Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl

By: Dark Light A, Flummoxer, Ken Fox1
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You can find many Taverns, Pubs and Bars throughout RuneScape; most of which serve regular beer. But after stumbling upon the Barbarian Outpost while either exploring or while in the middle of completing the Scorpion Catcher Quest, you'll need to complete the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl to enter.

Getting Started

Barcrawl CardIf you haven't already, speak to the Barbarian Guard at the outpost found northeast of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. He will give you a Barcrawl Card, which you'll need to bring with you to each of the 10 specific bars around RuneScape. You'll need 268gp to complete the Barcrawl in its entirety.

When you get to each of the bars, just speak with the Bartender and tell them that you're working on the Barcrawl. Then buy the correct drink from the list, drink it, and the Bartender should sign your card. You can see which bars you've already visited by clicking on the Barcrawl Card, and the ones you've already been to should be in green.

The Taverns

You'll need to go to ten different pubs located throughout RuneScape in order to get each of the special drinks to complete the Barcrawl. The ten pubs consist of:

  1. Seers' Village - Forrester Arms Pub
  2. Falador - Rising Sun Inn
  3. Varrock - Jolly Boar Inn
  4. Varrock - Blue Moon Inn
  5. Port Sarim - Rusty Anchor
  6. Karamja - Karamja Spirits Bar
  7. Brimhaven - Dead Man's Chest
  8. East Ardougne - Flying Horse Inn
  9. Yanille - Dragon Inn
  10. Tree Gnome Stronghold - Blurberry's Bar

You can visit these bars in any order, but the following instructions should be one of the quickest ways to get it done.

Seers' Village: Forrester Arms Pub

First, head to the Forrester Arms Pub in the Seers' Village. Buy the Liverbane and drink it.

Seers Pub

Falador: Rising Sun Inn

Now head to the Rising Sun Inn located in Falador, buy the Death Cocktail and drink it.

Rising sun Inn

Varrock: Jolly Boar Inn

Now go to the Jolly Boar Inn found in the northern part of Varrock, order the Olde Suspiciouse and drink it.

Jolly boar inn

Varrock: Blue Moon Inn

After that, head to the Blue Moon Inn in the southern part of Varrock, buy the Uncle Humphrey's Gutrot and have a drink.

Blue moon inn

Port Sarim: Rusty Anchor

Head to the Rusty Anchor in Port Sarim and buy the Black Skull Ale. Drink it.

Rusty Anchor

Karamja: Karamja Spirits

Take the boat to Karamja for 30gp and then order an Ape Bite Liquor to drink from the Karamja Spirits Bar.

Karamja Spirits

Brimhaven: Dead Man's Chest

Head to Brimhaven on the west side of the island and buy an Old Supergrog from the Dead Man's Chest.

Dead Man's chest

East Ardougne: Flying Horse Inn

Now take the boat from Brimhaven to Ardougne and buy a Heart Stopper from the Flying Horse Inn.

Flying Horse

Yanille: Dragon Inn

Head to Yanille to the south, buy a Fire Brandy from the Dragon Inn and drink it.

Dragon Inn

Tree Gnome Stronghold: Blurberry's Bar

Now head to the Grand Tree located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Go upstairs and into Blurberry's Bar, where you can buy a Fire Toad Blast and drink it.

Blurberry's Bar

After that, you're done! Head back to the Barbarian Outpost, show him your completed Barcrawl Card, and you'll have access to the outpost!

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