Privacy Policy

Sal's Realm of RuneScape respects your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy while visiting our site. The following discloses the information we gather, and how it is disseminated.

Log Files

Like most web servers, our servers generate and maintain log files. The information stored in these files include Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, browser type (user agent), referring pages, and the date and time. This information is used to calculate bandwidth usage and to analyze trends in traffic. None of this information (IP addresses, etc.) is personally identifiable, and it will never be shared with third parties.


Cookies are files stored on a user's computer which contain information about a user. For example, our poll system uses cookies to track when a user has voted. Our user forum uses cookies to store login data and to remember what topics you have read. Some of our partners such as advertisers may also use cookies. However, we have no control over these cookies once we have given the advertisers permission to set them for advertising. Cookies are never shared with third parties.

Submission Forms

Our site contains forms you may use to contact us or submit new information. We collect information such as username, email address, and IP address. Email addresses are optional on our website, and may be left blank. IP addresses are used to prevent abuse. None of this information will ever be sold or distributed to a third party.

Community Forums

Our community forums allow users to interact with each other by posting content. We require users to register before using our forum, and we require information such as email address and date of birth to register. Optionally, users may enter information such as gender and location, which may be seen by other users. We encourage users to exercise caution when entering this information, or whenever posting content viewable by other users.


We use outside (third party) advertisers to deliver ad content on our website. These advertisements may set cookies, which are collected by the advertising company; we do not have access to these cookies or the content that they contain. We currently work with Google Adsense, Pulsepoint, and Conversant to deliver advertisements from various third party networks and advertisers, each with its own privacy policy. Some third party advertisers use what is known as "behavioral advertising" to display more relevant advertisements to users. For example, an advertising partner, such as an online shop, may set a cookie on a user's system when that website is visited. When a user then visits our website, the cookie will be seen by our advertising partners to display a relevant ad.

To opt-out of behavioral advertising, you may use either of the following websites:

This website contains links to external sites. We have no control over those sites, nor the content of their privacy policies. This privacy policy applies solely to this website.