Piscatoris Fishing Colony

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Welcome to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, the home of the Monkfish! This little place was overrun by trolls and was not a nice place to stay. When you've done the Swan Song quest it becomes a peaceful little fishing spot.

Getting There

Because the Fishing Colony is far away from Human Settlement, it can become rather awkward to walk there. Below is some methods which make getting to the Fishing Colony easier.

Method 1: Fairy Ring Dramen Staff

If you have started Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queen, and obtained permission from The Godfather, you can use the Fairy Rings, which make travelling to the Fishing Colony easier. Head to the main Fairy Ring in Zanaris and use the co-ordinate, AKQ. This will take you to the Piscatoris Hunting Grounds. Head North to get to the Fishing Colony.

Method 2: Eagle Teleportation Rope

If you have completed Eagle's Peak, you can use Eagle Transportation. You can Lasso an Eagle using Rope from any three of these locations:

  • Desert Hunting Area (North of Nardah)
  • Jungle Hunting Area (South of Yanille)
  • Polar Hunting Area (Northwest of Rellekka)

If you Lasso one of these Eagles, it will take you to Eagle's Peak. Exit Eagle's Peak and climb down the Mountain and you should find yourself near Nickolaus' Tent. From here, keeping going North and you should find the Colony.

City Map

A map of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony


There's quite a lot of stuff to do here, but the main attractions are the fishing spots.

(1) Fishing Areas

As you can see in the below picture there are two options, net fishing gives Monkfish and harpoon fishing gives you Tuna and Swordfish (sadly no Sharks). This is currently the only fishing spot where you can get Monkfish

Fishing Spots

In the northeast corner of the island near the fishing spot is a seaweed respawn, they are much quicker than collecting on Entrana.

Take from the net

(2) General Store & Bank

This is run by Arnold Lydspor, he will kindly put items in your bank and will let you browse his General Store.

The bank and general store

He also sells a variety of different items, items that you wouldn't find in a General Store.

Arnold's Eclectic Supplies
Small Fishing Net Small Fishing Net 5gp
Harpoon Harpoon 5gp
Raw Monkfish Raw Monkfish 241gp
Monkfish Monkfish 241gp
Bread Bread 12gp
Pot Pot 1gp
Bucket of Milk Bucket of Milk 6gp
Needle Needle 1gp
Thread Thread 1gp
Beer Beer 2gp
Glassblowing Pipe Glassblowing Pipe 2gp
Knife Knife 6gp

(3) Skeleton Mage

Remember those Skeleton Mage's they helped you fight the troll in the quest? Well they are still here and they say that they are staying here forever. Give 'em a kicking around by killing them. They are Level 83 and use Fire Blast. Bring some armour that's magic resistant such as Dragonhide and start owning them!

Skeleton Mages

(4) Range

There's a stove in the kitchen, a little way from the bank. It might not be the closest range to a bank but if your planning on cooking your newly caught Monkfish, it's the closest range to the fishing spot.

Cooking Area

(5) Mining Area

Outside of the Fishing Colony are some rocks containing Clay, Copper, Tin and Iron. Not the best rocks in the game but the bank and the furnace aren't too far away from each other.

Mining Spots

(6) Furnace Area

Southeast of the Bank is a Work Shed containing a Mini Furnace and a Press. The Furnace will smelt your ordinary Ore but the Press will press your Iron Bars. There's no point making pressed iron sheets because they only sell for 20gp ea.

Smelting area



There are several people spread out across the fishing colony, some are fisherman and some are in charge of the fishing colony itself.

George Laxmeister

George Laxmeister

Ramara du Croissant

Ramara du Croissant

Devin Medelburg

Devin Medelburg

Arnold Lydspor

Arnold Lydspor

Herman Caranos

Herman Caranos

Franklin Caranos

Franklin Caranos

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