January - Auld Lang Syne

What does Auld Lang Syne mean? We have no idea. But keep reading. We will get more intellectual, we promise.

Christmas Party Recap!

As always the annual Christmas Party pretty much rocked. The community congregated first at Mudskipper's Point, where the traditional "OMG IT'S SAL!" took place. Following that, everybody walked over to Clan Wars where Team Sal faced Squirtle Squad, led by distinguished member (only by title) Micael Fatia. Even though Team Sal had trained extensively for the match, Team Sal lost probably because Sobend was on the team. Following that, everybody hopped over to World 71 to have a few games of Pest Control. To finish it off, the gang went over to the Falador Party Room to have a drop party to finish it off. Donors included Micael Fatia, Fallen Snake, and Lilshu, whose massive thread donation thrilled all of those into arts & crafts (not many people, but hey give him credit for trying). The freeplay portion allowed many old retired members to come and have some fun on the game they used to play. However, not everybody could make it. Notable absentees included Egghebrecht. Egghebrecht stated that he put the event into his calendar incorrectly, however our sources deep in Belgium state that Egg was too busy watching The Notebook. Anyway, much fun was had in this Christmas Party and we are all looking forward to future community events.

Runescape Confessions

We all have things we are embarassed about and sometimes we just need to lift these experiences off of our shoulders. Earlier this month, the Santafish Monthly gave everybody a change to do just that. Users were asked to talk about embarassing moments. Here are some of the responses we got.


  • Once in real life I tried to ask someone how old they were, but instead what came out was what level are you.
  • I once led new players to the dark wizard's circle and looted their stuff when they died.


I've been doing all my cybering and drug trades on runescape.


I often used to stand in front of doors and close them whenever somebody was trying to walk through. If you keep clicking, you can keep closing it so that they can't get through. Actually, I still do this. It's hilarious.

broes before hoes

I used to make accounts and bot on them just to see how long I could keep an account botting without getting banned

Twist of Fate

  • I tried to be a runecraft PKer on multiple occasions and every time I got owned.
  • I am a level 200 maxed combat and my ideal armor to use includes but isn't limited to dragon boots, torags plate, dragon legs, a whip and dragon defender
  • I used to make really bad Runescape videos including a few RSMVs 
  • Reporting people looking for boyfriends and girlfriends in Lumbridge freeplay worlds was a hobby of mine

Micael Fatia

I created and led a clan once, some time before I joined my first Sal's clan. Mayhem Knights I think that's what it was called, can't remember very well. We only had six or seven members and we ended up closing our clan like two months later with a glorious war record of one win and zero losses. We won a four vs two steel mini war that was supposed to be a five vs five lol, one of our four members showed up in robes and a Rune pickaxe because he had no Steel armour and no other Rune weapons. Pretty embarrasing, this was back when I thought to make and run a clan all I needed was two or three friends really, then people would magically start joining lol.


i met a random guy while doing the dagganoth quest on w71 and we started talking and he was in the same school as me. true story

Army of One

I once said to someone "for guthix's sake" cause I thought I was funny

im gona mill burray ur mom

  • I made all my wealth by scamming. And when all my GP "disappeared", I blamed it on getting 99's in expensive skills, but in actuality I just sold it for IRL $$.
  • Also when I was younger, my friend and I had access to each other's accounts. He stole all my money (~10K at the time), so I dropped his entire bank. I was with him when he discovered all his items missing. I don't know how I didn't crack a smile.
  • I have created accounts and pretended to be Benn0 in the friends chat. It's really fun.
  • I used to do 1M drop parties daily at the G.E. No fiddlesticks, just say "Dropping 1M", and drop it. It was so stupid, I lost a lot of GP. Did it on only one world, I wanted to become famous on that world, and everyone to think I was some cool guy. 

Leo Crimson

When I was level 12 I attacked a scorpion on Karamja because a friend of mine told me it would turn into an imp once I attacked it and I believed him.

Pheonix Rider

  • I used to trade chocolate bars IRL for RS money in the 7th/8th Grade.
  • I backstabbed a friend of mine in The Wilderness once and made him beg for me to return his Rune Armour only he didn't beg, I kept the armour and we didn't talk to each other for about 2 months.
  • My first death involved me being led into Wildy be a higher level player with promises of there being "something cool" "over there".

