A Fairy Tale Part I: Growing Pains

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Essential Info

Start Point

Speak to Martin the Master Farmer beside the pig pen in Draynor Village.


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.


  • Difficulty: Experienced
  • Length: Long

Getting Started

Martin will tell you that he has noticed a marked drop in produce yield over the last few months and wants you to help him find out why. Tell him that you will help him with his problem.

Start point map

Now you need to speak to five G.A.G. members. Any five Farming Patch Gardeners will do (see the Farming Patch guide for their locations), and once you speak to the fifth one, he or she will mention Fairies.

The Gardeners

The first one will complain about the lack of rain.


The second one complains about insects.


The third one complains about adventurers.


The fourth farmer complains about out-of-whack seasons.


Farmer number 5 thinks the Fairies are to blame.


The Fairies

Now return to Martin the Master Farmer and tell him all of this. He will then send you to look for fairies, so head to Zanaris.


Once you are in the city, head to the area that Chaeldar the Slayer master resides at. In this area will be the Fairy Godfather who you must speak to.

Who are you?

He says that the Fairy Queen has been taken ill after fighting with a monster called a Tanglefoot and that you must speak to Fairy Nuff. Fairy Nuff can be found just north of the bank.

List of AilmentsShe will tell you about the illness of the Queen, and she needs your help with finding a cure. She will give you a list of what ails the Queen

and asks you to find Zandar Horfire.

List of Fairy Queen's Symptoms

Zandar Horfire is on the top floor of the Dark Wizard Tower west of Falador.

Zandar Horfire location

Speak with him and he will explain there is only one in the whole of RuneScape who ever fought a Tanglefoot and lived to tell the tale: Malignus Mortifer.

SkullYou will find him south of Falador and north of the Rimmington mine near the Elemental Mages. Talk to him and he will agree to help you but only if you bring him a Skull, a Draynor Skull.

You will find the Skull in a grave north of Draynor Manor, but within the fence surrounding it, north of the house. When you find the grave stand on top of it and dig. You will get a Skull in your inventory. Return to him and give him the Draynor Skull.

Digging a skull up

He will now tell you how to get the Enchanted Secateurs, the only weapon that will defeat Tanglefoot. He will tell you to have the nature spirit perform the Phasma Phasmatis Natura, and for this he will name 3 items you will need to bring. These are different for each player and if you forget what you need you can find it in your Quest Journal.

Here are some possible items you may be assigned:

