July - The Adventure Begins!

Dear Community,

Welcome to our first Community Newsletter! Since this is our first release, we want to say a few words to explain our plans for this project:

We hope to release a regular newsletter, which for the first few issues will be written by the Distinguished Members and the staff. After we get our footing, we'll open the floor to the community to send in your own submissions; whether it be brilliant pieces about RuneScape, funny forum quotes, (somewhat) civilized rants, or your artwork, we'll have a system in place to review and accept submitted content.

Without further ado, we hope you will enjoy our first Community Newsletter. Happy reading!

The Sal's Newsletter Staff

Community News


Sal’s saw its most recent “controversy” in the run-up to the promotion of its first distinguished member in 18 months. The implications of the promotion itself were not especially vast (although it did relieve Jethraw of his nonexistent “newest DM” duties); however, a simple extended joke on the part of the staff almost set off a forum civil war.

The idea was that Reep would be promptly promoted, and after a few days of confusion, his promotion would quickly explain the pony avatars mimicking Reep’s. However, the incalculable numbers of staff with admin powers (there are two) were MIA for what felt like weeks, and confusion spread throughout the forum. Arguments erupted, culminating in a rival “Spiderman” faction consisting of regular members who felt the staff had gone too far. These detractors beg to ask the question: is the staff an insular, exclusive club of power-hungry narcissists whose complete disconnect with the goings-on in the forum will ultimately be responsible for its downfall?

Though it took longer than anticipated, once Reep was promoted everyone forgot what they were upset about. REVOLUTION.

Pony Mafia

Reepicheep has started the most recent in a series of games that have become a staple of Sal’s: the forum mafia game. This particular mafia game is unique in that it is based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and revolves around the vicious beating of a group of bronies (we wish). Mafia games are very much a part of forum history, so do yourself a favor and give it a read when you have the time.

Butterfly in the Sky, I Can Fly Twice as High

A recent development that’s exciting the forum’s NERDS is the recent creation of “Sals’ Book Club”. The idea is, as its name would suggest, to create a book club based out of the forum. The process is entirely democratic, as members suggest books and vote on the title to read/discuss next.

This is not the first time such a club was created, with the last iteration being created in 2005. The group was started by Master Neverdead, and managed to have a brief run before it became a part of the Story Mat expansion in 2006. Hopefully this group manages a more successful run.

For those of you who are readers and but wary of venturing outside you room, Sal’s Book Club provides motivation and added fun to reading. I know there’s nothing I’d rather be doing with my summer!

The End of Salscraft

While Sal’s Book Club is in its infancy, a full-blown community that started on Sal’s is coming to an end. Zooey has shut down Salscraft, a dedicated Minecraft server for Sal’s Realm. The reason is simple: he ran it off of his personal server, and will not be able to continue hosting as he heads off to college. We salute Zooey for his years of service and wish him the best of luck in college. Perhaps someone will step in and take his place, but even if this is the true end of Salscraft, a splendid time was had by all.

RuneScape Resurgence?

We end this short section on by relating it back to what this forum is allegedly based off of. RuneScape is heading into its biggest overhaul in years, with this particular update meriting a new name in “RuneScape 3”. Perhaps  this can explain the recent push back towards RuneScape that is occurring on the forum, with weekly events making a resurgence, staff members resubscribing, and a general increase in activity in Runescape-related sections. Even those of us who retired will no doubt be paying close attention to the launch of the newest version of RuneScape

RuneScape News

It is finally Summer and Jagex will yet again continue their tradition of releasing major content updates during the Summer Holidays. This year, we will see the release of RuneScape 3 as previously revealed in a Behind the Scenes video released this past March.

Players have been speculating whether the overhaul of the game engine will be a major success or if it will be hated by most of the players. History has certainly proven that a substantial change to RuneScape could become quite controversial and it can go either way, but only time will tell in this case.

Time is, of course, another nickname for Sal's Realm because we promise you to keep you updated on all future RuneScape 3 news as the overhaul is released!