Amber Pyre

  • I once attempted a very failed flower game scam. I ended up losing ~15k on that. 
  • I ragequit on my very first account because I couldn't get past Tutorial Island's first step due to not knowing how to move the camera. 
  • I used to think the red dots on the minimap were powerful opponents. Probably missed a lot of valuable stuff doing that. 


The only joy I get from Runescape is dressing up like Goku and asking people where Freezer is.


  • When I first joined my clan I pked in dhides.
  • When Neo Avatars added me on his friendlist (which I don't think I am still on), I joined his fc and took a picture of the smiley face next to my name and sent it to a friend. I guess it was mostly intended as a joke, but it's funny looking back at it.

Angel Hayley

I don't do quests on the grounds that I hate quests, but I secretly wish that I had a quest cape and have unlocked everything (like, quest-wise) in the game. Mainly so I can kill automatons.

Gary Oak

In order to get rid of my RuneScape addiction, I botted on every single account for about 3~5 months (main, 3 skillers). I made mad money, and leveled hard. But all in all, the real reason I don't play anymore is because I completely lost my password and account info.


I hacked my brother's account, stole all his stuff, and bought a blue Halloween mask which I lost when I got killed by spiders in Karamja :c


I bought milk from that milk lady in lumbridge thinking that our relationship would go somewhere. it didnt

World Event Two - The Bird and the Beast

The Bird and the Beast

On the 11th, the second World Event was released, titled "The Bird and the Beast." For those not familiar with recent game content, it is basically a fight between two Runescape gods, Bandos and Armadyl, and the loser will be killed and presumably be left out of most of the future storylines. Quite clearly, this is an important event. Players may participate in the event by reinforcing building sites that collect divine energy used by the gods, attacking and defending caravans, and attacking other players on the opposite sides. The event itself has received some mixed reviews, largely due to the uneven sides and optional PvP. To talk about the event and to compare this event to the previous one, head over to the General Runescape Discussion subforum and post on Shooter585's topic.

So Long, Brave Heroes

As we welcome the new year, we must also say good bye to the past one. Leaving with it are several long-time Forum Faces. Forum Admin Donovan has been lost in the turmoil of higher education. Let us all wish him well as he pursues the next portion of his life's journey: System Admin.

We're also looking for information regarding the disappearance of Tabt and Jethraw. The last we heard from them, they were meeting up with at a local bar. Tabt is described by friends as having white hair and blue skin, apprx. 150 px tall. Jethraw is described as being an ass. Neither Tabt nor Jethraw have been seen since, though their accounts have logged on from suspicious IP's based in Texas.

New Year's Resolutions

We asked some of the staff, retired staff, and distinguished members for some of their New Years Resolutions. Here are a few:


  • I will make my best effort and try to run a marathon.
  • Every time I type out lol I will laugh out loud.
  • I promise to gloat on the forums to Micael Fatia when the United States beats Portugal in the World Cup.
  • I will try to keep my living area clean throughout the year, not just when a girl is coming over.
  • I promise I will stop writing fan mail to Nicki Minaj.
  • I will try my best to remember that telemarketers are people too.


Bring up my unborn kid well


  • I suppose I'd like to get higher marks for my subjects and save more money than usual. 
  • Try as many different scotches as I possibly can.


  • I want to get back to working on the site, and have more of a community presence.
  • Need to find the courage to break up with my RS GF and meet a girl in the real world. I know she'll be mad but long distance relationships don't work well and she'll have to accept that. I mean, she's all the way in the Interwebz and my GPS can't seem to make heads or tails of her address. 
  • And I want to take some kind of class and learn something. Maybe how to play the guitar. Or maybe a martial arts class.


I promise to all of you that I will finish up the DSZ comic series.

Disclaimer: the above statement may or may not have actually come out of Adam?'s mouth.


I'm getting older and my eyesight isn't up to snuff any more, so mine is 640x480


Writers: William Shakespeare
Submissions: Salmoneus, Sobend, Egghebrecht, Reepicheep, Zooey, Amber Pyre, Micael Fatia, Adam?, Conspicuous, Gary Oak, Angel Hayley, Pheonix Rider, Fabio, Twist of Fate, Guitarguy, Army of One, bros before hoes, Arianna
Other: Shooter585

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