Tree Gnome Stronghold

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Have you ever wondered if the Tree Gnome Stronghold is a huge place to cut and fletch? Well, you guessed right! The stronghold is a fascinating place, and it is a good place to pick flax, woodcut, and even train Agility! The stronghold is a short distance northwest of East Ardougne.

City Map

A map of the stronghold


(1) The Entrance

If you have never been to Tree Gnome Stronghold before, you will have to do a very easy task. First off you will see three people near the entrance, including two Gnome Guards and an archer named Femi. Go and talk to Femi and you will have to move the boxes near the cart over to where Femi wants you to put them, and then you should be in the stronghold. This picture shows where to place the boxes:


(2) Spinning Wheels

This area is pretty much spinning wheels for flax. Next to the spinning the wheels is some flax to pick, and it is very good crafting experience if you want to power craft. In the upstairs rooms are a total of three spinning wheels, and four gnome women. There are a total of 14 regular trees, 6 oak trees, 1 willow tree 4 yew trees and 1 magic tree. Here are some of the flax-picking spots:


(3) Agility Course

This area is where many adventurers begin training their Agility. It's not a bad course, but takes a long time to get 30 agility. First you cross the log balance, two nets, balancing rope, and finally the pipes to get a total of 7.5 experience each. The tree branch and climbing down a tree are 5 experience each. If you complete all courses in order you will get 86 experience. To the left is a map of the agility course.

Tree Gnome Stronghold agility course

Just behind the course is a farming patch to grow your fruit trees, which include:

Fruit trees

(4) Tree Spirit

This is a Tree Spirit. In order to use the tree spirit you must complete the Tree Gnome Village and Grand Tree Quests. This tree spirit is good for getting to the yews in section six. This tree spirit takes you to Tree Gnome Village only.

Spirit tree

(5) Glough's Cavern

This area is for a couple quest like Monkey Madness and the Grand Tree. This is the home of Glough. There's a dungeon in his house too, and you can get to the dungeon by climbing up the tree. At the northern part of the cavern you'll find a mining area.

A map of Glough's Cavern

(6) Yew Trees

This place is famous for cutting since that they have a bank so near. If you think about it, it's in the perfect place. It's where you can have peace while high-alching, fletching and most the time empty. It has 1 flax picking spot, 1 bank, 3 yew trees, and 1 magic tree.

Yew tree

(7) Ladders

This part is mostly useless. All you'll find is 3 ladders, and upstairs are gnome guards and archers.

Lots of useless ladders

(8) Brimstal's Dungeon

This area has a dungeon and a whole bunch of trees. Brimstal is found in the dungeon, and he will teleport you to the Rune Essence Mine.

Map of Brimstail's Dungeon

Outside of the dungeon there are no rare trees, just oak and regular trees. Up the four ladders are some gnomes and a gnome child.

(9) Terrorbirds

In this section are some level 28 Terrorbirds which can be very useful for training combat. Near the river are 4 fishing spots were you can lure or bait the fish, but the bank is quite far away. South of there are two swamp toads. Another notable feature is the single Magic Tree which can be chopped down for logs.

Mounted terrorbird gnomes

(10) Trees

This section is full of trees, which can be useful for power fletching. There are about 10 trees around here, and up the nearby ladder is a gnome statue.

Lots of trees

(11) Gnome Bar

Here are 3 ladders. The first ladder leads to basically nothing, while the second ladder leads to the Barman, who sells drinks known as "Specials."

(12) Gnomeball

This section is the Gnome Stronghold Gnomeball field. This is a game much like soccer (although you hold the ball), where you run across the field, trying to avoid the other Gnomeball players until you score a point by throwing the ball into your goal.

Gnomeball course

(13) More Ladders

In this area are four ladders. In southeast ladder there is a gnome. The northeast ladder leads to a gnome women. The northwest ladder brings you to Anita, and down the southwest ladder are two gnomes. In the center is a gnome child.

A gnome child

(14) Swamp

The swamp is home to lots of king worms and swamp toads, so if you need any of those, this is the perfect place to get them.

The swamp

The Grand Tree

The Grand Tree is a great place to go if you need an unusual item or a drink, since there are a lot of shops selling things you will not see anywhere else.

Entrance to the grand tree

Ground Floor

This is the main floor of the Grand Tree, which is mostly empty, except for King Narnode. The other floors certainly have more shops and things to do!

The first floor of the tree

King Narnode Shareen is the king of the gnomes. He is a good king and you need to talk to him to start a few quests such as The Grand Tree and Monkey Madness. There is also a trap door that leads you to an underground field:


First Floor

The first floor contains quite a few shops that can be useful to you. Here is a map:

First floor of the Grand Tree


At the southeast of the second floor, there is a barman that will sell you many unusual cocktails, but no beers for you (beers are a bit too strong for gnomes).

Barman: Good day to you.
Blurberry Bar
Blurberry special Blurberry Special 30gp
Choc Saturday Choc Saturday 30gp
Drunk dragon Drunk Dragon 30gp
Fruit blast Fruit Blast 30gp
Pineapple Punch Pineapple Punch 30gp
SGG Short Green Guy 30gp
Wizard blizzard Wizard Blizzard 30gp

Heckel Funch

Heckel Funch is located east of the barman and he can sell you various items that can be sometimes useful for quests, such as vodka. Be sure to have a look at his stock.

