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Lumbridge is the town you'll begin your adventures in after you complete the tutorial. If you happen to die in RuneScape, you'll also respawn here unless you have completed Recruitment Drive or the Camelot Training Room miniquest, or select a different hub to respawn at upon death. Lumbridge is the perfect town for newcomers because of the friendly atmosphere of the locals, the amount of beginner quests that you can start, and as well as being the area where you can begin training most of your skills.

Getting There

If you are on the normal spellbook, you can get to Lumbridge by using the Home teleport (there are no requirements to cast, however it does take a while to cast and will be interrupted by combat), using the Lumbridge teleport (requires 31 Magic, one law rune, one earth rune and three air runes), using a Canoe, by using a Lumbridge teleport tab (can be bought off another player or made in one's Study room in a played owned house) or by simply walking. 

A map of routes to Lumbridge

Map of the City

A map of LumbridgeBeefy BillWindmillFarmer Fred's House and LandThieves' GuildFishing Store and Willow Tree Fishing SpotLumbridge Combat Training BuildingFurnaceRoddeck the AdvisorGeneral StoreExplorer JackDoomsayerLumbridge Castle EntranceLumbridge CastleChapelGraveyardBob's Brilliant AxesFarming PatchZanaris FindersMysterious Ruins and Lumbridge Swamp CavesSecond Mining SpotZanaris ShedFather Urhney's HouseMining SpotFishing SpotBridge to Al KharidGoblin House, Cow Pen, Al Kharid Border and Fishing Spots


(1) Lumbridge Castle

No doubt the biggest attraction of Lumbridge, the castle courtyard is where you appear if you cast the Home or Lumbridge teleport. You will usually find many players hanging out here and chatting in Worlds 1 and 2. There are two fountains in the courtyard which can be used to fill any vials, jugs or buckets you may happen to have. There is also a servant here called Hans who will tell you where the Duke of Lumbridge is (You can also scare him into thinking you'll kill everyone in the castle!). If you have played RuneScape for five or more years, you can also purchase a Veteran cape from him for 50,000gp. You will also find in the courtyard a warrior by the name of Nastroth. If you have acquired an ancient artefact from killing a Revenant, you can trade it for a certain amount of coins from him.

Lumbridge Castle courtyard

The Kitchen

Let's enter the Castle now. First off is the Lumbridge kitchen, which is the southwestern-most room on the ground floor. In here you can find the Lumbridge Cook who lets you start Cook's Assistant and Recipe for Disaster. His range has a special ability which will reduce the chance of you burning your food in the Cooking skill. However, to use his range, you'll need to complete Cook's Assistant. If you are a member and have started Recipe for Disaster, the Cook will help you by telling you more about how you helped free the Lumbridge council.

Lumbridge Castle kitchen

The Cellar

In the kitchen you will notice a trapdoor, which leads down to the Lumbridge cellar. While it is of little use to free-players (F2P), it is useful to Members. In the southeast corner is a covered-up hole, which you can open up during the Lost Tribe quest. There is also a chest in the cellar which will give you access to your bank, a weapons shop and a food shop. However, you will need to have completed two portions of the Recipe for Disaster quest to see this chest. It cannot be used in a F2P world.

Lumbridge Castle cellar

The Dining Room

Let's head out of the cellar now back into the Kitchen. The Dining Room is located just north of the Kitchen. It is used mostly in the Recipe for Disaster quest where everyone is frozen in time and you have to save each member of the Lumbridge council.

Lumbridge Castle dining hall

Apart from that, the Dining Room isn't particularly interesting. You can take a look at the Dining Room during Recipe for Disaster below: 

The Lumbridge Castle dining hall during the Recipe for Disaster quest feast

Spinning Wheel Room

Take the south-west staircase up one floor and take the first room on your right. This room contains a Spinning Wheel which is used in the Crafting skill. It also contains a Bronze dagger spawn on top of the dresser. You'll find H.A.M. Robes in a chest in here during the Lost Tribe quest. 

