Broomstick Enchantment

By: Don Florty
Special Thanks to: BunnyofDoom

Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by speaking to the Apprentice who can be found in the house southeast of Al Kharid.


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: 1x Amulet of Glory, Food (for the journey through the Underground Pass), Lunar Spellbook (for Moonclan Teleport), 1x Ring of Slaying (for Pollnivneach teleport)

Enchanting the Broomstick

BroomstickTo enchant the Broomstick given to you by Maggie and to gain a hefty amount of Magic experience, start by talking to Maggie in her encampment east of the Crafting Guild about the Broomstick and ask her about further enchantment. After getting the just of enchantment off Maggie, if you have not chatted with Osman about the Sq'irks, do so now or you will not be able to enchant your Broomstick. You must then sympathize with the Apprentice who can be found in the far southeast corner of Al Kharid. Get him to teleport you to the Sorceress' Garden and drink from the fountain to get back to the house.

Now you can talk to the Apprentice about enchanting your Broomstick, ask him to do so and you will be able to "Operate" the broom to be teleported to the Sorceress' Garden Activity in a unique upward fly motion on your Broomstick. To further enchant your Broomstick by gaining Magic experience you must find the following witches scattered across RuneScape:

Broomstick Enchantment
Magic Level NPC Location Experience
1 Sorceress Ability to operate the broom to teleport you to the Sorceress' Garden. -
33 Ali the Hag House on the ridge overlooking Pollnivneach 1,997
53 Old Crone House east of the Slayer Tower 7,139
73 Baba Yaga "Berty" the chicken legged house on Lunar Isle 10,338
93 Kardia South of Iban's room in the Underground Pass 14,979


    34,453 Magic experience total after getting all 4 Witches to enchant your Broomstick An "Operate" option on your broom for direct access to the Sorceress' Garden

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