Divination Tips

By: Army of One

Divination Tips

Top 5 tips for training Divination:

  1. A very important one- Don't forget your Enhanced Yaktwee Stick. If you don't have one, get one. This will greatly increase the Hunter XP you earn from catching chronicles, and since you are going to catch a lot of chronicles, you're going to get a large amount of extra Hunter XP. You can find out how to get one from this incredibly amazingly written guide that was written by an awesome person (http://runescape.salmoneus.net/tips/charm-sprites.html)
  2. Train with friends. If you regularly train Divination on the same world, and begin to reach some high-end spots such as Canifis, you'll begin to notice the same people are there most times, also looking to train their Divination. Talk to them! Add them to your friends list! Ask about how Divination has gone for them, what level they are, and just have general chit-chat. Divination isn't click intensive, which leaves lots of free time for talking. Race them to see who can unlock the next spot first! It really does make it feel like you're not training Divination at all. You may, however, notice a lack of people at the level 90 spot south of Sophanem, as many people choose to stay at Dragontooth Island.
  3. Use your energy wisely. At 75 Divination, you will begin to harvest 3 energy from a wisp at a time, and that means you're in the money now. If you plan on using energy to speed up your XP gain, rationalise it. Don't bother using it though until you reach the 70's spot, you just won't gather enough to make it worth it. A good idea is to gather 50,000 energy, and then begin to use it. This will last you for quite a while, and when it runs out, you should be fairly close to the next spot. One thing I did was gather 20,000 energy, (starting from the 70 spot), bank it, and then start gathering that 50,000 as if from scratch. This leaves some energy for you to use on Divine locations and portents. However, if you plan to not use energy, you can make quite a large profit from selling energy all the way up to 99.
  4. Get ready for the Enriched before it is about to spawn. The Enriched will spawn on the 20, 40 and 0 minute mark of every hour – give or take one minute. Clear your inventory, except for one regular memory. When the enriched wisp spawns, run to it as quickly as you can and open it. This one memory in your inventory will become an enriched memory, which slightly increases the Enriched wisp's timer. There is a limit on how many players may do this per enriched, however, and it will last quite a while if this limit is reached. If you've noticed your enriched lasts for about 10 seconds and you gain perhaps 3 enriched memories from it, it may because you're training solo, or nobody is sacrificing a regular memory to the enriched.
  5. Handing in chronicles is only worth it if you own a Sixth-age Circuit, a reward from the quest The World Wakes, and if you meet the requirements for the additional rewards. If you do decide to hand in your chronicles, make sure you have a method of getting back to the wisps as quick as possible.
    • For the Falador, Seers Village, Rellekka, Karamja and Canifis wisps, the lodestone teleport to each of these locations is the easiest route to return to the wisps.
    • At Lumbridge, you may hand your chronicles in at the Divination camp, so you do not need to worry about here.
    • The Varrock wisps are a bit trickier – returning here is a pain, and the best route would most likely be a home teleport to Al-Kharid, and take the gnome glider. This requires completion of the Grand Tree quest.
    • The Mobilising Armies wisps are simple – You can either use a ring of duelling, or use a spirit tree. A spirit tree requires the completion of the Tree Gnome Village quest.
    • The The Elder Hallscan easily be returned to with your Sixth-Age circuit ring, or otherwise use the lodestone to Eagles peak and run south.
    • The Mage Arena wisps require the use of a Tokkul-Zo, which requires completion of the Elder Kiln quest, and either a Lunar/Dramen staff, or completion of Fairy Tale Part III – Battle at Ork's Rift, and have started the quest Fairy Tale Part II – Cure a Queen. After handing in your chronicles, teleport to the fight caves, and run north and use the fairy ring. Then use the master ring there to teleport to the entrance of the Polypore dungeon – the code is b i p. Run south and you'll find the wisps.
    • For the Dragontooth Island wisps, you'll need an ectophial, which requires the quest Ghosts Ahoy, and you'll need either a Ghostspeak amulet, which requires being part way through the Restless Ghost quest, a Cramulet, which requires partial completion of the Do No Evil quest, or have completed the Morytania Hard Task set. Use your ectophial, and run south into Port Phasmatys and onto the dock. Find the Ghost Sailor who is standing next to a small row-boat and journey with him – this is the part that requires ghostspeak – and you will find the wisps.
    • The Desert wisps are considered not worth handing in the chronicles, but if you do, all it requires is the completion of the Desert Medium Task set. The desert amulet 2 has infinite teleports to Nardah, and from there just run south past Sophanem and you'll find the wisps.
    • The Poison Waste wisps are not difficult to get back to, but can be made easier with certain setups. One method involves using a ring of duelling to Castle Wars and running west from there. Another involves using a ring of duelling to mobilising armies, and requires you to be mid-way through the quest The Path of Glouphrie, a Mith grapple, and a crossbow. Take the spirit tree to the Canyons east of the poison waste, run south, grapple across the tree, and then run west across the bridge to the wisps. An optional item you can use for this is an explorer's ring 3, or 4, which requires completion of the Lumbridge Medium and Hard Task sets respectively. If you have 78 farming, you can plant a Spirit Tree (if you use a Pork Pie to boost 5 levels for the 83 required to actually plant it) at the Port Sarim patch. From there you can cabbage-port with your explorer's ring and run south to the Spirit Tree, and repeat the process as above. If you already have a Spirit Tree planted somewhere else, you must either remove it, or finish the quest Prisoner of Glouphrie, and at level 86 Farming (81 with a Pork Pie) you may plant another. If you already have two planted in different places you must dig one up. A good way to get Sprit Seeds is by killing Ganodermic beasts, or bird's nests from your Managing Miscellania Kingdom.

Dragontooth Island to 95, or Desert to 95?

Many players view using the Desert as a waste of time and effort, as XP rates between the two spots are similar. A few advantages of the Dragontooth spot include it being much easier to return to after handing in chronicles and you do not have to deal with desert heat. The desert heat problem can be worked around, however. If you own an enchanted water tiara from finishing the quest Dealing with Scabaras, it will protect you from desert heat at the cost of water runes. If you wear full desert robes, you will drink every 2 minutes. Drinking uses up 3 runes from your tiara. The price of maintaining this per hour is (n x 90) where 'n' represents the price of a water rune. Currently, water runes are 18gp each, and this costs 1,620gp to maintain per hour. Not much. Another method involves wielding a Tome of Frost in your offhand - if you wear full desert robes, a regen brace, and the Tome, you will easily be able to tank the damage you receive, as the Tome drastically lowers how much damage you take from desert heat. If you do not plan on handing in chronicles, the desert spot is better if you have either of these items. If you have desert amulet 2 handing them in is still an option, just not as efficient as Dragontooth Island. The choice is yours. Either way, when you hit 95, you're done with both of those spots for good.

Have fun with the skill! If you're grinding it, you should get 99 in about a month and a half. I got in it on one month and 5 days from level 80. It's a very social skill with nice afk training, and just make sure you constantly remind yourself how fun it is. Even if it isn't. Even if it's so boring you feel like throwing your computer. Just tell yourself it's fun. And worth it. :D

-Army of One

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