Lumbridge Castle spinning wheel

Duke Horacio's Room

North of the Spinning Wheel Room is Duke Horacio's room. The Duke can be found in this room along with Sigmund. You should speak to the Duke to start the Rune Mysteries quest and he is also particularly helpful during Dragon Slayer quest. If you happen to lose your Anti-Dragon shield from the Dragon Slayer quest, he will give you another for free. You can also begin Lost Tribe quest by speaking to Sigmund. 

Duke Horacio


Time to see the next floor. Take any of the stairs up to the top floor. You'll see the Lumbridge Bank along with the Banker. During a Treasure Trails clue, you may get the question: "How many cannons does Lumbridge Castle have?" The answer is: 9. On the north wall of the bank, you'll notice a ladder. Climb up this ladder and you'll find a flag which you can raise. This is a task in the Lumbridge and Draynor task list too. 

Lumbridge Castle bank

The Town

Let's head back down to the Lumbridge courtyard now. You've seen the castle, so now what? Well, there is still the rest of the friendly town to go through. 

(2) The Chapel

Head south-east out of the Courtyard into the local chapel. In here you'll find Father Aereck, who is the starter for the Restless Ghost quest. He can also change your gravestone after completion of the Restless Ghost. Now what's a chapel without an altar? You can use the altar in here to recharge your Prayer

Lumbridge chapel and Father Aereck

Behind the chapel is a Crayfish fishing spot. You can buy Crayfish cages from the Fishing store north-west of the chapel. 

(3) Graveyard

Head out of the chapel and head south. You'll come across a graveyard where you'll find the building of the Restless Ghost. There is also a Yew Tree here which you can cut with 60 Woodcutting. You can also find Xenia (who you can talk to the start the Blood Pact quest) and the entrance to the catacombs below the Lumbridge chapel.

The Lumbridge Graveyard
The Restless Ghost's coffin

(4) Bob's Brilliant Axes

West of the Graveyard is a hatchet store run by Bob. Bob sells Woodcutting hatchets up to Steel and Combat battleaxes up to Mithril.

Bob's Brilliant Axes
Bronze Pickaxe Bronze Pickaxe 1gp
Bronze Hatchet Bronze Hatchet 16gp
Iron Hatchet Iron Hatchet 56gp
Steel Hatchet Steel Hatchet 200gp
Iron Battleaxe Iron Battleaxe 182gp
Steel Battleaxe Steel Battleaxe 650gp
Mithril Battleaxe Mithril Battleaxe 1,690gp

He'll also repair any Barrows armour and ancient armour you may have damaged, as well as repair a Frozen Key which can be used to open the frozen door in the God Wars Dungeon. He used to also repair pickaxes and hatchets that were broken from various random events (these specific random events were discontinued a while ago). Lastly, he is also involved in the Lumbridge and Draynor task list.

Bob's axe shop

(5) Lumbridge Castle Entrance

North of Bob's Brilliant Axes you will find the once popular Lumbridge Guide who is now known as The Lumbridge Sage. He'll provide you some interesting information about the history of Lumbridge. He also has a cute Saradomin Owl!

Lumbridge Sage

To the Lumbridge Sage's left, you will find a Fremennik warrior. He will give you instructions to a boat that can lead you to Daemonheim where you can train your Dungeoneering skill. Next to him, you will find a sign detailing how many other players have lost their lives in the land of Gielinor today.

A Fremennik giving advice about traveling to Daemonheim

Opposite the Fremennik warrior is the Clan Cup plaque. This plaque shows the current winners of the Jagex Clan Cup as well as winners from previous Clan Cups.

