Killerwatt Plane

By: Micronblast
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This is a member area in which players train the Slayer skill by killing the slayer monsters known as Killerwatts. They are given as an assignment by Vannaka and Chaeldar.

Warning: Before entering this area you must be warned that if you are epileptic you should not enter this area without first disabling Flickering Effects in your in-game Graphics Options.


To kill killerwatts you need at least level 37 slayer and you should be able to deal with a powerful level 55. They use magical attacks, so you should be able to wear dragonhide armor and have a decent weapon.


Insulated BootsThese are insulated boots, they are essential for killing killerwatts, without them you will die. You can buy them from any slayer master.

  • Helmet: Berserker Helmet - Good Defence (can be swapped with Farseer Helm). Or if you have a Killerwatt assignment you could use Black Mask (see note below).
  • Necklace: Amulet of Glory - Allows quick Teleportation to Draynor Village.
  • Weapon: Whip or Dragon Long/Scimitar - Needed to hit high damage.
  • Gloves: Dragonhide vambraces, Klank's Gauntlets, (Bronze - Barrows) Gloves or Steel Gauntlets (reward from Family Crest quest).
  • Shield: Defender, Saradomin Book or Elemental shield - All have good magic Defence bonus.
  • Body: Best dragonhide you can wear - You need good magic Defence
  • Legs: Best dragonhide you can wear - You need good magic Defence
  • Boots: Insulated Boots - Needed to kill Killerwatts!
  • Ring: No ring is needed but ring of wealth gives better drops.
  • Cape: Legends, Fire, Obsidian, Achievement or God Cape - You need good magic Defence

Black MaskNote: The Black Mask gives a 15% attack bonus against a monster you are assigned to kill.

Getting There

There is a portal leading to the area from draynor manor. Follow the path on the map to get to Draynor Manor from Draynor Village:

Map of routes to Draynor Manor

When you get inside, head up to the top floor to reach the portal:

The portal to killerwatt plane!

Click on the portal and Professor Oddenstein will talk to you:

Professor Oddenstein: <Your Name>, before you go through there, I must warn you that there are flashing lights and strobe effects on the other side.
If you are an epilepsy sifferer you must not enter without FIRST turning off Flickering Effects in your graphics options...
Select "You, I still want to go in now."

Warning: If you do not have insulated boots on you will get this message:

Professor Oddenstein: that portal opens into a plane populated with some very shocking creatures.


Inside the area will look like this:

The killerwatt plane... rainclouds and all!

And this is a killerwatt:

A killerwatt!


Killerwatts are level 55, and require 37 slayer to kill. They are also non-aggressive. They are the only things of interest in this area.

Attack Killerwatt

If you didn't bring insulated boots this will happen to you:

Ouch! I guess I shouldn't have forgotten my insulated boots!


To leave the area, walk to the white portal called home portal.

Enter portal home

If you are lost, it's the only thing on the mini-map besides yellow dots:

The portal is the small piece of 'land' a bit right of the middle of the minimap

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