The Hunt for Surok

By: Jeremy
Special Thanks to: 123 Man, Blueness, Don Florty, Eman, Gillis, Hihi, Insomnia, KaBob799, Light, Penguin, Roy, Zeejay

Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by talking to Surok Magis by the Saradomin Statue near the sawmill.


  • Skills: 43 Prayer, 80 Combat
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: Decent food (Monkfish or better), Equipment with Magic and Melee resistance, Prayer Potions

Getting Started

Surok Magis' location

First, you should start by talking to Surok Magis near the Saradomin Statue.

After a brief cutscene, follow Surok into the statue. Another cutscene will commence and follow him into the portal in the first western room.

You should appear in the Chaos Tunnels. These tunnels are filled with dangerous monsters, so take only what you are prepared to lose.

While you traverse these tunnels, look by the portals for footprints. This indicates you are going the right way. Not all portals have footprints by them though.

Search for footprints around the portals

The Chase

The following map reveals the path to Surok. Please refer to the below list of monster locations for further information.

Map of the route to Surok's location

Surok will appear once and summon 2 Big Wolves. You do not need to kill these.

  1. Animated Pickaxe
  2. Animated Spade
  3. Baby Black Dragon
  4. Big Wolf
  5. Black Demon
  6. Bloodworm
  7. Bronze Dragon
  8. Cave Bug
  9. Crypt Spider
  10. Dagannoth
  11. Dagon'hai Monk
  12. Deadly Red Spider
  13. Dire Wolf
  14. Dust Devil
  15. Earth Warrior
  16. Fire elemental
  17. Fire Giant
  18. Gargoyle
  19. Giant Ant Soldier
  20. Giant Ant Worker
  21. Giant Crypt Rat
  22. Giant Rock Crab
  23. Green Dragon
  24. Ice Giant
  25. Ice Troll Female
  26. Ice Troll Male
  27. Ice Warrior
  28. Infernal Mage
  29. Jelly
  30. Leech
  31. Monk of Zamorak
  32. Moss Giant
  33. Mummy
  34. Nechryael
  35. Poison Spider
  36. Shadow Hound
  37. Shadow Spider
  38. Skeleton
  39. Turoth
  40. Waterfiend
  41. Zamorak Mage
  42. Zamorak Ranger
  43. Zamorak Warrior
  44. Zombie

The Fight

Eventually you will come to a place where Surok is alone. Then, he will summon level 267 Bork.


Bork is a very dangerous monster that only uses melee. Surok will be watching from afar while occasionally shooting magic that hits up to 25 on you. Dragonhide does not help in protection against his attacks.

At about half health, Bork will summon 3-6 Ork Legions (level 70).

Bork's minions

Keep focusing on Bork and eat when Surok hits you. When Bork is dead, Surok will flee and the cave will begin to collapse. Pick up your drops from Bork and exit the cave.

Congratulations, you have slain Bork!

The Rewards

    5 Blue charms 2-7 Crimson Charms 2-7 Green Charms 1 Sapphire 1 Emerald 1 Ruby 5,000 Slayer experience You can return to Bork's cave once a day to fight him again. You will receive 250 Slayer experience each additional time. There will also be a Dragonhai Monk there to hit you with magic every time after the first battle.

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Talk to Surok Magis.
  2. [^] Follow Surok into the nearby statue.
  3. [^] Make your way through the Chaos Tunnels until you reach Surok.
  4. [^] Fight Bork.
  5. [^] Pick up the drops and leave the cave.

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