Artist of the Month

The Sal's community has been shocked to realize we have had an honest-to-God artistic genius hiding among us for years. Conspicous, the artist formally known as PooeyTubbyLalas, has unveiled his work through a blog gallery
- a series of drawings that capture the true essence of many of our members. We are honored that he allowed us to showcase his work during our first, and probably last, Artist of the Month section. Visit his blog to view these beautiful creations, and for the rare opportunity to have one made in your own likeness.

Opinions & Commentary

Phoenix Rider's Rant

The recent Lodestone update shows how far Jagex is willing to go with babying the newbies at the cost of infuriating the otherwise loyal veterans. Not content with making a few months worth of burying bones equivalent to a few hours playing around a poorly animated and BORING hole (i.e - The Nexus), the geniuses over at Jagex have thought of another brilliant plan to tackle the skilling grind by making an update completely unrelated to the grind.

YES! Now with a click of a mouse button, one can reach the far-flung regions of Morytania or Karamja without those pesky obstacles of time, skill, effort and money. Think of it as a carbon copy of the Fairy ring network except without the time, skill, effort and money.

The expansions to the Lodestone system has castrated the rest of the RuneScape transport system, making them near useless and obsolete in regular play. The new lodestone in Karamja for example belittles using the gnome gliders or chartering ships to reach the secluded island. The one in the Fremennik Province is a slap at the face to those who worked to get the Enchanted Lyre. The lodestones in Canifis and The Wilderness devalues the appeal of getting Ancient Magicks whilst the lodestone in Tirannwn makes the Gates of Arandar and ships to port Tyras near useless! And don't even get me started on how it conflicts with the "elves being isolated" part of the lore.

If one had to pay or do an activity to earn and maintain such an OP ability, I would have been placated. The Magic and Runecrafting teleport tablets made teleporting more accessible to low level players but still required some effort to be put into making them. I would even have welcomed the new teleport spots being made into regular (higher level) magic spells. The lodestones are however, nothing like that. They are cheap handouts which have achieved little other than spoil an otherwise rich game transport system and tick off a few veterans who will see this as another example of Jagex throwing out senseless updates in a desperate effort to draw in new blood.

Reep's Return to RuneScape

I started playing RuneScape somewhere back in '04 or '05, and I joined Sal's in '06. I played for a good long while, but I quit in '07. As of the time of writing, I have played RuneScape as a member for two weeks. I have accomplished quite a few things and abused my power as a Clan Chat coordinator in the Sal's Clan. All in all, I am really enjoying it (mostly the aboose).

The squeal of fortune leaves me unimpressed - but I don't really care, to be honest. Evolution of Combat is fun - whether it's an improvement or not is irrelevant to me right now. I've played a few of the voiced quests, and they were really entertaining!
Much has changed, absolutely, and not all of it has changed for the better. But here's the thing: I'm still having fun, and that's what counts. I'm eagerly awaiting RuneScape 3, to see whether it will be worth renewing my membership. But I can already say that I do not regret paying 7 euros.

RuneScape is no longer the wondrous world it once was to a 13-year old. But everywhere I still see things that make me smile, from the old music to the occasional silliness. Still, it's not mere nostalgia that keeps me playing, despite the things that I don't enjoy. There is still so much fun to have.

In Other News...

Relive the beginnings of your Sal's experience in Bill is LONELY in his tree's topic!

Behind the Scenes

The most active subforum in June was the "Alan Parson's Project" subforum where DMs and Staff alike has slaved for countless hours on some secret project. Three DMs were mentally scarred in the process: among them was Tabt, who had her precious "The Kitchen" subforum demolished to make room for this project.

Bad Tip of the Month

With the promotion of Reepicheep, it has been officially proven that being a fan of My Little Pony will help you greatly in becoming a Distinguished Member.


Writers: Adam?, Lilshu, Phoenix Rider, Reepicheep and Yuanrang
Other: Goggie, Micael Fatia and Tabt

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