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The Lost City of Zanaris is a members only area which can only be accessed after completing the Lost City Quest. To enter the city you must enter the shed in the middle of the Lumbridge Swamps wielding either a Dramen or Lunar Staff. The quickest ways to get to the shed are teleporting to Lumbridge and squeezing through the gap in the fence in the churchyard, then making your way to the shed or teleporting to Draynor Village and walking/running from there.

Getting There

The shed that you must enter in order to access the city is located in the Lumbridge Swamp, as stated before:

The shed that you must enter is circled in yellow.

If you enter the shed without wielding a Dramen or Lunar Staff then you will just walk into the shed, and not go to the city.

The Zanaris Shed

There is lots to do in this city including slaying monsters, crafting Runes and making Flour!

City Map

A map of Zanaris


When you enter the city from the shed you will appear standing in the middle of a Fairy Ring in the north part of the city with almost even amounts of ground to both your east and your west. To the north of you there will be an Egg that automatically spawns there. Behind this egg there is a shrine to the Evil Chicken. When you use a Raw Chicken on this shrine, you will go to the Evil Chicken's Lair.

The Evil Chicken!

If you don't want to head into an area full of Black Dragons, you can head south instead. By going across the main corridor and carrying on south from where you appear, you will come to a room with one of the Slayer Masters in. This Slayer Master is Chaeldar, and you must have 70 combat to be able to get an assignment from her.


You can also trade her and buy all the basic Slayer equipment.

Slayer Equipment
Enchanted Gem Enchanted Gem 1gp
Mirror Shield Mirror Shield 5,000gp
LEaf-Bladed Spear Leaf-Bladed Spear 31,000gp
Broad Arrow Broad Arrows 90gp
Bag of Salt Bag of Salt 10gp
Rock Hammer Rock Hammer 500gp
Facemask Face Mask 200gp
Earmuffs Ear Muffs 200gp
Nosepeg Nose Peg 200gp
Slayer's Staff Slayer Staff 21,000gp
Spiny Helm Spiny Helmet 650gp
Fishing Explosive Fishing Explosive 60gp
Ice Cooler Ice Cooler 1gp
Slayer gloves Slayer Gloves 200gp
Lit Bug Lantern Bug Lantern 130gp
Insulated Boots Insulated Boots 200gp
Fungicide Spray (10) Fungicide Spray 300gp
Fungicide Fungicide 10gp
Witchwood Icon Witchwood Icon 900gp
Slayer Bell Slayer Bell 150gp

There are also other NPCs within this room who feature with quests like Fairy Tale Part 1: Growing Pains and Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queen, but aren't much use outside these quests. After completing Fairy Tale Part 2 there will be Orks wandering around the city. They don't do much other than groan and get in the way, but make the city special!

Once you've had enough of this room, you can head back north to the crossroad, turn left and start heading west. One of the first things that you should notice when walking in this direction are some cows.

The cows

Unlike normal Cows that can be found above ground, these can talk!

A talking cow?

To the south of these cows there is a sandpit that can be used to fill buckets with sand to make things like Glass.

Sand Pit

To the west of the sandpit is a large field of Wheat. You can pick the wheat to be used in a different area of the city.

A wheat field

From the Wheat Field head north, then west when you reach the wall, heading into a room in the very north of the city. In this room is a furnace which can be used to smelt Ore.

A furnace

To the south of this room is a special building. Walk round the corner to the east and past a Yew Tree to get to this truly amazing building. There are others like it throughout Runescape, but nothing quite the same. This building is a Windmill, that's powered by a Cow walking round and round in a wheel!

A windmill... powered by a cow?

It can be used just like any other windmill in Runescape. Put the Wheat in the hopper at the top, pull the lever, go down to the bottom floor and use a Pot with the container to get a Pot of Flour.

Just to the west of the windmill is another spawn. This time it is of a Bucket.

A bucket respawn

To the north of the bucket is another small room. This one is belongs to Fairy Nuff and is used during the Fairy Tale Part 2 Quest.

Fairy nuff's room

South of this room is the Zanaris Bank. Talk to one of the Bankers to access your bank and deposit or withdraw items at your will.

The Zanaris Bank

South of the bank is another thing that can be found in almost any city: A General Store.

The Zanaris General Store

All the normal items sold at a General Store can be found here.

Zanaris General Store
Pot Pot 1gp
Jug Jug 1gp
Shears Shears 1gp
Bucket Bucket 2gp
Bowl Bowl 5gp
Cake Tin Cake Tin 13gp
Tinderbox Tinderbox 1gp
Chisel Chisel 1gp
Hammer Hammer 1gp
Newcomer Map Newcomer Map 1gp
Security Book Security Book 2gp

Even further south is a room full of a monster that can only be found in Zanaris, Otherworldly Beings. They are level 90 and are not aggressive, making them a good place for mid-level players to train. They can also drop Dragon items like the Spear, Med Helm and Shield Left Half.

An Otherworldly Being!

