. This store has two floors. Upstairs you can find Cassie's room along with a cooked chicken respawn on the table.

Cassie's Shield Shop
Picture Item Price
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield 20gp
Bronze Sq Shield Bronze Sq Shield 48gp
Bronze Kiteshield Bronze Kiteshield 68gp
Iron Sq Shield Iron Sq Shield 168gp
Iron Kiteshield Iron Kiteshield 238gp
Steel Sq Shield Steel Sq Shield 600gp
Steel Kiteshield Steel Kiteshield 850gp
Mithril Sq Shield Mithril Sq Shield 1,560gp

(7) The Furnace

One of the great attractions of Falador is the furnace. The furnace is located close to the east and west bank, making it a convenient place to smelt ores. This building has two floors. Upstairs, you can find The Workman and Apprentice Workman. Both are very busy trying to complete an order for a furnace in Varrock.

The furnace - for smelting ores

(8) Estate Agent and Cooking Range

This part of the guide covers two houses close to each other. The first house is the home of the Estate Agent. He is an important NPC in the Construction skill. He can sell houses for 1000gp, redecorate your house, and move your house to different places. There is a fee for using his services. Also, in this house you can find a spade respawn. The second building is a small house with a man and a cooking range.

The estate agent - talk to him to buy a house

(10) Party Room

The Party Room is a very large building where parties can be held. Previous, the Party Room was located in Seers' Village. On July 24, 2007, the Party Room had a massive move and moved itself to the city of Falador. Here in the Party Room, you can enter your items for drop parties and they'll come down in balloons for 1000 coins, make the white knights dance for 500 coins on the table, or even ask Party Pete to show you some dance moves.

The Falador Party Room

Agility Shortcut

Behind the big house, you can find an Agility shortcut that will take you over the Falador Wall. To use this shortcut, you need to have a Mithril Grapple Hook, 11 Agility, 19 Ranging, and 37 Strength.

(11) Circle of Houses

This part of the guide covers a circle of houses. In the center of the circle, you can find a fountain and two level 21 guards. Now, let me tell you about the houses. In the northern house, you can find a cooking range. In the northeastern house, you can find a level 2 man, who is dressed fancier than other men. In the eastern house, you can find another cooking range. In the southeastern house, you can find a sink. In the southern house, you find a third cooking range. Upstairs in this house is another level 2 man. If you talk with him, you will learn he is hiding from a "thing" he saw in the dark. He refuses to come outside. The man is probably crazy and you can kill him if you want. Also, the southern houses both have chests. Why is this important? Well, if you get a treasure trail clue, there is a chance your clue will direct you to one of these chests.

Center of the houses - a common place for treasure trail clues

(12) The Eastern Bank

The second bank of Falador is located on the East Side. This bank is much more popular than the west bank. Why? Well, it is closer to the Mining Guild, making it a useful place to bank ores. This bank can also be used for withdrawing ores used for smelting at the nearby furnace. You can find this bank extremely crowed in large, populated worlds, such as World 2. Next to the bank you can find a small house with no NPC's in it. If you want some quiet time, you should take a rest in here.

The Falador East Bank

(13) The Mining Guild

Behold the most popular attraction of Falador, the Mining Guild. To enter the guild, you need level 60 mining. If you don't have 60 mining, you can sneak in if you drink a Dwarven Stout with 59 mining (or at level 58 if you drink a Mature Dwarven Stout).

The Mining Guild is located underground, so you will need to climb down the ladders. The guild entrance is guarded by dwarves. One particular dwarf is wearing a special blue and gray cape. He is the dwarf that sells players with level 99 mining a Mining Cape of Achievement. You will also notice a large building surrounding the entrance of the guild. Upstairs and on the ground floor of this building are level 10 and 11 dwarves.

The entrance to the Mining Guild

(14) Chainmails and Spinning Wheels

South of the castle are two buildings close to each other. The first one contains a spinning wheel. It is not commonly used because of the distance between it and a bank. Next to this room is a watering well. The second room is a chainmail store. Wayne is the owner, and sells chainmails bronze through adamant.

Wayne's Chains! - Chainmail Specialist
Picture Item Price
Bronze Chainbody Bronze Chainbody 60gp
Iron Chainbody Iron Chainbody 210gp
Steel Chainbody Steel Chainbody 750gp
Black chain Black Chainbody 1,440gp
Mithril Chainbody Mithril Chainbody 1,950gp
Adamant Chainbody Adamant Chainbody 4,800gp

(15) Agility Shortcut

The Second Agility shortcut can be found west of the chainmail store. It is an underground tunnel in which you crawl through, going under the Falador Wall. It requires level 16 Agility to use. This shortcut is a beneficial one because it makes it easier to get to the Makeover Mage or use the air altar for Runecrafting more efficiently.

Another agility shortcut

(16) The Gem Store

The Gem store is located west of the castle and south of the west bank. The storeowner is Herquin. He sells gems uncut and cut, Sapphire through Diamond. He does not sell Dragonstone, and the gems are not restocked.

