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Yanille is a town east of Castle Wars and slightly north of Gu'Tanoth. This town is a prime spot for mages. In Yanille, you can start and finish the Watchtower Quest, and with 66 magic enter the Magic Guild. There is also a Hunter shop, bank and so much more for just one little town.

Getting There

Map of routes to Yanille

Method 1: Ring of Duelling Ring of Duelling

Using the Ring of Duelling, teleport to Castle Wars and walk east, past the ogres, entering Yanille at its west gate.

Method 2: Watchtower Teleport Watchtower Teleport

After completing the Watchtower Quest, you can teleport to the Watchtower. Climb down the ladders and walk east until you can crawl under the agility shortcut or come to the northeast entrance. Level 58 Magic required.

Method 3: Walking Leather Boots

Use the Ardougne Cloak 1 (obtained by completing the easy Task set for Ardougne) to teleport to the Monastery. From there, walk south on foot until you reach Yanille's eastern entrance.

Method 4: Spirit Tree Woodcutting icon

Travel from the spirit tree in the Tree Gnome Village and exit the maze from the entrance. Walk south from the maze entrance until you reach Yanille's west gate. This requires completion of the Tree Gnome Village Quest and the Grand Tree Quest.

Method 5: House Teleport Home Teleport icon

Use the level 40 magic level, Teleport to House. This will only be useful if you have your house in Yanille. Once you arrive in your house, use the exit portal to arrive in the city.

Method 6: Fairy Ring Dramen Staff

Fairy Ring code CIQ will get you just northeast of Yanille. A Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queen needs to be started.

Method 7: Hot Air Balloon Hot air balloon

Use the hot air balloon system to travel north of Castle Wars. Head south near Castle Wars then walk east, past the ogres, entering Yanille at its west gate. Completion of Enlightened Journey is required.

City Map

A map of yanille


(1) Bank

A typical bank where people buy, sell and chat to other players is located to the far east of Yanille.

The yanille bank

(2) Anvils

Three anvils are in a house just south of the bank. This makes the anvils a good place for people who want to do a lot of smithing and have a lot of metal bars in their banks.


(3) Dungeon Entrance #1

This is an entrance to the Yanille agility dungeon. You will need a lock pick and 82 Thieving to enter this dungeon via this door.

The entrance to the yanille dungeon

(4) Magic Guild

The Magic Guild requires 66 Magic to enter. However, if you really need to speak with a wizard inside, you can ring the bell outside and a friendly wizard will assist you. Inside, you can teleport to the rune essence mine and other places where wizards roam.

The magic guild

There are also two notable shops located inside the guild on the second floor: a Magic Shop, and a Robe Shop.

Magic Shop

The Magic Guild's Magic Shop sells a variety of low and high-level runes, as well as battlestaffs and elemental staffs.

Magic Guild Store
Air Rune Air Rune 8gp
Water Rune Water Rune 5gp
Earth Rune Earth Rune 10gp
Fire Rune Fire Rune 4gp
Mind Rune Mind Rune 9gp
Body Rune Body Rune 3gp
Chaos Rune Chaos Rune 109gp
Nature Rune Nature Rune 222gp
Death Rune Death Rune 220gp
Law Rune Law Rune 250gp
Blood Rune Blood Rune 494gp
Soul Rune Soul Rune 300gp
Battlestaff Battlestaff 7,000gp
Staff of Fire Fire Staff 1,500gp
Staff of Air Air Staff 1,500gp
Staff of Earth Earth Staff 1,500gp
Staff of Water Water Staff 1,500gp

Robe Shop

The Magic Guild's Robe Shop sells the full set of blue Mystic Robes.

Magic Guild Store
Picture Item Cost
Mystic Hat (blue) Mystic Hat 15,000
Mystic Robe Top (blue) Mystic Robe Top 120,000
Mystic Robe Bottom (blue) Mystic Robe Bottom 80,000
Mystic Gloves Mystic Gloves 10,000
Mystic boots (blue) Mystic Boots 10,000

(5) Hunter Shop

This shop sells a lot of hunting equipment, including teasing sticks and butterfly jars. The man in the red top will also sell you a special crossbow and crossbow ammo, if you have the right materials and a certain amount of cash in your inventory.

