Animal Magnetism

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Help Ava the scientist get a good night's sleep in creepy, old Draynor Manor during this quest!

Official Briefing

Quest Release Date: 12 December 2006

Draynor Manor has a new resident and, adventurers rejoice, she is a damsel in distress! Far from being Sleeping Beauty, she finds the Manor's beds not to her liking and is suffering from insomniac nights. If you fancy yourself able to aid Ava in her search for a good night's sleep, who knows what the budding scientist will produce as a reward?

Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by speaking with Ava in Draynor Manor's ground floor.



  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Length: Short

Getting Started

Items Needed: Ghostspeak Amulet, Ecto-tokens

Mao if the start point

To start the quest, talk to Ava in Draynor Manor's ground floor. To get into the room, search the Candle Sconce on the wall to the right. She looks like she doesn't enjoy the place she lives in, and she would like a better interior, namely, a more comfortable bed.

Ava: Hello there and welcome to my humble abode.

Tell her you will be happy to make her home a better place.

Ava: What I need is simple...

She will tell you she needs help in fixing her bed - she needs two undead chickens. Notice, she needs them ALIVE! Dead undead chickens (forgive the pun) won't work. Now to exit the room, pull the lever on the wall.

Instant Messaging Service In-The-Flesh

A map of the morytania quest area

Go to Alice's farm, on the road between Port Phasmatys and Canifis. Ask her about the quest, and that you need some poultry of hers.

The farm

She'll tell you to speak to her dead husband, located in the field to the west of her. Talk to him, and he will just tell you to talk to Alice again.

Alice wants you to tell her husband she loves him but she can't find their savings and needs his help. He'll say he put their cash in the bank, as he used to do before getting affected by Necrovarus's curse. Go back to Alice and tell her this.

She'll then tell you to ask her husband for his bank password; he, though, refuses, calling you a scammer.

Alice's Husband: Maybe she said that, maybe she didn't

When you tell Alice that her beloved husband refused, you'll suddenly come up with the idea of a modified ghostspeak amulet so that Alice can talk to him herself. Alice tells you that a witch that lives nearby can modify ghostspeak amulets. She mentions that the Old Crone lives west of the Mausoleum and east of the Slayer Tower. Unequip your Ghostspeak Amulet and go talk to her.

I'm here about the farmers east of here

Crone-Made AmuletOnce you tell the witch your problems, she will use one of Alice's hair she finds on your shoulder and a bit of the unused essence from your Ghostspeak Amulet to craft a Crone-Made amulet created specifically for the two farmers.

Crone: I can mirror part of the unused mystical essence...

Go check it out with Alice's husband, whose name is still unknown.

Alice's Husband: Give me that amulet then...

Give him the amulet - and then talk to him again; he'll try and catch a couple chickens for you, with a very nice cutscene to boot, involving a level-123 "Cow1337killr".


He'll be selling them to you - but only if you have ecto-tokens! It's 10 ecto-tokens per chicken (that equals to ectoing 4 bones to get the whole 20 tokens you need). If you need bones, kill chickens - the farmers, strangely enough, won't have objections.

Buckets and pots are for sale in Port Phasmatys general store, and you can buy buckets of slime from charter traders.

ChickenAfter you bought the two chickens, head off to Ava. Speak to her and you will be told the undead feathers will help her sleep better, as they are cleaner than normal feathers. But after Ernest's ordeal, who had been turned into a chicken, she can't kill any.

Ava: Well, for a start, undead feathers are much cleaner...

Getting a Magnet

Items Needed: Iron Bars, Hammer.

Ava will tell you complicated stuff about unlimited feathers from undead chickens, and she'll send you to the witch next door.

Ava: We'll need a magnet next...

The witch will talk to you in a rather patronizing tone, and she asks you to bring her 5 iron bars.

After you bring those to her, she'll tell you to go to the mine northeast of Rimmington, and use a hammer on a "selected iron" bar she just gave you, all this while facing north.

Witch: Go to the iron mine just north-east of Rimmington...
Rimmington mine

MagnetDo so, and then check back to Ava. She will say that the magnet will enable the chicken to fetch arrowheads! (50 crafting xp)

Your work with the magnet increases your Crafting xp slightly.

