Purple Cat

By: Don Florty
Special Thanks to: Da Scotsman, Kyle, Melissa, Mr FANG, Thunderclaw

After completion of the Swept Away Quest, you may be wondering how Trogs got so... Purple! The fact is, Wendy has been working on an experimental dye that you can put on your very own Cat or Kitten.

Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by speaking to Wendy who can be found north of the Wizard's Tower.


Getting Started

A map of important mini-quest locations

In order to start this Miniquest, you must have completed Swept Away. Wendy can be found in Maggie the traveling witch's encampment, north of Rimmington and east of the Crafting Guild. To learn about how to make your Cat turn purple, question her on Purple Cats. She will explain that all she needs is a vial of Magic Unguent from Lottie.

The Magic Unguent

Magic unguentTravel east to Port Sarim and climb down the ladder in Betty's Rune Shop. Speak to Lottie about retrieving the Magic Unguent and she will tell you that you are allowed to take it. However, since you rearranged the creatures in Swept Away so easily, Betty has become paranoid and has mixed them up even more to create a very challenging Creature Puzzle. Talk to Lottie again to receive the Magic Slate so you can get to work.

Rearranging the Creatures

Magic slateLooking at the Magic Slate, you will see that Lottie was right and the creatures are in even more of a mess! Remember the rules to organizing this mess; you cannot carry more than one creature at a time. And none of the animals can be carried through the door of a chamber that contains another creature in an enclosure. Failure to follow these rules will cause the entire puzzle to be reset.

The completed slate
  1. Move the Blackbird north to the Holding pen
  2. Move the Lizard west to the Blackbird pen
  3. Move the Rat north to the Rat pen
  4. Move the Snail east to the Reptile pen
  5. Move the Spider east to the Spider pen
  6. Move the Bat south to the Snail pen
  7. Move the Lizard west to the Bat pen
  8. Move the Spider north to the Blackbird pen
  9. Move the Snail west to the Spider pen
  10. Move the Rat south to the Reptile pen
  11. Move the Spider east to the Rat pen
  12. Move the Lizard east to the Blackbird pen
  13. Move the Bat to it's home, the Bat pen
  14. Move the Snail west to it's home, the Snail pen
  15. Move the Lizard south to the Spider pen
  16. Move the Spider west to the Blackbird pen
  17. Move the Rat north to it's home, the Rat pen
  18. Move the Lizard east to it's home, the Reptile pen
  19. Move the Spider south to it's home, the Spider pen
  20. Finally, move the Blackbird to it's original home, the Blackbird pen

Returning the Magic Unguent

After you have moved the Blackbird into it's home, you should finally be able to open the locked chest near Lottie. Search the chest for the Unguent and go back up the ladder to return to Wendy. Talk to Wendy about Purple Cats and she will take the Unguent from you, she will then thank you and ask for any cat you wish to turn purple. Before turning your feline friend a funky color, be wary of these conditions:

  • When attempting to turn a Hellcat purple, you will get a message saying that it will turn back into a normal cat.
  • Purple kittens will grow up to be a Purple cat.

Once you understand these terms, use your feline on Wendy so she can put some Purple dye on it!

Warning: Wendy has not discovered a way to un-colour a cat. Once your cat has been dyed purple, the effect is permanent and cannot be reversed!

A purple cat!

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a very stylish pet!

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