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Lletya is a village on the east border of the elven land Isafdar and is accessible after starting the Mourning's End Part 1 quest. It can be reached by foot or by teleporting there with the crystal you get as reward from the afore-mentioned quest. For information on getting there by foot check out the Map of Isafdar.

City Map

Map of Lletya

The Forest

Welcome to Lletya, there are lots of things to see here in Lletya, so be ready for an interesting trip!

(1) The Entrance

Welcome to Lletya!

To enter Lletya, pass by the weird-looking tree at the back of the picture. Beware of the level 88 Dire Wolves and the Trip-wire trap nearby.

Trip wires

(2) Roving Elves

Before going to Lletya itself we'll have a look at this place. Here you'll find the two roving elves Islwyn and Eluned, besides some Grizzly Bears and three Magic Trees. If the elves don't seem to be there wait a few minutes for them to appear.

A bear!

Islwyn is an important person in the Roving Elves Quest and will sell you crystal bows and shields. Eluned is the starting point of the Mourning's End Part 1 quest and will recharge your Lletya tele crystal for a price.

The Lletya Elves

When you receive the crystal you'll be able to teleport four times, however after you recharge it only three teleports will be available. The price will decrease each time you recharge it:

  • First Time: 750gp
  • Second Time: 600gp
  • Third Time: 450gp
  • Fourth Time: 300gp
  • Fifth and Up: 150gp

(3) Adamant Mine

Not far off you'll find an adamant mine with four rocks, some rabbits and a stick trap.

Adamant rocks


Let's leave the forest behind and enter the village. Here you'll find some Elf Warriors to kill for slayer, elves to pickpocket if you have level 85 thieving and some useful shops.

(4) Some Sheep

These fluffy animals and the near spinning wheel make Lletya a good place for getting balls of wool


(5) Flax Plants

The numerous flax plants near the bank make Lletya a paradise for getting flax. The spinning wheel is also nearby.

Flax plants

(6) Dalldav's Archery Shop

Here you can buy various types of Arrows and Bows.

Lletya Archery Shop
Iron Arrow Iron Arrows 3gp
Steel Arrow Steel Arrows 15gp
Mithril Arrow Mithril Arrows 41gp
Adamant Arrow Adamant Arrows 104gp
Rune Arrow Rune Arrows 520gp
Bronze Bolts Bolts 3gp
Oak Shortbow Oak Shortbow 130gp
Oak Longbow Oak Longbow 208gp
Crossbow Crossbow 91gp
Willow Shortbow Willow Shortbow 260gp
Willow Longbow Willow Longbow 416gp

(7) Oronwen's House

At the clothes symbol you'll find Oronwen's the Seamstress' shop, besides a spinning wheel. Oronwen also plays a part it the Mourning's End Part 1 Quest.

Lletya Seamstress
Thread Thread 1gp
Needle Needle 1gp
Ball of wool Ball of Wool 2gp
Red Dye Red Dye 6gp
Yellow Dye Yellow Dye 6gp
Blue Dye Blue Dye 6gp
Orange Dye Orange Dye 6gp
Green Dye Green Dye 6gp
Purple Dye Purple Dye 6gp

(8) General Store

There is also a General Store run by the elf Eudav, which just sells the standard adventurer's items.

Lletya General Store
Pot Pot 1gp
Jug Jug 1gp
Shears Shears 1gp
Bucket Bucket 2gp
Bowl Bowl 5gp
Cake Tin Cake Tin 13gp
Tinderbox Tinderbox 1gp
Chisel Chisel 1gp
Hammer Hammer 1gp
Spade Spade 3gp
Knife Knife 7gp
Newcomer Map Newcomer Map 1gp

(9) The Bank

Yes, the Varrock bank can be found everywhere.

The Lletya bank

(10) Arianwyn's House

In the eastern part of Lletya where the quest symbol is you'll find Arainwyn, who's the starting point of theMourning's End Part 2 Quest. There is also a bookcase with some interesting books on elven history. You may have to bring one of them, Prifddinas History, to the dwarf in the Temple of Light during the Mourning's End Part 2 Quest.


Upstairs you'll find a prayer altar.

A prayer altar

(11) Lletya Food Store

Upstairs in the southern house with the range symbol you'll find Gethin's food store and two ranges. The wine price is very good for rangers and mages as the side effect will lower melee combat skills and not influence ranged and magic. It also heals a decent number of Life Points and costs nearly nothing.

Lletya Food Store
Bread Bread 15gp
Lobster Lobster 195gp
Jug of Wine Jug of Wine 1gp
Cheese Cheese 5gp
Cake Cake 65gp



There are quite a few NPCs in Lletya, from shop keepers to other citizens.






















There are two kinds of Elf Warrior in Lletya, neither of them are aggressive.

Elf Warrior

Level: 90
Combat Type: Ranged
Aggressive: No

Elf Warrior

Elf Warrior

Level: 108
Combat Type: Melee (Halberd)
Aggressive: No

Elf Warrior

Note: There are several good spaces for killing the level 108 Elf Warrior one with ranged or magic; for example the benches at the entrance and the fences.

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