Mos Le'Harmless

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Welcome to Mos Le'Harmless; a quaint pirate settlement that is home to, not one, but two taverns, a bank, a fish market, a clothing retailer, and a cutlass/scimitar merchant. Only buccaneers who have completed the Cabin Fever quest are able to sail to this island.

City Map

A map of mod le'harmless


Since these pirates speak a strange dialect you will need a Book o' Piracy to understand them. After completing the Rocking Out quest, you will no longer need the book to understand the pirates.


The Bank

The kind folks at the Bank of RuneScape have conveniently placed a branch on the island for your own personal use.

The bank

The Strange Rock

This stark black pillar "seems to stand out." If you ask Dodgy Mike about the pillar's origins he will try to sell it to you. Then he will confess that he doesn't know where it came from and it probably belonged to the settlers who came before them. It is possibly a hint to another quest involving pirates.

Strange rock

The Adventurous

The Aventurous is Bill Teach's ship. You can use it to travel back to Port Phasmatys.

Bill Teach's ship

The House of Rum & The Other Inn

These two inns offer refreshment for thirsty pirates.

The pub

You can buy the dangerous local specialty "Braindeath Rum" here. It's a hearty drink that lowers five attack, range, and Defence levels while giving you three strength levels and one mining.

Harpoon Joe's House of Rum
Beer Beer 2gp
Braindeath rum Braindeath 'Rum' 30gp
Jug of Wine Jug of Wine 1gp
Stew Stew 20gp

Second Hand Clothing

Dodgy Mike owns a shady shop that sells a variety of exclusive pirate clothing.

Dodgy mike's shop

The clothes are tradable to anyone who is a member.

Dodgy Mike's Second Hand Clothing
Pirate boots Pirate Boots 455gp
Stripy pirate shirtStripy pirate shirtStripy pirate shirtStripy pirate shirt Stripy Pirate Shirts 318gp
Pirate bandanaPirate bandanaPirate bandanaPirate bandana Pirate Bandanas 102gp
Pirate legsPirate legsPirate legsPirate legs Pirate Leggings 350gp

And here are some pictures of the full set of Pirate clothing:

Brown pirate clothesBlue pirate clothesRed pirate clothesTan pirate clothing

Smithing Smith's Shop

Smithing smith's shop

Smithing Smith's shop sells scimitars (how is that for alliteration?).

Smithing Smith's Shop
Bronze Scimitar Bronze Scimitar 32gp
Iron Scimitar Iron Scimitar 112gp
Steel Scimitar Steel Scimitar 360gp
Mithril Scimitar Mithril Scimitar 1,040gp
Hammer Hammer 1gp

Smith will also sell you two untradable cutlasses and a rapier if you talk to him.

Brass Hand Harry's Cutlass

Brass Hand Harry lost both of his hands during his pirate career so Smith had to make him this special cutlass. It costs 1,040 gp and gives the following attack bonuses.

PictureItemAttack BonusesDefence BonusesOther Bonuses
StabSlashCrushMagicRangedStabSlashCrushMagicRangedSummoningStrengthPrayerRanged StrengthMagic Damage
Harry's Cutlass Harry's Cutlass +3 +14 0 -5 0 +4 +4 +4 0 0 0 +22 0 0 0%

Due to the unique nature of the hilt, this sword also gives +4 stab, slash, and crush Defence.

Unlucky Jenkins' Lucky Cutlass

An arrow bounced off this cutlass and killed Jenkins, and when the medic tried to revive poor Jenkins he turned his bones into bananas and the monkeys got ahold of him. Now Smith is reselling this incredibly lucky sword to you for the low price of 2,560 coins!

PictureItemAttack BonusesDefence BonusesOther Bonuses
StabSlashCrushMagicRangedStabSlashCrushMagicRangedSummoningStrengthPrayerRanged StrengthMagic Damage
Lucky Cutlass Lucky Cutlass +5 +20 0 -5 0 +6 +6 +6 0 0 0 +25 0 0 0%

This sword is so lucky it will give you +6 Defence against stab, slash, and crush attacks.

Gentleman Mallard's Rapier

This is the "finest blade ever wielded by a privateer." The honorable Mallard fought to the death with a giant squid using this sword. It is the best sword that Smith sells and it costs 25,600 coins.

PictureItemAttack BonusesDefence BonusesOther Bonuses
StabSlashCrushMagicRangedStabSlashCrushMagicRangedSummoningStrengthPrayerRanged StrengthMagic Damage
Rapier Rapier +45 +7 -2 0 0 0 +1 0 0 0 0 +44 0 0 0%

This sword isn't as lucky or special so it only gives +1 slash Defence


Fish Shop

Fish shop

Two feet Charley was unlucky enough to get both of his feet chewed off by a shark. Now to get revenge he sells the very creatures that harmed him.

Two Feet Charley's Fish Shop
Raw Shrimp Raw Shrimp 5gp
Raw Sardine Raw Sardine 10gp
Raw Herring Raw Herring 15gp
Raw Mackerel Raw Mackerel 17gp
Raw Cod Raw Cod 20gp
Raw Anchovies Raw Anchovies 15gp
Raw Tuna Raw Tuna 100gp
Raw Lobster Raw Lobster 150gp
Raw Bass Raw Bass 120gp
Raw Swordfish Raw Swordfish 200gp



Mama La'Fiette

Mama La'Fiette is the owner of "The Other Inn." Talk to her to buy some refreshing spirits.

Mama La'Fiette

Harpoon Joe

Harpoon Joe is the proprietor of the "House of 'Rum'." He sells the same drinks that Mama does. He has a harpoon for a hand due to an accident that involved a storm and an albatross.

Harpoon Joe

Bill Teach

Bill Teach is the sailor who teaches you how to be a pirate during the Cabin Fever quest. He will take you to the island and back to the mainland. If you happen to lose your Book o' Piracy, this is the man to talk to.

Bill Teach

Dodgy Mike

This shady seaman is the local tailor. He will sell you a variety of "previously used" pirate clothes.

Dodgy Mike


Smith is Mos Le'harmless' master smithy. He can sell scimitars up to mithril and several one-of-a-kind cutlasses.


Two Feet Charley

Charley lost both of his legs in a terrible fishing accident that involved a viscous shark. Now he is the owner of a shop that sells raw fish.

Two Feet Charley


Many pirates call Mos Le'Harmless home. Some of them will give you interesting tidbits about the life of a pirate, while others will only say "Arr!"


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