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The Ruins of Uzer (formerly Here Be Sand) isn't a very happenin' place. As the name suggests, it consists of ruined buildings and walls, chiseled away by the sands of time.

City Map



There isn't much going on here, and the area is mostly just sand. But there are still a few places of interest that you may wish to check out. Here is my suggested inventory:

  • 4 Full Waterskins - 30gp each from Shantay
  • 1 Knife - to cut Healthy Cacti for water
  • Desert Robes - 5gp each from Shantay
  • Ectophial or any other teleporting item

(1) Clay Rocks

This area caters imgfor some of the items needed in The Golem Quest. As such, there is a small area of clay rocks to the north of the ruins, where you can get some clay.

Clay mine

You can find the Desert Phoenix wandering around to the southwest of the mine as well. This rare bird is used in The Golem Quest, in which you need to steal a feather from the phoenix by thieving it.

(2) Clay Golem

Outside the Temple, you can start The Golem Quest by talking to the Clay Golem.


(3) Magic Carpet

Once you have completed The Golem Quest, you may travel to the Ruins of Uzer from the Shantay Pass. But only once the quest is finished!

The carpet merchant

(4) Kiln

This large Kiln is completely useless, and currently has no use in RuneScape.

The broken kiln

(5) Desert Hunting Area

The Desert Hunting area is home to a number of creatures which you can hunt for. You can use your tracking abilities to hunt for Desert Devils, or you could go net trapping for Orange Salamanders.

The desert hunting area

(6) Desert Eagle Dungeon

Located to the west of the clay mine, the Desert Eagle Dungeon is mostly a shortcut for getting to and from the Eagle's Peak Dungeon in the Woodland. Of course, to do this you must first complete the Eagle's Peak Quest. There's also a boulder blocking the entrance of the dungeon, so you will need to enter this dungeon from the desert and push it out of the way first, before being able to use this method.

Pushing the boulder



The only other NPC around here (other than the Golem) is the Desert Phoenix.

The desert phoenix

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