The Clan Cup Plaque

(6) Doomsayer

DOOM! The Doomsayer has walked around RuneScape and has placed signs in areas that may be dangerous, such as the Wilderness for example. If you have decided to turn off the Warning signs, you can toggle them back on by talking to the Doomsayer (or by using the right-click option). You may ask, "Why would Player want to get rid of warnings? It could save their life!" Well, high-level players who have already explored these dangerous areas will already know what's in store for them and having to confirm that you want to enter the dangerous area may get annoying after some time.


(7) Roddeck the Advisor

In this house north of the Doomsayer, you will find Roddeck the Advisor. You can get advise from him by clicking the Advisor Button (Advisor Button) in the top-right hand corner of your screen. He can be really helpful for the new player!

Roddeck the Advisor

There is a trapdoor in Roddeck's house. When you began RuneScape, you would've either done one of three tutorials: Tutorial Island (2002-Mid 2008/November2008-September2009), Learning the Ropes (Mid 2008-November 2008) or Unstable Foundations (September 2009-Present). If you completed one of the first two, you can head down the trapdoor into the dungeon where Sir Vant will be sitting. He'll give you two Experience lamps worth 250exp each if you haven't collected them already. If you did Unstable Foundations, sorry but you won't be able to enter (remember, the dragon burnt the ladder!).

(8) Furnace

Just north of Roddeck's house, you'll find a small amount of trees which can be useful for training Woodcutting at a low level. Just north of the trees is the furnace. You can smelt ores into bars here via the Smithing skill and smith the bars into armour, weapons among other various things using the anvils. It is not used commonly used because other furnaces scattered around RuneScape are closer to a bank.


Right next to the east wall of the Furnace is Barfy Bill who is an expect at creating canoes. If you need help with the the Canoe station that he resides by, then you can feel free to ask him for help. Canoes are used to travel to other places in RuneScape.

Barfy Bill at the Lumbridge Canoe Station

(9) Thieves' Guild

Head north of the furnace and you'll approach a normal looking house. However, this is not just any ordinary house! Below it resides the Thieves Guild which members can access by using the trapdoor on the side of the house. If you open the trapdoor and go inside, you'll run into Darren Lightfinger and Chief Thief Robin who are standing in the guild's foyer. To progress further into guild itself, you need to complete the Buyers and Cellars quest.

Thieves' Guild entrance

(10) General Store

The General Store sells basic tools such as hammers, shears, chisels, buckets and the like.

Lumbridge General Store
Pot Pot 1gp
Jug Jug 1gp
Shears Shears 1gp
Bucket Bucket 2gp
Bowl Bowl 4gp
Cake Tin Cake Tin 10gp
Tinderbox Tinderbox 1gp
Chisel Chisel 14gp
Hammer Hammer 13gp
Newcomer Map Newcomer Map 1gp
Security Book Security Book 2gp

You can also sell anything you've come across in your journeys to the General Store, but you're usually better off selling the items you find to another player or the Grand Exchange. This is a good place to sell your fish and logs that you cut from nearby considering the bank is on top of the castle.

General Store

(11) Explorer Jack

Explorer Jack is, as his title suggests, an Explorer. He is mostly involved in the Lumbridge and Draynor task list and the Members-quest, Myths of the White Lands.

Explorer Jack

(12) Lumbridge Combat Training Building

The Lumbridge Combat Training Building is a useful place to begin training Combat. The Melee dummies can help you train up your Melee and the Magic dummies can also help you train up your Magic; however, training against a dummy is never as good as training on the real thing so you'll get less experience here. You'll also find a Melee tutor named Harlan, a Magic tutor named Mikasi and a Ranged tutor named Nemarti. They're always ready to tell you about the basics in their allocated skill. Harlan will also sell you the Defence Skillcape of Accomplishment for the low price of 99,000Gp once you reach 99 Defence.

Combat training dummies for melee and magic

(13) Fishing Store, Willow Trees & Fishing Spot

The Lumbridge Fishing Store is owned by Hank, and it is the perfect place for the fisher to purchase his rods, nets and whatever one will need to fish in the Lumbridge area (you could also buy fishing supplies from other fishing stores, such as the Port Sarim Fishing store).

