RuneScape is a vast world made up of many cities, dungeons, quests, activities and other important areas scattered throughout the land. Maps are an obligatory part of getting around - how else could you navigate the land effectively? The following maps will assist you in getting the most out of your travels in RuneScape.

Interactive World Maps

Our interactive world maps are essentially an atlas, designed to help adventurers find their way around RuneScape easily, and to make information about the different areas of the game readily accessible. Many of the areas on these maps - including icons and titles of quests, cities, dungeons, activities and guilds - can be clicked on to view our guide dedicated to that subject.

freeplay_world_map_thumb.png FreePlay World Map A map of the entire FreePlay-accessible area of RuneScape.
full_world_map_thumb.png Full World Map A map of the entire area of RuneScape.

Special Maps

Mining Maps A collection of mining site maps with details on the different types of ores available in each area.

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