Possible Items
Avantoe Avantoe Buy from other players, herbdroppers, grow them in a herb patch
Baby Dragon Bones Baby Dragon Bones Kill a baby dragon in Taverley dungeon or Brimhaven dungeon.
Blue Dragon Scale Blue Dragon Scale Taverley dungeon
Supercompost Supercompost Buy from other players, make them by using 15 pineapples with an empty compost bin.
Grapes Grapes Respawn in cooking guild or the Recipe For Disaster quest reward chest.
Cave Eel Cave Eel Lumbridge swamp caves
Charcoal Charcoal At the Shilo Village or Tai Bwo Wannai general store
Crushed Gem Crushed Gem From failing to cut opal/jade/red topaz (Shilo village gems).
Edible Seaweed Edible Seaweed From trawler fishing, drop from rock crabs, or rock lobster and Dagannoths on Waterbirth Island.
Fat Snail Fat Snail Kill a not pointy, purple snail in Mort Myre swamp, the higher level the snail the better.
Irit Leaf Irit Leaf Buy from other players, herbdroppers, grow them in a herb patch.
Jangerberries Jangerberries Respawn at ogre island west of Yanille, grow them yourself in a bush patch.
Jogre Bones Jogre Bones Karamja jungle, Ardougne zoo (telegrab needed).
King Worm King Worm Northwest part of the Gnome Stronghold Grand Tree, south of the Taverley herb shop.
Lime Lime Can be bought from the cocktail ingredient seller in Gnome Grand Tree.
Mort Myre Fungus Mort Myre Fungus Pray with your silver sickle (b) in Mort Myre swamps near a log.
Mort Myre Pear Mort Myre Pear Pray with your silver sickle (b) in Mort Myre swamps near a bush.
Mort Myre Stem Mort Myre Stem Pray with your silver sickle (b) in Mort Myre swamps near a branch.
Nature Talisman Nature Talisman Buy from other player, monster drop.
Oyster Oyster Big net fishing, killing rock crabs.
Potato Cactus Potato Cactus Second level of the Kalphite lair.
Proboscis Proboscis From Tai Bwo Wannai Activity.
Red Spider's Eggs Red Spider's Eggs Respawn in Varrock sewers or Edgeville dungeon.
Red Vine Worm Red Vine Worm McGrubor's Wood west of Seers' Village.
Slimy Eel Slimy Eel Fish in Mort Myre swamp or Lumbridge cave.
Snapdragon Snapdragon Buy from other players, grow them in a herb patch, buy from the agility arena for 10 tickets, rare drop from tree spirit random event.
Snape Grass Snape Grass Respawn west of the crafting guild, also spawns on Waterbirth Island.
Uncut Diamon Uncut Diamond Buy from other players, monster drop, mine (random) at the Shilo Village gem rocks.
Uncut Ruby Uncut Ruby Buy from other players, monster drop, minable at the Shilo Village gem rocks.
Volencia Moss Volencia Moss Mining site in Karamja jungle Northwest of the nature altar.
White Berries White Berries Buy from other players, respawn in 45+ wilderness at red dragons, spawn in Tirannwn, grow them yourself in a bush patch, drop from men in Canifis.

For the next part you will need the 3 items and your Ghostspeak Amulet. If you don't have one, just visit Father Urhney in the Lumbridge Swamp to obtain a new one.

Go to the nature altar and speak with Filliman. He will tell you he already knows you need his help and he will then perform the Phasma Phasmatis Natura and your secateurs will have become Enchanted Secateurs.

Enchanting the secateurs

Defeating Tanglefoot

Enchanted SecateursNow it is time to prepare for battle: You will meet Tanglefoot. Return to Zanaris, wield your new secateurs, make sure you have your food, potions or anything else you might need in battle.

Note: the better your Farming level, the stronger your attacks will be with these Secateurs.

Tanglefoot is level 111, and can be found in part of Zanaris accessed through a gap near the Cosmic Altar.

Passing through the altar

Follow the path and where the path splits keep going left, this will end in the chamber where you fight Tanglefoot.


Queen's SecateursOnce he has been defeated he will drop the Queen's secateurs. They are a yellow version of the ones you are wielding and can't be equipped.

Pick these up and go back to the Fairy Godfather. Speak with him again you have completed your quest. Congratulations!

Congratulations! you have completed A Fairy Tale - Growing Pains!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 3,500 Farming experience 2,000 Attack experience 1,000 Magic experience You get to keep the Magic Secateurs - 10% increase in crop yield when you wield them.

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Speak to Martin the Master Gardener.
  2. [^] Speak to farmers near the farming patches.
  3. [^] Speak to Martin again.
  4. [^] Speak to Fairy Godfather.
  5. [^] Speak to Fairy Nuff.
  6. [^] Speak with Zandar Horfire.
  7. [^] Speak with Malignus Mortifer.
  8. [^] Dig the grave near Draynor Manor.
  9. [^] Speak to Malignus Mortifer again.
  10. [^] Get the 3 random items.
  11. [^] Speak with Filliman Tarlock.
  12. [^] Go through the gap near Cosmic Altar.
  13. [^] Follow the path to the crossroads.
  14. [^] Follow the path going left.
  15. [^] Kill Tanglefoot with Enchanted Secateurs.
  16. [^] Pick up the Queen's Secateurs.
  17. [^] Speak With Fairy Godfather.
  18. [^] Congratulations, Quest Complete!

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