Mudskipper Point

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Mudskipper Point is a small peninsula south of Port Sarim and Rimmington. It is home to Thurgo the dwarf whom is the Master of Smithing. Other interesting aspects of this area include the Asgarnia Ice Dungeon which include Blurite ore needed in The Knight's Sword quest, a temple, some fishing spots, and to some - it is a great place to hang out at!

Getting There


Rimmington City GuideFairy Ring GuidePort Sarim City GuideFalador City GuideA map of routes to Mudskipper Point

Method 1: Walking

Requires: Nothing!

You can walk there from many different places.

Method 2: Cabbage Teleport

Requires: Lumbridge Explorer's Ring (3) and completion of all Lumbridge/Draynor Tasks.

You can use a Lumbridge Explorer's Ring (3) to teleport to the cabbage field; Port Sarim and Mudskipper Point are both just a few short paces away.

Method 3: Falador Teleport

Requires: Level 37 Magic.

You can teleport to Falador and walk.

Method 4: Fairy Ring

Fairy Ring

Requires: Starting the quest Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queen.

Simply use a Fairy Ring with the Coordinates of AIQ.

Note: This is the most direct route.

Method 5: House Teleport

Requires: Level 40 Magic, Player Owned House In Rimmington.

Simply Teleport to your player owned house in Rimmington. Mudskipper point is just a short distance southeast.

Area Map


Ice CavesThurgoFishing SpotFishing SpotTemple and GraveyardFairy Ring/Mudskipper TipA map of Mudskipper Point


(1) Ice Caves

Entrance to the Ice Cavern
Inside the Ice Cavern

The Ice Caves are home to Muggers, Pirates, Hobgoblins, Ice Warriors, Ice Giants, and even Skeletal Wyverns.

A map of the Ice Cavern

This is the only place a free to play player can obtain Blurite Ore, and it is a vital part of the Knight's Sword Quest. Some freeplayers enjoy training on Ice Warriors and Ice Giants for their drops, while others prefer to train on the Hobgoblins in hope of obtaining Limpwurt Roots. There are also Skeletal Wyverns in the very back of the cave, which are very dangerous.


(2) Thurgo

Thurgo's house

Thurgo is the one of the last surviving of the Imcando Dwarves. These dwarves are master smithers and thus Thurgo is the Smithing Master. He is the person you should go to if you want to buy a Smithing Cape of Achievement once you reached 99 smithing. He also has a role in the Knight's Sword Quest, and he smiths the Blurite Sword copy for you.

(3) Fishing Spots

Fishing spot
Fishing spot

Both spots are net and bait fishing spots, meaning that you won't be catching any freshwater fish here. Possible catches include Shrimp, Sardines, Herring and Anchovies.

(4) Church and Graveyard

The church

The Graveyard is small and has a few stones that seem to be vandalized or old. The Church itself is pretty standard with an altar to recover Prayer points. Immediately north of the Graveyard are two rat holes and a small Summoning Obelisk used to recharge Summoning points.

(5) The Tip of Mudskipper Point

A map of the tip of Mudskipper Point

The tip of Mudskipper Point holds a Fairy Ring and a tree or two. Besides that, the tip of the peninsula is fairly empty. However, it is common for PvP matches to be held here.


(6) Mogres

fighting a Mogre

You can fight Mogres by throwing explosives into fishing spots.

Willow trees

On a side note, the peninsula is home to many trees, including regular trees and willow trees which can prove useful for woodcutting.





An Imcando Dwarf and the Master Smither.



Level: 26

Found in the Ice Caves near the treasure chests.



Level: 6

Found immediately upon entrance to the Ice Caves.


Ice Warriors

Level: 56

Found in the Back of the Ice Caves near the Blurite rocks, mixed in with the Ice Giants.

Ice warrior

Ice Giants

Level: 53

Found in the back of the Ice Caves near the Blurite rocks, mixed in with the Ice Warriors.

Ice giant

Skeletal Wyverns

Level: 140

Found in the Members-only section of the Ice Caves which is found through a tunnel near the back near the Blurite rocks.

Skeletal wyvern


Level: 28 and 42

Found between the Ice Warriors/Giants and the Pirates in the Ice Caves.



Level: 2

Found wondering around the northern part of the area.


Giant Rats

Level: 3

Found around the graveyard.

Giant rat


Level: 60

Found by dropping explosives into fishing spots.


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