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Hemenster is a Members-Only area that is located west of Seers' Village and north of Ardougne. It is home to two guilds Fishing and Ranging, where the experienced fisher or ranger can visit to continue raising their skills and buy items used with the skill. You'll find yourself in Hemenster while doing a couple of quests, the Fishing Contest and the Temple of Ikov. The avid fletcher can enjoy using the respawns of chickens for arrow making.

City Map

Map of hemenster

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There aren't any shops here in Hemenster, but there are quite a few interesting places to see

(1) Fishing Guild

Around this area are 2 guilds. First is the Fishing Guild, where you must be at least level 68 Fishing to enter. It can be found to the western side of the lake.

The Fishing Guild

Inside you'll be able to catch all sorts of Fish. There's also a bank inside, as well as a Range for cooking and a Fishing Shop for buying and selling fish or other fishing tools

(2) Ranging Guild

Next is the Ranging Guild where you must be level 40 Ranged to enter. This guild is located east of the lake.

The Ranging Guild

Inside are several shops for buying Ranging equipment and even an Activity to practice Ranging.

(3) Grandpa Jack

If you have time for some great fishing stories, head over to Grandpa Jack's and have a visit with him. He also has a free glass blowing pipe in the corner of his house.

Grandpa Jack's house

Beside Grandpa Jacks' place, is an empty storage building and pipework for the lake that is filled with sacks, boxes, crates and dressers for searching.

A storage building

(4) Chickens

In the middle of Hemenster are respawns of chickens where the avid fletcher will come to collect feathers for arrow making.

Chicken respawns

(5) Anvils

South from the town are three anvils for your smithing pleasure.


(6) Fishing Contest

There are various fishing spots around the lake where you must have started or completed the Fishing Contest Quest where you obtain a fishing contest pass at the beginning of the quest. You must have this pass to enter the gates even if you have finished the quest.

Fishing Contest quest area

(7) Temple of Ikov

Under the Rangers' Guild is the dungeon for the Temple of Ikov Quest that is filled with various monsters.

Entrance to the Temple of Ikov



These people can be met in the Hemenster area (included are people from the Fishing Contest):

Master Fisher

Master fisher

Ranging Guild Doorman

Ranging guild doorman

Grandpa Jack

Grandpa jack





Sinister Stranger

Sinister stranger


These are creatures that can be killed (included are inside of the Ikov Temple):


Level: 1

Giant Spiders

Level: 2


Level: 14


Level: 22 and 45

Giant Bats

Level: 28

Armadyl Guardians

Level: 43 and 45

Ice Spiders

Level: 61

Lesser Demons

Level: 82

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