Underground Etceteria and Miscellania

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To enter the caves underneath the Kingdoms of Miscellania and Etceteria, you must have first started Royal Trouble. Along with linking the two rival islands, they offer a small town and areas that are a key location for the Royal Trouble quest.

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City Map

Map of the Underground Etceteria and Miscellania city


There are two entrances to the caves. The first can be found in the southern part of Miscellania, just next to the castle and within the city walls.

The entrance to the city

Upon entering, you'll see a small market. This includes many stores that the above-ground portion of Miscellania doesn't. There are four stores in total, including a clothing shop, general store, grocery store, and a bar.

Clothing Store

The clothing store sells a mix of both Dwarven and Fremennik clothes.

Miscellanian Clothes Shop
Fremennik Shirts Fremennik Shirts 325gp
Fremennik Robe Fremennik Robe 650gp
Fremennik Skirt Fremennik Skirt 650gp
Pink skirt Pink Skirt 715gp
Blue skirt Blue Skirt 812gp
Pink trousers Pink Trousers 910gp
Blue trousers Blue Trousers 975gp
Tan shorts Tan Shorts 468gp
Blue shorts Blue Shorts 507gp
Tan woven top Tan Woven Top 812gp
Blue woven top Blue Woven Top 845gp
Tan shirt Tan Shirt 780gp
Pink shirt Pink Shirt 812gp

General Store

Then there's a General store. This is just like any other general store.

Miscellanian General Store
Pot Pot 1gp
Jug Jug 1gp
Shears Shears 1gp
Bucket Bucket 2gp
Bowl Bowl 4gp
Cake Tin Cake Tin 10gp
Tinderbox Tinderbox 1gp
Chisel Chisel 14gp
Hammer Hammer 13gp

Grocery Store

The food store is useful for getting many ingredients, including the ingredients for making a Cake.

Miscellanian Food Shop
Bread Bread 24gp
Cheese Cheese 8gp
Cabbage Cabbage 1gp
Potato Potato 16gp
Onion Onion 12gp
Pot of Flour Pot of Flour 14gp
Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar 20gp
Bucket of Milk Bucket of Milk 12gp

The Bar

Unlike most bars, this bar sells tea, cider, and wine. Donal is also in here. He is involved in the Royal Trouble quest.

The Esoterican Arms
Beer Beer 2gp
Cider Cider 2gp
Jug of Wine Wine 128gp
Cup of Tea Cup of Tea 10gp

The Dwarven Inn

As this is a dwarven inn, there are dwarves inside.

The inn

The Pulley System

In the northern part of the city, there is a crack in the wall through which you can climb. You'll need a stabilizer to get in the small area.


In the crate closest to the bottom of the picture, there is a beam to make your pulley beam longer, and to make other parts of your lift platform. In the crate one square north of the crate with the beam is a pulley beam. Two squares north of the pulley beam crate is an engine respawn. You need this to power the lift platform.

To feed the engine, you must put 5 Coal in the engine. There are four coal rocks in the area. If you forgot a pickaxe, you can take one from the Bronze Pickaxe respawn south of the crack in the wall.

The most northern respawn is a book sitting on top of a crate. It will tell you how to fix the lift platform. Inside the crate the book is sitting on is some rope. When the lift platform is fixed, it should look like the one in the picture.

Cave Rope

Once you get lifted by the platform, you'll be on top of a huge rock. To get down to the cave, squeeze through the crack in the wall. Now follow the walkway and you'll find a rope.

Rope swing

The rope shown in the picture doesn't initially exist. You will have to add a rope to the rock to be able to swing across.

Note: From this point on, there will be fire remains you can search to get one of the teenager's diary. You can only get it if you don't have the diary already.

The Slippery Rocks

To avoid the slippery rocks, you can use a plank on each one to cross them safely. If you don't have a plank, you might slip and get hit. There is a plank respawn near the crack in the wall at the entrance of the tunnel.

Slippery rocks

The Steam Vents

If you walk directly over the steam vents, you'll take rapid damage. The hits are high, so never stand on a vent unless you have a death wish. They can reduce your Lifepoints by 450 in around 4 seconds, so watch out! You can avoid the vents by walking around them.

Dangerous steam vents!

The Falling Rocks

The rocks shown in the below picture (those positioned on the ledge) will fall and damage you if you step in the squares directly adjacent to them. Keep one square between yourself and the cavern walls at these points.

Falling rocks

The Teenagers

The teenagers (Signy, Reinn, Hild, Armod, and Beigarth) are important characters in the Royal Trouble Quest. To get to them, squeeze through the crack in the wall and continue down the path. If this is the first time you've been through that crack, you will see a cut scene.


Sea Snakes

There are two types of sea snakes: Sea Snake Hatchlings (level 62) and Sea Snake Young (level 90). They are very similar in appearance, the only difference being their sizes.

Sea snakes

The Entrance From Etceteria

This is the other exit, and can be found just east of the Ecteterian Castle. It is only accessible after you have killed the Giant Sea Snake.

Another entrance



Sea Snake Hatchling

Level: 62

Sea snake hatchling

Sea Snake Young

Level: 90

Sea snake young

Giant Sea Snake

Level: 149

Giant Sea Snake

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