Heckel funch
Funch's Fine Groceries
brandy Brandy 5gp
Gin Gin 5gp
Vodka Vodka 5gp
Whiskey Whiskey 5gp
Pineapple Pineapple 1gp
Equa Leaves Equa Leaf 2gp
Orange Orange 2gp
lemon Lemon 2gp
lime Lime 2gp
Dwellberries Dwellberries 4gp
cocktail shaker Cocktail Shaker 2gp
Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar 10gp
Chocolate Dust Chocolate Dust 2gp
Pot of Cream Pot of Cream 2gp
Bucket of Milk Bucket of Milk 6gp
cocktail glass Cocktail Glass 1gp
Knife Knife 6gp
Cocktail Guide Cocktail Guide 2gp


Need to cook something? There is a range just south of the barman. Of course, you won't go there to cook 1,000 salmons, since it isn't the closest range you can find from a bank in RuneScape, but if you are there and need to cook a couple of trouts let's say, then this range will be just perfect. There is also another range on the second floor that is located north of the 2 banks.

A range


Rometti is the designer that keeps up with the latest trend for the gnomes. You can buy outfits from his shop.

Fine Fashions
Robe TopRobe Top
Robe TopRobe TopRobe Top
Robe Tops 180gp
Robe BottomRobe Bottom
Robe BottomRobe BottomRobe Bottom
Robe Bottoms 180gp
Hats 160gp
Boots 200gp


On the west side of the second floor, you can find 2 banks just like all the other ones around RuneScape.

A bank

Aluft Gianne

North of the banks, you can talk to Aluft Gianne, a cook that will give you his cooking book that will tell you how to prepare many popular meals enjoyed by gnomes.

Gianne's Restaurant
Veggie batta Vegetable Batta 120gp
worm batta Worm Batta 120gp
toad legs batta Toad Batta 120gp
Fruit batta Fruit Batta 120gp
cheese and tomato batta Cheese & Tomato Batta 120gp
Worm Hole Worm Hole 150gp
Tangled Toads' Legs Tangled Toad's Legs 160gp
Veg Ball Veg Ball 150gp
Chocolate Bomb Chocolate Bomb 160gp
worm crunchies Worm Crunchies 85gp
toad crunchies Toad Crunchies 85gp
chocolate chip crunchies Choc Chip Crunchies 85gp
spicy crunchies Spicy Crunchies 85gp


Agree to have a look on his menu, and the waiters will happily do their job, serving you.

Gnome waiter


Hudo is the owner of a little grocery located to the northwest of the second floor. He sells various items, some useful while some other are weird.

Grand Tree Groceries
Gianne Dough Gianne Dough 2gp
Equa Leaves Equa Leaf 2gp
Pot of Flour Pot of Flour 10gp
Gnome Spice Gnome Spice 2gp
Onion Onion 3gp
Potato Potato 1gp
Cabbage Cabbage 1gp
Tomato Tomato 4gp
Cheese Cheese 4gp
Spider on a Stick (cooked) Spider on a Stick 50gp
Spider on a Shaft Spider on a Shaft 40gp
lime Lime 2gp
Orange Orange 2gp
lemon Lemon 2gp
Pineapple Pineapple 1gp
Dwellberries Dwellberry 4gp
cocktail shaker Cocktail Shaker 2gp
Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar 10gp
Chocolate Dust Chocolate Dust 2gp
Pot of Cream Pot of Cream 2gp
Bucket of Milk Bucket of Milk 2gp
Knife Knife 6gp
cookbook Gianne's Cook Book 2gp
Batta Tin Batta Tin 10gp
Crunchy Tray Crunchy Tray 10gp
Gnomebowl Mould Gnomebowl Mould 10gp

Second Floor

Second floor of the Grand Tree

This floor contains a weapons store owned by Gulluck. Here you can buy swords, battleaxes and ranging equipment.

Gulluck and Sons
Bronze Arrow Bronze Arrows 1gp
Bronze Bolts Bolts 3gp
Pearl Bolt Pearl Bolts 110gp
Shortbow Shortbow 50gp
Longbow Longbow 80gp
Crossbow Crossbow 70gp
Bronze Arrowtips Bronze Arrowtip 1gp
Iron Arrowtips Iron Arrowtip 2gp
Steel Arrowtips Steel Arrowtip 6gp
Mithril Arrowtips Mithril Arrowtip 38gp
Iron Hatchet Iron Axe 56gp
Steel Hatchet Steel Axe 200gp
Iron Battleaxe Iron Battleaxe 182gp
Steel Battleaxe Steel Battleaxe 650gp
Mithril Battleaxe Mithril Battleaxe 1,690gp
Bronze 2h Sword Bronze 2h 80gp
Iron 2h Sword Iron 2h 280gp
Steel 2h Sword Steel 2h 1,000gp
Black 2h Sword Black 2h 1,920gp
Mithril 2h Sword Mithril 2h 2,600gp
Adamant 2h Sword Adamant 2h 6,400gp

Third Floor

You will find a Gnome Glider in this part of the Grand Tree. This glider is used mainly for quest purposes.

Places you can take the glider to



These characters can be found wandering around throughout the stronghold:

King Narnode Shareen

King narnode



Heckel Funch

Heckel funch



Gnome Woman

Gnome woman

Aluft Gianne

Aluft gianne

Gnome Waiter

Gnome waiter



Gnome Trooper

Gnome trooper



Gnome Pilot




Gnome Baller

Gnome Baller


You can also find these monsters or attackable NPCs around the Gnome Stronghold:

Gnome Child

Level: 1

Gnome child


Level: 1


Gnome Guard

Level: 23

Gnome guard

Mounted Terrorbird Gnome

Level: 31, 36, and 49

Mounted Terrorbird Gnome

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