Defender of Varrock

By: Finisterra
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Essential Info

Start Point

Talk to Captain Rovin in the north-west tower of Varrock Palace.


  • Skills: Ability to defend against six level 124 Armoured Zombies, 43 Prayer
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: Food, 1x Games Necklace, 1x Redberry Pie, 1x Varrock Teleport runes, Weapon


  • Difficulty: Experienced
  • Length: Medium

Getting Started

Start by talking to Captain Rovin, who is in the northwest tower of Varrock palace.

Talk to Captain Rovin

He'll tell you that zombies have been organizing in the Wilderness, and they've been forming an army. The Captain will call Hartwin who will tell you that zombies were spotted in a building surrounded by lava; this place is The Graveyard of Shadows.

Captain Rovin: I'd use my own guards for this but, for some reason, I have a high staff turnover...

Map of the area:

Click to see a full-sized map

Tracking the Army

KeyHartwin will follow you to the Graveyard of Shadows, which is located between Clan Wars and Bounty Hunter. When you arrive there, talk to Hartwin; you will notice that the army has left. A cutscene will play, and you'll notice some tracks on the floor. When the cutscene is over, follow the tracks and search bushes and trees to discover more (sometimes it's easier to play in Standard Detail to locate the tracks). Sometimes the tracks will take you nowhere, in which case you should just search another tree or bush. When you search one of the trees in level 15 Wilderness you will find a key.

After many twists and turns, you will notice that the trail leads to the Chaos Temple. Ask the cape seller about a zombie army. He will tell you that they went to the temple and never came back. There should be a trapdoor behind the altar, open it with your key. Be careful since when you go down you will find yourself surrounded by aggressive zombies.

Trapdoor behind the altar

Walk some steps North and look-over the balcony. You will see a cutscene in which Zemouregal the Mahjaraat, the ancient enemy of Varrock, will feature. He is the cousin of Lucien and they're planning to make an alliance with him. Arrav will appear and the cutscene ends.

Arrav will show up here

Walk towards the gate West of you and pick up three bottles. Kill three zombies and use an empty bottle on the mist left behind from each one to collect the mist. After you have got them, proceed through the door and a cutscene will appear. You will find yourself talking with Arrav. He needs help but he leaves since his master is controlling him.

Again walk towards the next gate and kill three zombies, putting their mist inside the bottles. Go through the gate and look from a balcony. A cutscene appears. They want to attack Varrock as soon as possible to recover the Shield of Arrav.

A zombie army!

Return to Varrock and talk to the Captain again.

The Sacred Forge

Now you need to go to Thurgo's place (from The Knight's Sword, located South of Port Sarim) with a pickaxe. Ask him about the Shield of Arrav and he'll tell you that you could go to Camdozaal, since he doesn't know much. He will give you a scrap of paper with some coordinates, that is where Camdozaal is located (in the Ice Mountain near Falador). Before you leave, mine one blurite ore from the nearby Ice Cavern.

Camdozaal's location

Go to the Ice Mountain north of Falador and dig in the location that features in the previous picture. Use your pickaxe on the Churned Snow and go down (don't forget your light source).

Walk South until you find Ramarno, a dwarf, and talk to him. Use your blurite on the Sacred Forge and then talk to the dwarf again, he'll use his magic to light it.

The sacred forge

Shield of arravSeveral known persons will appear and they'll talk to you about the shield. At the end, Zamouregal will tell you that his army is already in Varrock. Return to Varrock and go to the castle. You will notice that the zombies are already attacking it. Quickly go to the captain and he'll give you the Shield of Arrav.

It's hot here!

The Descendants of Arrav

Talk to Reldo and he'll tell you to check the census to see who the descendants of Arrav are. Search the papers on the floor and compare the last names to the ones on the census in the north end of the room. You will find out that these persons are the descendants:

  • Sir Prysin - found in the south-west corner of the Ground Floor of the Castle.
  • The Royal Advisor of the King, Aeonisig Raispher - found in the south-east corner of the Ground Floor of the Castle.
  • King Roald - found in the south-east corner of the Ground Floor of the Castle near to Aeonisig Raispher.
  • Curator Haig Halen, from the museum - found on the ground floor of the Museum.
  • Horvik, the smith - found in his Armour Shop.

Now you have to talk to them with the shield in your inventory. One of them will tell you that he's/she's adopted and that the only descendant left is married to a member of the Fitzharmon family. Go to the southeastern fenced area of Varrock and talk to Dimintheis. He is a descendant of the founder of Varrock, a cutscene will appear and he'll get rid of all the zombies.

The zombies have been killed

Talk to Captain Rovin again and... Quest complete!

Congratulations! You have completed Defender of Varrock.


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 15,000 Hunter XP 10,000 Smithing XP 10,000 Mining XP 10,000 Defence XP 2,000 Agility XP 2 spins on the Squeal of Fortune Kudos from the Varrock Museum


Unlocked Music Tracks

  • Undead Army
  • Dream Theatre
  • The Ruins of Camdozaal
  • Zombie Invasion.

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Talk to Captain Rovin, he's in the northeastern tower in Varrock Castle.
  2. [^] Go to the Graveyard of Shadows, Hartwin will be following you. When you get there talk to him.
  3. [^] Search trees and stones until you find a trail that leads to the Chaos Temple; you should also find a key.
  4. [^] Talk to the cape seller and then enter to the trapdoor behind the altar.
  5. [^] Look from the balcony North of you.
  6. [^] Pick up four bottles, kill two zombies and use the bottles on their red mist.
  7. [^] Go through the gate and look from the balcony.
  8. [^] Return to Varrock and talk to the captain.
  9. [^] Go to Thurgo's place and receive a paper with coordinates. Mine blurite in the dungeon nearby.
  10. [^] Go to the coordinates place (which is in the northern part of Ice Mountain), dig, and use your pickaxe on the snow.
  11. [^] Talk to the dwarf inside, use the blurite on the furnace, and talk to him again.
  12. [^] Go to the captain again and you'll get the Shield of Arrav.
  13. [^] Talk to Reldo, pick up the notes on the floor, and then read the census.
  14. [^] Talk to the following people: Aeonisig Raispher, Curator Haig Halen, Horvik, and King Roald until one of them tells you that he's/she's adopted.
  15. [^] Talk to Dimintheis in the southeastern, fenced area of Varrock.
  16. [^] Talk to the captain and quest complete!

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