Goblin Village

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Goblin Village, a small village located north of Falador and northeast of Taverley, is home to the Goblin Diplomacy Quest. It plays a part in four other quests, including The Holy Grail, Recipe for Disaster, Lost Tribe and Another Slice of H.A.M. This small village is torn apart by continuous fighting, started by petty arguments between Goblin Generals Wartface and Bentnoze.

Getting There

Map of routes to Goblin Village

Method 1: From Burthorpe

To get to Goblin Village, teleport to the Burthorpe Games Room using a Games Necklace. Then follow the route shown on the map.

Method 2: From Catherby/Seer's Village

Either walk through White Wolf Mountain, use the Agility shortcut or use the Dwarven shortcut underneath the mountain (Requires Fishing Contest to be complete).

Method 3: From Falador

Teleport to Falador or just walk there, and follow the route on the map.

Method 4: From Varrock/Barbarian Village/Edgeville

Teleport to Varrock, Teleport to Barbarian Village using a Skull Sceptre or Teleport to Edgeville using the 'Paddewa Teleport' or 'Home Teleport' on the Ancient Magick Spellbook, then follow the route shown on the map.

Method 5: Balloon Transportation

Use a balloon from any balloon transportation location and fly to Taverley. From there, follow the route on the map. You will need 1 set of logs and a tinderbox to fly to Taverley.

Method 6: Oldak's Sphere

After completing the Another Slice of H.A.M. quest, you can use buy teleport spheres from Oldak that take you to the Goblin Village.

City Map

The EntranceThe General's HutSack HouseEverlasting FireMudknucklesA map of goblin village - click on a number to read about it.


(1) The Entrance

To enter Goblin Village, you must pass through here (unless you use a Teleport Sphere). As soon as you enter the village, you will immediately notice that the goblins are at war with each other, shouting at each other which color they think reigns supreme.

The entrance to the Goblin Village

(2) The Goblin Generals

In the hut at the north of the village there are two goblin generals, named Bentnoze and Wartface, and an assistant, called Grubfoot. They are involved in four quests, and are the start point for the Goblin Diplomacy Quest.

The feuding goblin generals Bentnoze and Wartface

(3) Everlasting Fire

Just south of the General's hut is a fire that never turns to ashes. Identical to the Everlasting Fire in the Rogues Den, but farther from a bank.

This everlasting fire will never burn out

(4) Teleport Zone

If you travel to Goblin Village using Oldak's Teleport Sphere, you will arrive here.

The location you'll be teleported to after using Oldak's Teleport Sphere

(5) Mudknuckles

Go down the ladder in this house to find Mudknuckles, the Goblin Cook. He is involved in making food to free the General's in the Recipe for Disaster quest.

Mudknuckles, the goblin cook.



General Bentnoze

General Bentnoze

General Wartface

General Wartface






Goblin (Green Armour)

Level: 5

Green Goblin

Goblin (Red Armour)

Level: 5

Red goblin

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