Herquin's Gems
Picture Item Price
Uncut Sapphire Uncut Sapphire 25gp
Uncut Emerald Uncut Emerald 50gp
Uncut Ruby Uncut Ruby 100gp
Uncut Diamond Uncut Diamond 200gp
Sapphire Cut Sapphire 257gp
Emerald Cut Emerald 500gp
Ruby Cut Ruby 1,000gp
Diamond Cut Diamond 2,000gp

(17) The Agility Shortcut

The third Agility shortcut can be found north of the gem store and southwest of the west bank. It requires level 5 Agility to climb over the crumbing wall. It does not require any special equipment, just your Agility level.

The third agility shortcut

The Park

Located at point 9, the park is another popular attraction of Falador. The park is commonly used for World 2 Trading, because of the wide-open area. Not only that, but you can slay moles and do much more.

Mole Dungeon

Deep below Falador Park is a dungeon home to the Giant Mole. This mole is level 230 and attacks with melee. To enter his dungeon, look for a mole hole in the park. With a spade in your inventory, dig on the hole to fall into the dungeon. Make sure you have a light source, or you won't be able to see.

Falador Park

Sir Tiffy Cashien

Sir Tiffy is a member of the Temple Knights. He is found on a bench close to some mole holes. He plays important roles in a variety of quests, such as Wanted! and Slug Menace. Once you have completed one of the two quests mention, Sir Tiffy can sell you Initiate or Proselyte Armor. Other than that, Sir Tiffy rests in the park drinking his cup of tea.

Sir Tiffy Cashien

Farming Tree Patch

Southeast of the mole holes, you can find a farming patch, along with a Tools Leprechaun. Heskel is in charge of that patch, and if you pay her with the right supplies, she will watch your crops for you. You can grow anything from Oak to Magic Trees here. The costs for Hestrel to watch your tree grow are as followed: Oak Trees cost you 1 basket of Tomatoes, Willow Trees cost you 1 basket of Apples, Maple Trees cost you 1 basket of Oranges, Yew Trees cost you 10 Cactus Spines, and Magic Trees costs you 25 Coconuts.

A farming patch for regular trees

Pirate's Treasure

Around the center of the park is a Statue of Saradomin. In front of this statue is where you dig when you're completing the Pirate's Treasure Quest.

Garden Supplier

The Garden Supplier can be found east of the farming patch, near the small pond of the park. She can sell you different plants that you can plant in your Player-Owned House. These can be planted in a garden or formal garden.

Garden Centre
Bagged Item Cost
Dead Tree 1,000gp
Nice Tree 2,000gp
Oak Tree 5,000gp
Willow Tree 10,000gp
Maple Tree 15,000gp
Yew Tree 20,000gp
Magic Tree 50,000gp
Plant 1 1,000gp
Plant 2 5,000gp
Plant 3 10,000gp
Thorny Hedge 5,000gp
Nice Hedge 10,000gp
Small Box Hedge 15,000gp
Topiary Hedge 20,000gp
Fancy Hedge 25,000gp
Tall Fancy Hedge 50,000gp
Tall Box Hedge 100,000gp
Flower 5,000gp
Daffodils 10,000gp
Bluebells 15,000gp
Sunflower 5,000gp
Marigold 10,000gp
Roses 15,000gp

Wyson the Gardener

Wyson is the head gardener of the park. He can also sell you woad leaves, which are used to make blue dye and used in the Goblin Diplomacy Quest. Not only that, but you can offer to help him fight the giant mole. Wyson can exchange certain droppings you receive from the mole for a variety of items.

Wyson the Gardener

The Forest

Although it is not specially named "The Forest", this part of this guide covers the southern attractions outside of Falador. Since they are close to Falador, they are practically considered to be a part of the city.

(18) The Makeover Mage

Although it cannot be seen on the map, next to point 18 is the house of the Makeover Mage. He, or she, can change your skin color or gender for 3000gp. He/She can also sell you an amulet that he/she wears. It will cost 100gp, and is called a Yin Yang Amulet. It is non-magical and is only a copy of the Makeover Mage's real magic amulet. Outside of the Makeover building you can find some sheep and level 2 Rams.

The great and powerful Makeover Mage!

(19) Air Altar and Yew Tree

Here you can craft Air runes using the Runecrafting Skill. To enter, you need to use an air talisman on the altar. If you are wearing an air tiara, then you can enter the altar by using the "enter" option. An air talisman can be received from killing goblins or received as a reward from the Rune Mysteries Quest. Also, to the north of the altar you can find a yew tree for Woodcutting.

Air altar ruins

(20) Yew Trees

Located northwest of the farming patches, you can find two yew trees. They are fairly close to each other and are used for Woodcutting. The east bank of Falador is close by, making these trees a nice place to woodcut.

Yew Trees

(21) Farming Patches

Southwest of the southern Falador exit, you can find some farming patches. As with every farming patch, you can find a professional farmer and a Tools Leprechaun. The professional farmer is Elsten. He can sell you basic farming equipment, give advice on farming techniques, and watch some of your crops. The patches here include two allotments, one flower, and one herb. To the west of the patches you can find a fenced area filled with cows. To the south of these patches is a farming based building. Here you can buy some more equipment or fill watering cans with water. You can also find a cabbage field, containing 83 cabbages.

Farming patches - allotments, flowers and herbs

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