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The town of Witchaven, which is located just south of the Legend's Guild and east of East Ardougne, blames the Fishing Platform for most of their troubles as it was once a great Fishing town, but became poor because of the Platform's competition.

City Map

A map of witchaven


Mayor Hobb is the mayor of Witchaven, and he is in charge of the village.

Mayor Hobb: well hellow there, welcome to our little village.

After completing the Salt in the Wound quest, Mayor Hobb will return to Witchaven and be healthy-looking, as he will no longer be posessed by Sea Slugs.

The upstairs section of his house is probably the nicest part of Witchaven.

The upstairs of Mayor Hobb's house

Brother Maledict is in charge of the Temple to Saradomin.

Brother Maledict: the blessings of saradmin be with you child

Like Mayor Hobb, Brother Maledict will return to the town healthy-looking after completing the Salt in the Wound quest.

The temple itself is very dedicated to Saradomin, with pictures, a lectern, and a shrine inside.

The witchaven church

Ezekial Lovecraft is the supplier of fishing gear in the town and runs the Fishing Shop.

Ezekial Lovegcraft: I supply the local fishermen with the tools and bait...
Lovecraft's Tackle
Small Fishing Net Small Fishing Net 5gp
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod 5gp
fly Fishing Rod Fly Fishing Rod 5gp
Harpoon Harpoon 5gp
Lobster Pot Lobster Pot 20gp
Fishing Bait Fishing Bait 3gp
Feather Feather 2gp
Raw Shrimp Raw Shrimp 5gp
Raw Sardine Raw Sardine 10gp
Raw Herring Raw Herring 15gp
Raw Pike Raw Pike 25gp
Raw Salmon Raw Salmon 50gp
Raw Tuna Raw Tuna 100gp
Raw Lobster Raw Lobster 150gp
Raw Swordfish Raw Swordfish 136gp

Colonel o'Niall is a strange man at the end of the fishing dock who you would assume to be a Colonel of the Black Knights after talking to him, or possibly a White Knight; it is hard to tell.

Colonel o'nial

Colonel o'Niall will tell you some odd sayings, as well as talk about Solus Dellegar, if you have finished the Wanted! Quest, that is.

You're one of the black knigts, aren't you?

You will also find out once you have started the Slug Menace Quest that he is a retired Colonel of the Temple Knights.

Caroline's husband fishes at the Fishing Platform, and around her you can also find Holgart whom will take you to the Fishing Platform and Jeb who will just say "hello". Near Caroline, Jeb, and Holgart starts a line of willow trees that can be useful for woodcutting, located on the northern side Witchaven.

Yew trees

In the southern section of the town there is a house with a Wash Basin and a Clay Oven which you can use for crafting.

A wash basin and  furnace

And nearby is also a Spinning Wheel.

A spinning wheel



Once you have completed the Slug Menace Quest, Colonel o'Niall, Mayor Hobbs, and Brother Maledict will vanish from the town.

Brother Maledict

Brother maledict



Colonel o'Niall

Colonel o'Niall

Ezekial Lovecraft

Ezekial Lovecraft





Mayor Hobb

Mayor hobb

Witchaven Villagers

Witchaven VillagerWitchaven Villager

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