September- Slow Summer Days

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Welcome to the newest edition of our newsletter! This month we have our first forum member submission, written by Fatalysm. If anyone is interested in submitting content, send lilshu or reepicheep a PM. We'll publish just about anything!

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Super September

Jagex has continued its attempts at boosting player count by unleashing the Super September series of events and bonuses. Most notably, you can gain plenty of XP without really doing anything! Our alleged source within Jagex, xxxdeepthroatxxx, has suggested that this will be followed by Overdose October, when members will be given 100k XP skill lamps for logging in; Naughty November, when all new members will be awarded a Completionist Cape; and Decadent December, when F2P members will be given lifetime membership for not logging in at all.

Website Designs

Every now and then, I hop on to the forums with the sole purpose of annoying Salmoneus. This day was to be no different, occasionally I will be backwards and forwards on different design elements for the website, or we’ll come up with new ideas and scrap awful ones.

For a while now the main website has bugged me. Not because I don’t like it, but because I’m starting to understand that some of my designs for it just don't hold up. Becoming more and more pedantic about the little things you start to wonder “what if...”. As I design for a hobby, up until now I’ve left my questions.

Today, that ends. I’d like to present you with my take on website. I’ve created a design heavily influenced on the new release of RuneScape 3. As I no longer play, I’d love input from yourselves to change and alter my design to your liking! As users of the fansite only you can give me the details on what you’d like to see and what would improve the site.

If any of you are savvy with photoshop, head on down to the graphics forum, and perhaps even post a design of your own.

RP is Back!

We've got a brand new RP thread  (Thanks Scorpion!) going in the Scape Lounge! It's just getting started, so now's the perfect time to join. If you haven't ever participated in an RP thread, or just want to watch how it plays out, check it out.

Content Drive: Behind the Scenes

Reepicheep: This is a long ass guide. I had better break out the whisky then
Lilshu: Be careful, whisky makes for some very interesting image alt tags. I think of them as Easter eggs.


Cursed be the August Sun

The summer months higher temperatures, higher hemlines, and lower forum activity. Those of us who shun the daystar won't have noticed most of the above, but as people leave for vacations or just have more time to spend outside the home, forum activity shrinks, only to pick up when - alas - school starts, and people desperately need an escape from homework and torrential drizzle.

Other vacations are different, because during winter breaks some people actually have more time to spend on the computer; in summer, even forums with a large userbase will find their activity slowing down a bit.

However, those of us who have entered the job market are left grumbling on the sidelines, about "kids these days" and "back in my day we had to make do with sticks and pinecones", and generally blaming electronic widgets for that, all the while using an electronic widget.

Graphics for Dummies

Zooey has started a graphics competition aimed at new artists. He's provided an excellent set of images to work with, and has been working hard creating tutorials that teach the ways of the masters. Lonely has already posted three great submissions, exclaiming that he is "proud of himself" and on the "road to GFX dominance."

Chaos Has Won the Day

My Little Mafia ended this month. Ultimately, the bad guys, Jethraw, Gonzyy and Adam? won, continuing the mafia win streak on Sal's! After this, however, Jethraw and Gonzyy were also swiftly killed (Adam? had previously been killed), but that's not the point. On the list of casualties are also all the townies, Entrility, Goggie, O hai im KAMIL, Lonely, Jordo, lilshu, Fake, Gary Oak (sorry to anybody I missed, but looks like your killers didn't!). I was also unfortunately murdered in cold blood by Phoenix Rider and Guitarguy, who couldn't stand my treatment of the My Little Pony. In the ensuing carnage, Guitarguy ended up killing Phoenix in blog post that is officially part of the My Little Mafia canon.

Adam Sucks

Adam? said he would write us two submissions this go round: one about his meetup with a Sal's member, and the other about the new season of Breaking Bad. He did neither. Please join me in publicly shaming him.


Writers: Arianna, Fatalysm, lilshu, reepicheep

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Published on: September 01, 2013 04:29 PM UTC by Lilshu
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