Lumbridge Fishing Supplies
 Small Fishing Net Small Net 40gp
Fishing Rod  Fishing Rod 5gp
 Fly Fishing Rod Fly Fishing Rod 5gp
 Crayfish Cage Crayfish Cage 20gp
 Fishing Bait Fishing Bait 3gp
 Feather Feather 6gp
 Raw Shrimps Raw Shrimps 6gp
 Raw Sardine Raw Sardine 10gp
 Raw Herring Raw Herring 6gp
 Raw Anchovies Raw Anchovies 16gp
Raw Trout  Raw Trout 20gp
 Raw Pike Raw Pike 25gp
 Raw Salmon Raw Salmon 92gp
 Raw Crayfish Raw Crayfish 5gp

You can also sell the fish you get from any area; however, chances are you will fish them from the Lumbridge area for convenience.

Hank's Fishing Supply Store

North-west of the Fishing store is a good fishing spot which you can fish Crayfish from. It's recommended to begin your Fishing adventures here as it's close to the Fishing store. You can catch Crayfish using Crayfish cages and you can also woodcut the Willow trees here.

Fishing spot near willow trees

(14) Farmer Fred's House & Land

Farmer Fred is Lumbridge's best known Farmer. His house/sheep pen is located north of the General store. He is the starting point in the Sheep Shearer miniquest and has a shear respawn on the table in his house. The coup outside the front of his house is a useful place to obtain feathers and and for lower leveled players to train their combat/magic/ranged skills. The pen to the south-east of his house contains mostly sheep which you can shear. There are also two penguins disguised as one sheep in the pen (which you cannot shear) who are involved in the Cold War quest.

Farmer Fred's house

(15) Farming Patch

Let's head to the Farming patch south of Farmer Fred's house. Sorry F2Pers, but Farming is Members-only. Players can plant trees using the Farming skill here. If you don't want to look after it while it is growing, you can pay Fayeth to look after it for you.

Farming tree patch

Directly south-west and west of this farming patch are four Yew Trees which you can cut for Yew Logs. This requires 60 Woodcutting.

(16) Goblin House, Cow Pen, Al Kharid Border and Fishing Spots

Let's head back into the town and go onto the east side of the River Lum (the river that travels through Lumbridge). 
First off, There is the infamous "Goblin house" which is full of Goblins which newcomers like to train on. North-east of the Goblin house is the Cow Pen. 

This place is extremely popular as Cows give good experience in early levels and they always drop Cowhide which is used in Crafting and can usually sell for around 100Gp a hide. South of the cow pen is the Al Kharid border guarded by Al Kharid guards. You can enter Al Kharid here by paying them 10gp to the guards per entry/exit. 

Alternatively, you can follow the fence line north until it comes to a hole in the wall which you can use to gain entry for free. If you have completed the Prince Ali Rescue quest however, you can get entry through the border for free. 

West of the Border are Fishing spots where you can fish trout and salmon from. They are popular to fish at as the Fishing and General store are reasonably close by.

Goblin respawn house

Lumbridge Swamp

Alright. So we've seen the Lumbridge town but what about the smelly ol' swamp south of it? Well, you can enter it by walking through the Lumbridge graveyard and heading through the archway. Alternatively, you can go west around the wall behind the Lumbridge castle. You can find Goblins and Giant Rats here to train on if other places are too crowded. Just south of the graveyard is a Yew Tree which you can use to cross the river to Al Kharid. This shortcut requires a Mithril Grapple Hook, level 8 agility, and level 19 strength. You cannot woodcut this Yew tree though.

Entrance to Lumbridge Swamp, from the graveyard

(17) Bridge to Al Kharid

If you are not the agile type however, you can simply cross the bridge to Al Kharid or take the boat to Daemonheim and train the Dungeoneering skill.