If you head north from here, and stay against the wall that is on your right, and head past two fountains you will see a Ring just like the one you appeared on when you entered the city. This is one of the Fairy Rings and is a method of making your way around Runescape.

A fairy ring

South of the Fairy Ring is a narrow passage. This passage is also long, so there are two Agility shortcuts to make the journey shorter. The first one you come to requires 66 Agility to get through, while the second requires level 46.

Squeeze through this crack for quick access to the altar!

You may be thinking why you want to go down a long passageway. The reason is because the Cosmic Altar can be found at the end of it.

The mysterious ruins

To enter these ruins you must either have a Cosmic Talisman in your inventory, or be wearing a Cosmic Tiara. Once inside the altar you can craft your own Cosmic Runes out of Pure Essence!

The cosmic altar

Just to the east of the Cosmic Ruins you will see that there are four dots on the mini-map indicating that there are monsters around, but no monsters to actually kill. Look around where these monsters should be and you will notice that there are level 94 Fungi that you can pick. If you pick these fungi then they will turn into Zygomites which require level 57 Slayer to kill, and Fungicide Spray to be used with them to make them die, much like using Salt on Rock Slugs.

Pick Fungi

On the west side of the altar you will find a narrow passageway.

A gap through the wall

The area through here is used during the Fairy Tale Part 1 Quest to kill the Tanglefoot and obtain the Magic Secateurs. Once you have killed the Tanglefoot, you will still be able to enter, but the only monsters inside will be lots of level 82 Baby Tanglefoot.

A Tanglefoot!

Once you have explored this area thoroughly, head back to the crossroads that you went past earlier on in the tour of the city and head down the path to the south-east. At the end of this path is the entrance to the Zanaris market.

The Marketplace

To enter the market you must pay one of the Gate Keepers the trading tax of 1 Cut Diamond. If you ask what the Diamonds are used for, you will be told that they are used to make Fairylights.

Once inside the market there is quite a lot to do. To the south there are two Yew Trees that can be cut, and the logs burned.

In the northern parts of the market there are a number of shops that give the area the name "market". First is the Dragon Weapon Shop owned by Jakut where you can buy both the Dragon Longsword and the Dragon Dagger.

Dragon Longsword Dragon Longsword 100,000gp
Dragon Dagger Dragon Dagger 30,000gp

The other shop in the market, owned by Irksol, only sells one item. This is the Ruby Ring.

Ruby Ring Ruby Ring 1,012gp

There are two other NPCs within the market that don't own a shop. The first is Lunderwin who will buy any Cabbages you have brought with you for 100 gp each. This may sound great, but you can only take 27 Cabbages to sell at a time because she won't buy noted Cabbages, and you can't take sacks into the marketplace due to security risks.


The second is called Fairy and can be found next to another Fairy Ring in the north-east corner of the market. This Fairy Ring only goes in one direction and when you use it you will appear slightly to the west of Al Kharid Bank.

A Fairy RingA Fairy Ring

If you wish to leave the marketplace, but not go to Al Kharid then you can go back through the door that you entered the market through without having to pay the price of another Diamond.

Leaving the City

There are two methods that you can use to leave the city.

The first is using a Fairy Ring. The one that you appear on when you first enter the city will make you appear outside the shed in the Lumbridge swamp, the one in the marketplace will make you appear just west of Al Kharid Bank, and the other one will give you the option to enter a co-ordinate and go to where it takes you. When using the ring in the marketplace, you must talk to the Fairy beside it otherwise it will make you appear outside the shed in the Lumbridge Swamp.

The only other way out is teleporting.

Random Happenings

While in Zanaris there is a change that one of a number of things will happen to you. They are all harmless, but you can't do anything else while in control by the random event.

Zanaris Choir

This silly choir may come out of no-where, and saying random goofy stuff, like "Are you making cosmic runes? Can we come along?" or "Leave us alone!".

Zanaris choir
Zanaris choir

Storm Cloud

This storm cloud may appear over any unlucky visitors of Zanaris, so don't forget to bring your umbrella! You may get wet from this cloud, so make sure you know where the nearest clothes press is to dry out everything you are carrying.

Storm Cloud - how unlucky!


At any time, you may morph into a chicken for a few seconds... don't worry, you will transform back (if you're lucky)!

Morph into a chicken!

Urge to Dance

Your character might all of a sudden get an urge to dance, and will dance automatically. Yes, it is kind of embarrassing, but you can't do anything about it.

Urge to dance!


Just like morphing into a chicken, you may suddenly morph into a little piglet! Don't worry, you will be transformed back.

Morph into a piglet!


A frog may appear next to you and say something, and your character will reply with the phrase "Err, excuse me?".

A frog!



There are lots of different people or creatures which you can talk to within the city.













Fairy Chef

Fairy Chef

Fairy Fixit

Fairy fixit

Fairy Godfather

Fairy Godfather

Fairy Nuff

Fairy Nuff

Fairy Queen

Fairy Queen

Fairy Very Wise

Fairy Very Wise

Fat Rocco

Fat rocco













Slim Louie

Slim Louie

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy

Zanaris Choir


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