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Welcome to the Ogress city of Oo'glog, featuring the world famous Ogress spa pools, and a creature unique to just this area, the Platypus. Used mainly in the quest As A First Resort, the town is also home to a variety of useful resources, shops, NPCs, and a bank.

Getting There

Method 1: Ring of Duelling

The most accessible method, use an enchanted emerald ring to teleport to the Castle Wars arena, walk as far as you can south, then simply walk east. For more information on enchanting, see the Magic guide.

Method 2: Charter Ship

After completion of the "As A First Resort" quest, you will be able to use the charter ship to come to the city from any major port. (For a reasonable price that is) Locations where you can travel from are as follows: Port Sarim, Brimhaven, Catherby, Port Khazard, Karamja, Ship Yard, Port Phasmatys, Port Tyras, and Mos Le'Harmless. For more information on Charter Ships, see the guide.

Method 3: Fairy Rings

After starting the "Fairy Tale Part 2", you will be allowed use of the Fairy Rings. You must have either a Dramen Staff, or Lunar Staff (After Lunar Diplomacy) to use fairy rings. Simply find any fairy ring throughout RuneScape, and use the code A K S to arrive in Feldip Fields. After teleporting, walk south to the city. For more information on fairy rings, see the guide.

Method 4: Gnome Glider

To access Gnome Gliders, you must complete the "Grand Tree" quest. To access the Feldip Fields fairy ring, you must first complete the "One Small Favour" quest. At any gnome glider, select to return to Grand Tree (Ta Quir Priw), and then select Feldip Fields (Lemantolly Undri). From here, you can walk south to the city. For more information on Gnome Gliders, visit the guide.

Method 5: Watchtower or House Teleport

It is not recommended, but you can also teleport to Yanille using Modern Magics. If your house is located in Yanille, you can use House Teleport at magic level 40 (1 Law, 1 Air, 1 Earth) and then exit your house. If you don't have a house in Yanille, but you have finished the Watchtower Quest, you can use Watch Tower teleport at 58 (2 Earths, 2 Laws) and appear just north of the Player Owned House Portal. From either option, it is a long walk south to the city, but watch out for Ogres. See the Magic guide, and Construction guide for more information.

Method 6: Hot Air Balloon

Another way to get to Oo'glog is by hot air balloons. If you've finished the Enlightened Journey quest, and have unlocked the route to castle wars, for one willow log, you can travel there. From Castle Wars, follow the coast down to the furthest south point, then head east. For more information on unlocking balloon routes, visit the guide.

City Map

A map of Oo'glog EucalyptusBankMeat shopGeneral StoreAs a First Resort start pointSulphur poolBandos PoolSalt springThermal poolSeegud's houseSalonOgresMud bathAgility shortcutCharter shipHotel

Tip: Click an icon or area on the map above to learn more about it.


(1) Chief Tess' House

The house of the ogress chief Tess, also lends itself to the start location of the quest "As A First Resort" Quest, which is required to use most of the things in the city. Tess lives here with her pet, Dawg, a "tame" Larupia. During the quest, Tess will explain how to hunt the creatures within Oo'glug.

Chief Tess' house

(2) Bank

After starting the quest, you will gain access to the Ogress Bank. You can access your bank account, change/cancel PIN numbers, collect Grand Exchange sales. Also in the bank, you will find Balnea, a main character within the quest, and the one that wants to turn Oo'glog into a resort. After the quest, Balnea will explain how to care for Platypuses. Outside the bank is a good area for Firemaking.

The Oo'glog bank

(3) Salon

After completing the quest, you will also be able to use the Salon. There are a few things you can do here to enhance your ogress appearance. For example, you can talk to Kringk, and buy a ogre wig for 50gp. Also, you can talk to Muggh and get a ogress style facial for free.

A gnome getting a massage in the Oo'glog salon

(4) Hotel

After completing the quest this building serves no purpose.

The Oo'glog hotel

(5) Agility Shortcut

At level 29 Agility, you can climb through this hole to get easy access to Oo'glog without needing to go past the Ogress Champions. You get no agility experience for going through it, and you can not fail it.

