Witch's Potion

By: Raven
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Essential Info

Start Point

Talk to Hetty the witch in Rimmington.


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Getting Started

HettyTo start the quest you need to speak to Hetty in Rimmington. To get here you need to go either southwest from Falador or west from Port Sarim. Afterwards you should see a fountain and to the nearby east two small houses one with a quest icon on it. Enter the house and talk to Hetty the Witch. She says she can train you in the "Dark Arts" but first she needs you to do something.

The Eye of Newt & Burnt Meat

Now make way for Port Sarim. It is to the east of Rimmington. However, before you do that, head for Falador or Draynor and get 11gp, a hatchet of any type and a tinderbox from the bank. Just head for the mine near Rimmington and head east. You will reach the port town of Port Sarim, there is a magic store nearby.

A map of the location of the Magic eporium in Port Sarim

Buy the Eye of Newt from the Magic Emporium for the quest. After this, head to the food store just a little south from the fish store. Buy Raw beef and cut down a nearby tree. Finally, light it with your tinderbox and cook your meat. If its cooked to perfection then cook it again on the fire to burn it. If you do not have a hatchet or tinderbox with you, not to worry. There is a range in a house near Hetty. You can also get more meat when you go to get the rat tail.

The Onion

For the Onion head back to Rimmington and head north of the village; you will find a whole farm of onions there. Pick one and head South east of Rimmington. If you did not get the meat earlier, there are rats to kill and get meat to cook. Now return to town for the tail. Or head to Draynor and follow the route bellow.

Map of the route from Draynor

The Tail

If you look around Rimmington you can find some small level 1 rats. Kill them for a Rat's Tail. Wow, that was easy! Note that there are also some in Lumbridge and Draynor.

The Potion

Finally head back to Hetty's house and talk to Hetty. She will take the ingredients from you without a word of thanks! How rude. After finishing the potion, she will ask you to drink from it. After drinking from it:

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

Congratulations, Witch's Potion quest complete!


    325 Magic experience


Drinking After the Quest

Unfortunately, you can only take one sip of the potion. If you try again, you will say this to yourself:

As nice as that looks, I think I'll give it a miss for now.

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Speak to Hetty.
  2. [^] Go to the bank and get 11g, Hatchet and Tinderbox.
  3. [^] Buy eye of Newt and Meat from Port Sarim.
  4. [^] Burn meat, if cooked cook it again to burn.
  5. [^] Get Onion from Onion patch.
  6. [^] Kill rat for rat tail.
  7. [^] Speak to Hetty.
  8. [^] Quest complete.

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