Shilo Village

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Shilo Village is located on the southern part of the Island of Karamja and the only way into the village is if you have completed the Shilo Village Quest. In Shilo Village there are various things to do and is most famous for it's Gem Rocks where you mine to obtain all sorts of gems. Runecrafters who have completed the quest use it's bank for easy Nature Rune runs.

City Map

Map of Shilo Village

Getting There

To get onto Karamja, you can either talk to Captain Barnaby on the Southern part of Ardougne and pay him 30gp to get across, you can also talk to the Seamen in Port Sarim and they will take you onto the island for a charge of 30gp, but be prepared for a lengthy walk, or if you have completed the Grand Tree Quest, you can use the Gnome Air Gliders to get onto the island. The most popular way is to talk to Captain Barnaby in Ardougne and use the travel carts in Brimhaven that are located a little ways east off the docks. Talk to Hajedy and pay him up to 200gp and he will take you safely into the village.

If you have completed all Karamja Tasks, you can 'use' your Karamja Gloves 3 to teleport to a gem mine beneath the village.

If you choose to walk to the village, you can either talk to Mosol Rei who will guide you safely into the village or search the cart, and open the two wooden gates to get in, but beware of the Undead Ones.

Mosol Rei and a cart


(1) Entrance

At the entrance of the village is where you can begin the Shilo Village quest. Speak with Mosol Rei and he will help you begin the quest. Once you have finished the quest, if you speak to him again, he will guide you safely into the village.

Mosol rei

(2) Bank

There is a bank located inside the village with two bankers who will help you with any transactions you will need to make.

The bank

(3) Furnace

Just outside of the bank is the furnace that is shut down, talk to Yohnus and for a fee of 20gp you are allowed to use it but will need to pay another 20gp if you need to go back in.


(4) Fishing Shop

The fishing shop

The fishing shop is located just east of the furnace and Fernahei will show you his many items for your fishing needs.

Fernahei Fishing Shop
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod 5gp
fly Fishing Rod Fly Fishing Rod 5gp
Fishing Bait Fishing Bait 3gp
Feather Feather 2gp
Raw Shrimp Raw Shrimp 4gp
Raw Trout Raw Trout 20gp
Raw Pike Raw Pike 25gp
Raw Salmon Raw Salmon 50gp

Seravel is located upstairs in the Fishing Shop. He sells tickets to ride the 'Lady of the Waves' which is a ship that can take you to either Port Sarim or Khazard Port. The ship is located west of the Shilo Village and south of Cairn Island. The tickets cost 25gp per trip.

(5) Fishing Spots

To the west of the fishing shop there are many fishing areas where you can lure or use fishing bait to catch all the various fish.

Fishing spots

(6) General Store

The general store

On the western side of the village is the general store owned by Obli where there are various items you can purchase if you need and where you can sell any items you don't need.

Obli's General Store
Tinderbox Tinderbox 1gp
Vial Vial 3gp
Pestle and Mortar Pestle & Mortar 6gp
Pot Pot 1gp
Bronze Hatchet Bronze Axe 24gp
Bronze Pickaxe Bronze Pickaxe 1gp
Iron Hatchet Iron Axe 84gp
Leather Body Leather Body 31gp
Leather Gloves Leather Gloves 9gp
Leather Boots Leather Boots 9gp
Cooked Meat Cooked Meat 6gp
Bread Bread 18gp
Bronze Bar Bronze Bar 12gp
Spade Spade 4gp
Candle Candle 4gp
Unlit Torch Torch 6gp
Chisel Chisel 1gp
Hammer Hammer 1gp
Papyrus Papyrus 15gp
Charcoal Charcoal 67gp
Vial of Water Vial of Water 4gp
Machete Machete 60gp
Rope Rope 27gp

(7) Transport Cart

West of the bank there is another transport cart that will take you back to the cart that originally brought you into the village. Speak to Vigroy who will also charge up to 200gp for the ride out of the village.


(8) Gem Mine

Located in the north western corner of the village across the bridge, are the gem rocks where you can mine for Opal, Jade, Red topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby or Diamond and use them later for your crafting pleasures. Dragonstone however, cannot be mined here.

Gem rocks

Additionally, there is a gem mine located below the village which you can only access by operating your Karamja Gloves 3.

Map of the gem mine beneath shilo village

(9) Yannie Salika

East of the gem rocks is a house where you can begin the One Small Favor quest. Speak with Yanni Salika to begin and obtain more details. He will also look at old items that you may have, appraise them and buy them off you for a fair price. You can sell him your items after you have completed the Shilo Village quest.

Yanni salika

(10) Inn and Pub

Further east of the quest start point is an Inn where you can pay 175gp for 5 tickets to spend the night and wake up refreshed or you can spend your time in the pub with some friends. Just climb up the latter and speak to Kaleb Paramaya for what you'll need. Kaleb Paramaya is also an adviser in the Karamja tasks.

Kaleb paramaya

(11) Duradel the Slayer Master

Duradel the slayer master

To speak to Duradel, the slayer master located inside the village, you must go to the fishing shop and climb up the ladder, go north across the walkway and speak to him. You can also buy various slayer items that will help you with your assignment. If you have completed While Guthix Sleeps, Duraldel is replaced by Lapalok.

Slayer Equipment
Enchanted Gem Enchanted Gem 1gp
Mirror Shield Mirror Shield 5,000gp
LEaf-Bladed Spear Leaf-Bladed Spear 31,000gp
Broad Arrow Broad Arrows 90gp
Bag of Salt Bag of Salt 10gp
Rock Hammer Rock Hammer 500gp
Facemask Face Mask 200gp
Earmuffs Ear Muffs 200gp
Nosepeg Nose Peg 200gp
Slayer's Staff Slayer Staff 21,000gp
Spiny Helm Spiny Helmet 650gp
Fishing Explosive Fishing Explosive 60gp
Ice Cooler Ice Cooler 1gp
Slayer gloves Slayer Gloves 200gp
Lit Bug Lantern Bug Lantern 130gp
Insulated Boots Insulated Boots 200gp
Fungicide Spray (10) Fungicide Spray 300gp
Fungicide Fungicide 10gp
Witchwood Icon Witchwood Icon 900gp
Slayer Bell Slayer Bell 150gp

(12) Undead Ones

Mages like to work on their magic inside of the village on the Undead Ones which vary in levels.

The undead ones - it's a good thing they're behind a fence!



Captain Barnaby




Mosol Rei

Mosol rei











Yanni Salika

Yanni salika

Kaleb Paramaya

Kaleb Paramaya






Undead One

Level: 68 and 73

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