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The April fiasco

This month, we had a bit of a situation here on the forums. The presidential elections were over and mill burray won. The supporters of this candidate, namely the aussies of the forum, were rewarded highly, given presidential cabinet positions. The opponents did not fare nearly as well, ending up in Siberia as political prisoners. Salmoneus and his greatest defender, Josh, also ended up in Siberia. After around six days of mass confusion, the password to the presidential palace subforum was leaked and the said subforum was raided by the prisoners. The forum was then brought back to normalcy. However, the memories of this political turmoil will forever burn in the minds of the users.

Cantaloupe or other fruit?

Similar to the politicians we currently employ, our community is becoming more and more divisive over key issues. This month that issue is the dominance of cantaloupe and other fruit. One side is out to praise cantaloupe and the opposing sides are out to slander it and praise the fruit of their choice. The major opposing faction is the kiwifruit, praised by Kemosabe and praised not so much by Guitarguy. Pick a side in this topic in the 'Scape Lounge.

May in RuneScape

This May there is an interesting skill training incentive for each weekend. For example, on the weekend of May 3-4 there will be 1.5x slayer experience gained during slayer tasks and twice the amount of slayer points gained. There are similar stretches for dungeoneering and artisian workshop smithing.

The month of May provides another unique activity in RuneScape - The RuneScape Road Trip. This consists of a book/journal given to players with various tasks that can be done for rewards. The tasks include usual daily challenge things such as complete a complexity 6 dungeoneering floor. However, there are also some more interesting tasks in the journal, such as dance on every bridge crossing over the River Lum or run all the way to Sophanem without any waterskins. Only one task can be done per month, however this limit can be extended to two by getting a Jagex Moderator to stamp out a task on the journal. This is an interesting way to bring the player community and the Jagex staff together.

Game content wise, the month will include several new updates. The Divination update which was slated for an April release but delayed is expected to be released this month. Ashdale will be given more use, giving players a weekly opportunity to face the Crassian Warriors and the quest boss. More Fate of the Gods inspired updates are also planned. Ancient Combat is to be released. This will bring in several new abilities which will inflict heavy damage on the opponent - at the cost of some of the players' life points as well. A level 91 constitution group healing ability is to be released as well and will sure be helpful during Sal's Realm masses. Fate of the Gods creatures (Muspahs and Nihils) are to be buffed as well. They will become slayer assignments and be given three new dragon weapon drops - Dragon throwing knives, Dragon wards (a magical shield), and Dragon hastae. New dragon weapons always sparks interest in the player base, however level 60 weapons do not get as much use at this time and their value is up for speculation. Nihils will also be summonable at level 87 summoning.

Finally, there will be several dungeoneering improvements. These include a new resource dungeon, the ability to skip floors by paying tokens, new pets, and most importantly a new chaotic weapon. The new chaotic weapon is unknown and up for speculation. Many players are expecting the release of a chaotic spear as corporeal beast weapons are currently limited.

Muffin Tier List!!

By now you've almost certainly realized that the Santafish Monthly lacks a crucial component. We deeply apologize for our incompetence, and will now provide you with the desired and vital tier list of muffins, ending with the best and beginning with the less-best.

5. Blueberry - Blueberry muffins tend to come in quite a variety, despite all types sharing the same essentials. A quick Google image search will reveal a number of different textures. Because the not-blueberry portion of the muffin lacks distinct flavor, it is necessary that the blueberries comprise a significant percentage. When you take a trip to an unfamiliar muffin store, be sure to look at their samples first.
4. Corn - In contrast to blueberry muffins, corn muffins are quite uniform in texture and are subject to only little variation. This limited nature, however, makes it necessary to compose forge them carefully. Some corn muffins you buy might be cornbread disguised in the shape of a muffin, so be sure that the moisture and inherent deliciousness of muffins is apparent.
3. Pumpkin - Pumpkin is an attractively distinct flavor in all foodstuffs, perhaps because we tend to consume it on occasion. Pumpkin muffins adequately cultivate this exquisite mixture of spice and sweetness, and are a wonderful treat on any Tuesday.
2. Coffeecake - No flavor can emulate the baked good exclusivity of coffeecake. Muffins, the greatest expression of your morning aromas, is most deserving of this flavor. The greatest bliss of a comprehensive breakfast meal can be acquired only in the coffeecake muffin.
1. Apple Cinnamon - In nothing can humankind's pursuit of ambrosial ataraxia be more satisfactorily epitomized than in the apple cinnamon muffin. If you've yet to try one, head over to your nearest retailer immediately, or better yet, wholesaler.


Army's Silverhawk Boots Rant

Agility. One of the slowest, repetitive, boring skills. (in most opinions) There’s a reason only 50 people have the right to wear the master cape. But, with the recent addition of the Silverhawk boots to the Treasure Hunter, that is all changing drastically.

Without the Silverhawk boots, you’d generally scrape about 60,000 XP an hour, but maybe in-between 65,000 – 70,000 If you paid full attention the entire hour.

Silverhawk boots

But, if you win the new Silverhawk boots, you can get that almost exact same figure, by just wearing them while you do other skills. Your boots will use up one charge, which will grant you a fair chunk of XP at a maximum rate of once every 45 seconds. You can use bonus XP for this as well, so you can get an even better figure for roughly 6 hours if you play one hour of barbarian assault and put all the BXP on Agility. If you watch any RuneScape YouTubers, particularly Alkan, they’ve discussed Silverhawk boots at length, bemoaning the devaluation of Agility to yet another buyable skill, which can be trained alongside other skills for no extra effort, and hoping the boots get nerfed. I myself got 99 a few months before the Silverhawks were released, and am proud to say I did so.

But whenever I see someone next to me mining who has the boots on, and see that white swirl of light that indicated they just skipped another lap of the agility course, I get a little sadder every time. Not because I missed the opportunity to get 99 Agility the easy way, but that these boots have gone and flushed everybody out of the Agility courses, so nobody who wins these trains the real way anymore. The one catch on these are that buying charges for them aren't exactly cheap anymore – when feathers came out, they were about 10k each. But now they’re rarer from the Treasure Hunter, and cost over 20k each now. This means that some people will get their Silverhawk boots, cheat for the first 500 charges, and then not spend another GP on the boots again. But even so, 500 charges can amount to over 800,000 experience if you have BXP (which you really should – it’s a waste of charges otherwise) and that is over 10 hours of training they just saved, by getting lucky. Or else, paying for keys and spinning ‘til they're winning.

Sobend compliments the new music on RuneScape

Although I do not appreciate every turn the game has taken lately, I must give credit to the RuneScape music team. Although this music renaissance can be traced back to 2012 with the release of the Queen Black Dragon, the music since the release of RuneScape 3 has been tremendous. This includes great reworks of familiar tunes, such as Newbie Melody. The music team has also kept up their work with mood setting compositions such as the ones used in Fate of the Gods . Good work guys, we sure like it!

Lilshu's Submission

Finals suck.


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