Hunter supply  store
Aleck's Hunter Shop
Butterfly Net Butterfly Net 24gp
Butterfly Jar Butterfly Jar 1gp
Magic Box Magic Box 720gp
Noose Wand Noose Wand 4gp
Bird Snare Bird Snare 6gp
Box Trap Box Trap 38gp
Teasing Stick Teasing Stick 60gp
Unlit Torch Unlit Torch 4gp
Rabbit Snare Rabbit Snare 18gp

(6) Ye Old Dragon Inn

Home of dragon bitter(2gp) and Greenman's ale(10gp). The bar is also the second home of a rather drunk captain. The Dragon Inn is home to the infamous Fire brandy used in the Bar crawl.

The dragon inn

(7) Player-Owned House Portal

Want to rest at home, or invite a friend over? Well, stop by at the POH portal and invite some friends over. This house portal is the closest to a bank, so you might want to consider moving here if you're not already here.

Portal for player-owned houses

(8) Sand Box

A sand box is located just north of the portal. Sand is used a lot in crafting and glass making.

A sand pit

(9) Bert's House

How about popping in on Bert? This lovable character is the start point for the Hand in the Sand Quest. Once you have completed that quest, he will store 84 buckets of sand a day in your bank if you ask him. Also, feel free to use his range and sink.

Bert's house

(10 The Watchtower

If you want to come into the Watchtower, you'll need to complete the Watchtower quest. If you haven't, you'll need to climb up a wall on the tower to reach the top floor. If you befriend the wizards on the top floor, you can use the ladders. If you have level 58 Magic and the ability to cast the Watchtower teleport spell, you'll be able to teleport to the top of the watchtower. Also, the top of the tower is where you can start the Watchtower quest.

The watchtower

(11) Frenita's Cookery Shop

Are you hungry? With all this exploring, you must be, so why not stop at the restaurant? Frenita sells a variety of cooking items, and there is a convenient range located at the northern end of the building. There is also a water Tap that you can use here as well as a Dairy Churn.

The restaurant
Frenita's Cookery Shop
Pie dish Pie Dish 3gp
Cooking Apple Cooking Apple 1gp
Cake Tin Cake Tin 10gp
Bowl Bowl 4gp
Potato Potato 1gp
Tinderbox Tinderbox 1gp
Jug Jug 1gp
Pot Pot 1gp
Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar 10gp
Pot of Flour Pot of Flour 10gp
Empty Cup Empty Cup 2gp

(12) Farming Patch

Do you have any hop seeds that need growing? Alternatively, do you need some grain? Well, here's the place to be. Also, in the wheat field, watch out for crop circles. Imps love messing around here, and a crop circle sighting will open the portal to play the Activity, Impetuous Impulses.

Farming patches

(13) Sithik Ints' House

Not much downstairs except a few poofing imps and an old piano but you might be led to this very room by a clue scroll if you're lucky enough to get one.

Sithik ints' house

Sithik Ints is feeling a bit under the weather, so it's nice if you visit him. He is used in the Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest.

Upstairs of sithik ints' house

(14) Jail

Have the guards caught you putting your grubby fingers where they shouldn't be? Well, if so, you'll end up in jail. If you are placed in jail, you can break out by completing a simple puzzle. If you see someone in jail, you and the nearby tramp can throw rotten tomatoes at the thieves. Rotten tomatoes can be bought from the nearby crate for one coin each.

The jail

(15) Dungeon Entrance #2

Are you having some trouble getting into the first dungeon entrance? Well, don't worry. This method of entering requires a slashing weapon to cut down the webs. However, be warned that there are poisonous spiders located in this dungeon, so food and anti-poison potions are recommended.

The entrance to the second dungeon



In Yanille, you can meet the locals and chat about current events or just get drunk in the bar.







Guard Captain

Captain guard

Colonel Radick

Colonel radick

Dairy Cow

Dairy cow





Magic Store Owner

Magic store owner

Professor Imblewyn

Professor Imlewyn

Robe Store Owner

Robe store owner



Sithik Ints

Sithik ints

Tool Leprechaun

Tool Leprechaun



Wizard (Watchtower)


Wizard Disentor


Zavistick Rarve

Zavistick Rarve


Colonel Radick

Level: 38

Colonel radick


Level: 2



Level: 2



Level: 2



Level: 28


Tower Guard

Level: 28



Level: 33


Wizard (Wizard's Guild)

Level: 9


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