Bridge leading to Al Kharid

(18) Fishing Spot

Just south of the bridge is a fishing spot where players can use the Fishing skill to catch some fish using nets/fishing rods. This is a good place for the beginner fisher, but you'll have to drop your fish as it's quite a walk from the spots to the bank. If you really wish to keep your fish though, you can always make the trip across the bridge straight into Al Kharid. The bank is right by the bridge.

Fishing spot

(19) Mining Spot

The perfect place for beginner Miners. You can mine any of the 5 Copper and 5 Tin rocks here. You're recommended to drop your ore here as it's quite a walk from the bank from here. If you really wish to keep your ore though, you can always make the trip across the bridge straight into Al Kharid. The bank is right by the bridge.

Lumbridge Swamp mine

(20) Zanaris Shed

North-west of the Fishing and Mining spots there is the "Zanaris shed". While it's of little use to F2Pers, Members will find this shed useful as they can enter the city of Zanaris by wielding a Dramen or Lunar staff as they enter; however, you will need to have completed the Lost City Quest. Inside the shed are two farming tools: a spade and a rake which can be taken.

Zanaris shed

(21) Father Urhney's House

South of the Zanaris shed is Father Urhney's house. He is mostly involved in the quests, The Restless Ghost and Buyers and Cellars and gets annoyed when players talk to him as he claims he is "meditating". A pair of Leather gloves spawn on his desk. He'll give you an Amulet of Ghostspeak during the Restless Ghost and afterwards if you lose it. He also has a valuable golden chalice.

Father Urhney's house

(22) Mysterious Ruins and Lumbridge Swamp Caves

Head north-west from Father Urhney's House and you'll come across some mysterious ruins. Use a water talisman (or wear a Water tiara) with the Center ruin and you'll be transported to a special altar where you can craft Water Runes using the Runecrafting skill.

Mysterious ruins - entrance to the Water Runecrafting Altar

A few steps to the west and you'll come across a dark hole under a tree. This leads to the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. Next to the tree you'll found a candle seller wandering around who sells candles for the absolutely ridiculous price of 1,000Gp each. The funny thing is, he will tell you how to make Lanterns! It is highly recommended to use Lanterns down in the dungeon as Candles may ignite the swamp gas and explode in your characters face, which will deal damage. For more about this Members-only dungeon, consult the Lumbridge Swamp Caves guide.

Entrance to the Lumbridge Swamp Caves

(23) Second Mining Spot

South-west of the Mysterious Ruins is another mining spot. This spot contains 2 Adamantite, 5 Mithril and 7 Coal rocks. You can keep these ores by banking them in the Draynor Village bank north-west of the spot.

Another Lumbridge Swamp mine

The Outskirts of Lumbridge

There are several useful NPCs and buildings found beyond the main area of Lumbridge.

(24) Zanaris Finders

Here you can find a warrior, monk, wizard and a ranger. You can start the Lost City quest by talking to the warrior (who isn't very smart). The rest of the clan don't really have much to say. 

Zanaris Finders

(25) Lumbridge Windmill

Head to the far north of the the Zanaris finders, past Farmer's Fred's house. You'll eventually come across a windmill which is conveniently placed next to a field of wheat. You can make Flour in this mill with the wheat (You'll need an empty pot to place it into though). To make flour, climb to the top of the mill and use the grain with the Hopper. Then operate the controls next to the Hopper. Now climb all the way down the ladder, and empty the Flour Bin by clicking on it. Flour is used in the Cooking skill to make dough.

Lumbridge Windmill, for making flour

(26) Beefy Bill

Past the windmill is a farm. Here, Beefy Bill runs his own little store. He is in a field full of cows so it's a good place to train. If you wish, you can bank your cowhide. You can do so by Right-clicking the cowhide and "Use" it with Bill. Bill will bank it for you in return for 10% of the amount banked.

Beefy Bill

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