In Need of a Wood Source

Items Needed: the two woodcutting axes, Holy symbol

Ava will tell you that she needs a wood source, and sends you to woodcut one of the trees in Draynor Manor with a Mithril Axe, or better. But you'll find soon enough that it does not work!

Well, I tried to hack the trees with my axe...

Go back and talk to her about this. She will then send you to Turael, in Taverly (even though Ava states he is in Burthopre), whom she saw threading among those trees.

I'm here about a quest...

He'll tell you that you need a blessed axe, and that he can give you his own, if you bring him a Holy Symbol and a Mithril axe.

Blessed axeGet those items for him, and he will give you a Blessed Axe. It's no use for normal woodcutting, just for undead trees.

Once you cut a twig from any Undead Tree (the ones that come up as yellow when you right click on them and that attack you), talk to Ava again.

You cut some undead twigs

Research notesShe will give you some Research Notes, read them.

By reading those notes, you are confronted with a puzzle; you need to have the 2nd, 5th, and 9th lights green, the others red, like in the picture.


Completing the Quest

Items Needed: Hard leather, Buttons

Translated notesPatternOnce you translate those notes, talk to Ava again, and you'll obtain "a pattern." Ava will send you to get buttons, which can be obtained by pickpocketing HAM members in the HAM hideout. The HAM hideout can be found west of the eastern Lumbridge cow pen (the one bordering the desert area). You must have 20 thieving to pickpocket (male) HAM members. Be patient, it can take some work. Finally, get some hard leather.

ContainerCombine polished ButtonsPolished Buttons (just click on them to polish them), the pattern and hard leather, and you will get "A Container". Give Ava the container, and...

Quest Complete!

Congratulations! You have completed Animal Magnetism!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • Ava's Device 2,500 Woodcutting experience 1,000 Crafting experience 1,000 Fletching experience 1,000 Slayer experience Access to Ava's stock of feathers, arrowtips (iron and steel) and arrows (iron and steel).


Ava's Accumulator

Ava will give you a device, called "accumulator", that will get you free steel arrows (that will go in your quiver) by moving! This pack will also pick up your arrows, so long as there is nothing between you and the target of your attack. And sometimes, you'll get some other metal items too, such as steel armor, iron ore, etc. It can't be worn at the same time as most metal chest armor, though.

There are two types of accumulators, a 'simple' one for those with less than 50 ranging, and an 'upgraded' one for those with more than 50 ranging. If you're already above 50 ranging, you'll get the upgraded version already upon quest completion; if not, when you get 50 ranging, you have to bring 999 coins and 75 steel arrows to Ava, and she'll upgrade it.

Ava's Accumulator [basic version] Stats

Basic accumulator stats

Ava's Accumulator [upgraded version] Stats

Has 1.4% Ranged critical damage and 12 armour.

Upgraded Accumulator stats

Undead Chicken

Undead chicken stats

Blessed Axe

9 damage, 110 accuracy

Blessed Axe stats

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Talk to Ava
  2. [^] Talk to Alice
  3. [^] Talk to Alice's husband
  4. [^] Talk to Alice
  5. [^] Talk to Alice's husband
  6. [^] Talk to Alice.
  7. [^] Talk to Alice's husband
  8. [^] Talk to Alice
  9. [^] Talk to Old Crone
  10. [^] Talk to Alice's husband
  11. [^] Buy 2 undead chickens; 10 ecto-tokens each
  12. [^] Talk to Ava
  13. [^] Talk to Witch
  14. [^] Give 5 Iron Bars to Witch
  15. [^] Head to Rimmington Mine; Make your charater to head north
  16. [^] Use Hammer on Selected Iron
  17. [^] Talk to Ava
  18. [^] Try to cut Undead Tree near Draynor Manor; Mithril Axe or better needed
  19. [^] Talk to Ava
  20. [^] Talk to Turael and give him Mithril Axe and Holy Symbol
  21. [^] Cut Undead Twigs from Undead Tree with Blessed Axe
  22. [^] Talk to Ava
  23. [^] Read the Research Notes
  24. [^] Turn the 2nd, 5th and 9th light green
  25. [^] Talk to Ava
  26. [^] Combine Polished Buttons, Pattern and Hard Leather
  27. [^] Give the Container to Ava
  28. [^] Quest Complete!

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