This agility shortcut gives quick access to Oo'glog

(6) Seegud

Inside this house lives Seegud, who is another main character within the quest. After the quest, if you talk to Seegud again, you will be able to inquire to the uses of the five ogre spas. See below for details as to what each pool will assist you with.

Seegud's house

(7) The Mud Bath

After completion of the quest, you will be allowed to use the pools free of charge. The Mud Bath serves two purposes. The first is that it will give you a temporary Hunting level boost of +8. As well, it hides your scent, as if you were smoking all your traps.

A mud bath!

(8) Salt Water Spring

When you soak in this pool, your run energy will be restored. As well, your pace will be quickened, so that you never run out of run energy. Sadly, these effects are only temporary, and after about 25 minutes, the effects will be negated. Some people find this very useful while training Agility or while Runecrafting.

The salt water spring

(9) Thermal Pool

This may be one of the more useful pools, as it restores not only your Life Points, but also cures you of poison or disease. After soaking in the thermal pool, you will also notice that you have extra Life Points, much to the same effect as a Saradomin Brew. The amount of Life Points added to your health is determined by your Constitution level. You will also be immune to disease for about 20 minutes.

A heated pool

(10) Sulphur Spring

The Sulphur Spring acts as a make-shift altar for recharging your Prayer points. Once you have left the spring, your Prayer points will be fully restored, as well as boosted by +8 levels. These extra Prayer points work in the same way as the altar in The Monastery, or the Nature Altar from the grotto in the Nature Spirit quest.

The sulphur spring

(11) Bandos Pool

While it seems that the Bandos Pool has no visible effects, it is useful because it acts as a Bandos item within the God Wars Dungeon, causing Bandos creatures to become non-aggressive towards you for one hour. This is particularly useful because of the rarity of these items.

The bandos pool

(12) Eucalyptus Trees

Around Oo'glog, you will find a variety of Eucalyptus trees, a type of tree that plays a large part in the As a First Resort quest. These trees are good for woodcutting training as they are relatively close to a bank, and can net over 40k exp in a hour.

A eucalyptus tree

(13) Monsters

Surrounding the city are a mess of Wolves (Level 64), Ogress (Level 69), Ogress Warrior (Level 86), Ogress Champion (Level 99). These are fairly good for training, as you can use the Pools in the city to Heal and restore your Prayer. If you are going to be cutting Eucalyptus trees, your going to need to protect yourself from them.

Monsters located around Oo'glog city

(14) Gift Shop

Gift Shop
Picture Item Price
Tinderbox Tinderbox 1gp
Ogre Arrows Ogre Arrow 25gp
Cooked chompy Cooked Chompy 130gp
Feather Feather 6gp
Bronze Hatchet Bronze Hatchet 16gp
Rope Rope 18gp
Pot Empty Pot 1gp
Bucket Bucket 2gp
Hammer Hammer 1gp
Knife Knife 6gp
Ogre Kilt Ogre Kilt 60gp
Ogre Top Ogre Top 60gp
Ogre Boots Ogre Boots 60gp

Note: You can trade a Diseased Kebbit Fur to Frawd for a Davy Kebbit Hat. The hat has no bonuses as it is just for looks.

(15) Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat
Picture Item Price
Raw Rat Meat Raw Rat Meat 8gp
Raw Beef Raw Beef 8gp
Raw Bear Meat Raw Bear Meat 8gp
Raw Chicken Raw Chicken 9gp
Raw Rabbit Raw Rabbit 20gp
Raw bird Meat Raw Bird Meat 17gp
Raw chompy Raw Chompy 85gp
Raw Meat Cooked Meat 4gp
Cooked chicken Cooked Chicken 4gp
Cooked rabbit Cooked Rabbit 4gp







Chief Tess

Chief Tess



Grimechin and Kringk

Grimechin and Kringk



Ogress Banker

Ogress Banker

Salon Customer

Salon Customer



Tyke, Snert, Snarrl, Snarrk, I'rk


Grr'bah, Chomp, Grubb, Grunther, Thuddley, and Glum








Level: 64



Level: 69


Ogress Warrior

Level: 86

Ogress Warrior

Ogress Champion

Level: 99

Ogress champion

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