Barbarian Training

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Barbarian Training is a miniquest in which players learn how to train their skills as the Barbarians once did during ancient times. Barbarians train their Fishing, Firemaking, Herblore and Smithing skills far differently from the rest of the RuneScape world. To some, these methods may seem unorthodox — perhaps even a bit extreme — but the advantages are worth it!

Essential Info

Start Point

Speak to Otto in Otto's Grotto, located east of the Grand Tree and southwest of the Barbarian Outpost.


Getting There

To begin this mini-quest, speak to Otto who can be found in Otto's Grotto located southwest of the Barbarian Outpost and east of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Routes to Otto's Grotto

To get here, you can teleport to Barbarian Outpost, use the Spirit Trees and walk from The Grand Tree or just walk from Ardougne.

Climb up the rocks on the side of the hill

There is also another route from the Grand tree, via the Agility shortcut Northeast of the Tree.

Once you arrive there, talk to Otto Godblessed.

Speak to Otto Godblessed

Click on any of the options to get started.

Barbarian Skills bookOtto will give you a log book called 'Barbarian Skills' to record your progress.

Barbarian Fishing

Skills: 48 Fishing, 30 Agility, 30 Strength.
Items: Fishing Bait

Barbarian fishing rodTalk to Otto about fishing. He will tell you to search under his bed for a Barbarian Fishing rod.

Search the barbarian bed

Search the bed and head outside, over to the lake. You probably saw some fishing spots coming to Otto, go there and click 'Use rod-fishing spot'.

Fishing in the nearby lake

You will begin catching Leaping Trout, Salmon, or Sturgeon.

Barbarian Fishing
Picture Fish Method Fishing Level Strength Level Agility Level Experience
Leaping Trout Leaping Trout Barbarian Fly-Fish 48 15 15 50
Raw Tuna Tuna Hand-Bait 55 35 1 80
Leaping salmon Leaping Salmon Barbarian Fly-Fish 58 30 30 70
Raw Swordfish Swordfish Hand-Bait 70 50 1 100
Leaping Sturgeon Leaping Sturgeon Barbarian Fly-Fish 70 45 45 80
Raw Shark Shark Hand-Bait 96 76 1 110

After catching three or four fish, go talk to Otto. He will tell you to go catch some Swordfish or Tuna without a harpoon, but you do not have to. This method saves one inventory space.

Catching a swordfish

Congratulations, you've completed Barbarian Fishing!

Note: Fishing for leaping fish after level 70 fishing is a great way to level up your fishing.

Barbarian Firemaking

Skills: 35 Firemaking.
Items: Any kind of bow, logs.

Talk to Otto about Barbarian Firemaking. He will tell you to use your bow with some logs to light a fire.

Barbarian Firemaking
Picture Logs Firemaking Level Firemaking Experience
Logs Regular 21 40
Achey Tree Logs Achey 21 40
Oak Logs Oak 35 60
Willow Logs Willow 50 90
Teak Logs Teak 55 105
Arctic Pine Logs Arctic Pine 62 125
Maple Logs Maple 65 135
Mahogany logs Mahogany 70 157.5
Eucalyptus Logs Eucalyptus 78 171.2
Yew Logs Yew 80 202.5
Magic Logs Magic 95 303.8

Once you've lit a fire, go back to Otto to complete.

Lighting a fire

After completing this, you can start the Pyre Ship task.

Potion Enhancement

Skills: 5 Herblore.
Items: Knife, Attack Potion.

RoeCaviarTalk to Otto about potions. He will tell you to use your knife on the fish. If successful, you will get Fish offcuts, Roe, or Caviar. The offcuts are used for fishing bait, while the Roe and Caviar can be used in 'Enhancing' potions.

Attack PotionAttack MixOtto will then tell you that he requires an Attack Potion mixed with roe. Take your roe and use it with your potion to get Attack Mix(2) Talk to Otto and he will accept it. Congratulations, you have completed Potion Enhancement!

Barbarian Smithing

Skills: 5 Smithing.
Quests: Tai Bwo Wannai Trio.
Items: Hammer, any type of metal bar.

Talk to Otto again, and he will tell you about Tai Bwo Wannai Trio. If you have already done this, you can proceed forward. He will tell you to make any kind of spear. Go to the Barbarian Anvil south of Otto's house and use your metal bar on it.

What would you like to make

Some options will show up in your chat box, and click 'An [any metal] Spear'. You cannot make Metal Hastas yet.

SpearAfter doing this, you will get a Spear. Talk to Otto again. He will tell you that you can now make Hastas.

Spears & Hastas
Picture Spear/Hasta Smithing Level Wood Metal Experience
Bronze Hasta Bronze 5 Regular Bronze 25
Iron Hasta Iron 20 Oak Iron 50
Steel Hasta Steel 35 Willow Steel 75
Mithril Hasta Mithril 55 Maple Mithril 100
Adamant Hasta Adamantite 75 Yew Adamantite 125
Rune Hasta Rune 90 Magic Runite 150

Congratulations, you have completed Barbarian Smithing!

Note: Bronze uses regular logs, iron uses oak and so on.

Making Hastas

HastaAfter Completing the next part, you can make a hasta. Talk to Otto, and then use the anvil again. This time, select the Hasta option. You will get a Hasta. Bring your freshly made hasta to Otto and he will tell you that you are 'Approaching readiness to living life to it's fullest."

Crafting Pyre Ships

Skills: Ability to defeat a level 112 Mithril Dragon.
Items: Logs, Tinderbox or Bow, woodcutting axe, Anti-Dragon Shield.

Talk to Otto again. After speaking about crafting the ships, jump through the whirlpool to the north of Otto. to enter the Ancient Cavern You will end up in a ledge in the dungeon. The second you go down a small staircase to the East of the ledge, you will end up with the dragons.

Note: Don't forget you're Anti-Dragon Shield, as you'll be fighting fire-breathing dragons!

Jump off the dock into the whirlpool

Here's a dungeon map of the lower level of the Ancient Cavern if you need to navigate through the dungeon:

A map of the dungeon

The Mithril Dragons are located throughout the upper level of the Ancient Cavern. There are also barbarians, waterfiends and brutal green dragons in the dungeon but those won't give you too much trouble. Best stay away from the water though!

Kill Mithril Dragons (Level 112) until you receive some chewed bones.

Note: Do not use the mangled bones, or you'll be fighting a level 100+ angry spirit.

Fighting a green dragon

Kill the dragon right here, at the entrance. If you look in the background, there is a log you could use for a quick escape. After killing the dragon, ride the log and you will end up downstream of the waterfall. Go north, back to the waterfall, and go to this spot:

Construct a pyre site

You will put the spirit to rest and it will leave behind a reward.

Go back to Otto to complete your mini-quest!

Congratulations, you have completed Barbarian Training!

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