Desert Treasure

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Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by speaking to the Archaeologist at the Bedabin Camp.



  • Difficulty: Master
  • Length: Long

Getting Started

A map of the desert

As rumors abound you must have heard them and being interested in adventures like any good adventurer you will want to go off and find this treasure. Head to Bedabin camp. The best way to do this is to use the Shantay Pass carpet to get there for 200 coins. Alternatively you could walk.

The archaeologist

To start this adventure you must talk to the Archaeologist right beside the camp's Magic Carpet. If you have not completed all of the quests that are required for this quest than he will just be 'lost in his thoughts'. If you have completed all the quests required than he will tell you that he thinks there is a treasure in the desert and he wants you to take some notes to the Terry Balando, the Archaeological Expert at the Exam Center.

Talk to Balando with the notes and he looks at them. Talk to him again and he will give you the translated notes. Bank and get 650 coins (plus some for the magic carpet if needed), 12 Magic Logs, 6 Steel Bars, 6 Molten Glass, 1 Blood Rune, some Ashes, some Normal Bones, and Charcoal, note all of the items except the Charcoal. Return the translated notes to the Archaeologist and he says it confirms what he thought and that if you help him he'll chip you in for part of the reward. Agree and he tells you to go search around the Bandit Camp to the south.

Eblis and the Scrying Glass

Note: Before going to the Bandit Camp, make sure you aren't wearing anything related to Saradomin or Zamorak, like Holy or Unholy symbols or the God Capes and Staffs. If you do wear such items, the Bandits will attack you. They are only level 78, but if they swarm you they can be very annoying and potentially dangerous if you have low-level gear. The Bandits are not affected by items aligned with the other gods.


Go to the camp and buy a beer (Bandit's Brew) from the bartender for 650 coins. Then talk to him about the 4 gems (the lowest talk option, and he will say Crystals not Gems) and he will tell you to talk to Eblis (eastern side of the camp, just south of the general store near the south side of a building there). Go talk to him and he will tell you about the god wars and eventually ask you if you want to help and then he will ask you for some material to make a Scrying Glass.

Map of Eblis' location

Use all the other items that he needs (you should have them all noted and ready), Magic Logs, Molten Glass, Steel Bars, Ashes, Blood Rune, Charcoal, and regular Bones. Use them on him, he won't take them from you if you just talk to him. He will go set up the Scrying Glass and tell you to come meet him when you're ready. Go to the top of a little hill with 6 mirrors on it that he wanders around and talk to him. Then look into each of the mirrors, which will show you a little cut scene of each place you will need to visit.

Note: Note: You will want to bank the gems as fast as possible once you have them because while you carry them around there is a chance that a level 116 Stranger will appear with a dragon dagger and attack you (usually near a bank), possibly using the old special attack (two, more powerful hits than normal). If you are unfortunate enough to encounter him, you will find that he is much harder than the bosses and can hit up to 2000!

The stranger

If you lose any of the Diamonds, you can find them in the area where you got them:

  • Rock: in Damis' Lair.
  • Gale: in the Smoky Well.
  • Ice: from the Ice Troll Child.
  • Bloodfire: in front of Dessous' tomb.

The Rock Diamond

In the area in between Baxtorian Falls and the Fishing Guild you will find Rasolo the Wandering Merchant, he just wanders around in that area so just look around for him. Talk to him about the diamonds and he will tell you that one of them is guarded by Damis and that he will give you the Ring of Visibility to find the entrance to Damis' Lair if you get back a Gilded Cross that some bandits stole from his family.


Go back to the Bandit Camp (desert) with an inventory of one anti-poison potion and 27 lock picks. You may need to return to a bank and restock if you fail continuously. 53 thieving is not a boostable requirement, so you will not be able to use bandit's brew to pick the lock if you are under the required level. Go to the tent the farthest south in the Bandit Camp. Try opening the chest in it until you get it right. You have to unlock 3 locks. You automatically go to the next lock and you will get a little message saying that you have unlocked lock number X or failed in your message box (just like the message, 'you have done X'). You can fail on any of the locks. Each time you fail you will be poisoned and break a lock pick. You will take 20-30 damage every time you fail, though you won't always actually be poisoned (there is not always damage over time). This process can take from one lock pick if you are extremely lucky up to 50 or more, so be prepared to do this for a while.

The chest

Gilded crossRing of visibilityOnce you have the cross take it back to Rasolo and he will give you the Ring of Visibility. Now go get ready: You will want 100% energy to run through the maze.

The Shadow ladder to Damis' Lair, seen with the ring of Visibility

With the Ring of Visibility on go down the ladder that appears in the picnic area near Rasolo and run all the way to the east end of the maze (use Protect from Melee or be ready to eat food if the Level 120 Giant Skeletons attack you).

Map of damis' lair

Damis Battle


Suggested equipment
  • Armor: Batwing (or better)
  • Cape: Obsidian/Legends
  • Amulet: Amulet of Glory
  • Weapon: A powerful staff or wand. Tier 50 should be passable
  • Gloves: Any Recipe for Disaster reward gloves
  • Ring: Ring of Visibility
  • Runes for Earth Spells
  • Magic/Defence Potions
  • 5+ Prayer Potions (4) - if you use prayer. Many are needed as Damis drains prayer.
  • Optional 1 Click Teleport (Teleportation Tablet, Ectophial)
  • The rest food - Any food that heals you best at your hitpoints

Damis is weak to earth spells. Damis' first and second forms are both level 124. Both forms only attack with melee, making the boss easy to pray against. However, Damis' second form reduces prayer with each hit, successful or not. To avoid facing this attack, run to one of the passages northwest of the area where Damis appears. There should be a level 14 giant rat somewhere around here. Attack the giant rat using either your weakest spell or your fists to force it to follow you. Then force Damis to appear by running through the middle of the cavern and run back to the aforementioned tunnel. The giant rat will block Damis, and because Damis attacks exclusively with melee he will not land any hits on you. If done perfectly, you can avoid taking any hits from Damis during the battle. 

A rat blocking you from attacks
Damis: I would like to kill you, but there is a rat in my way. So I will simply stand here and await death.

Like many other bosses, Damis has been weakened substantially by the Evolution of Combat update. Experienced players need not follow the above advice.

Diamond of shadowOnce Damis is dead... again... pick up the Rock Diamond and bank it!

The Ice Diamond (Kamil)

To get the ice diamond you will have to defeat Kamil, a random man in armour who apparently likes freezing to death in Northern Trollheim. Kamil is level 126 and weak to fire spells, so you should plan to attack with this type. Kamil will ice barrage you and hit you with a melee attack. Your stats will be consistently reduced during the fight with Kamil, so make sure the spell you are using (if you are using magic) requires a magic level at least five levels lower than your magic level to prevent you from having to use restore potions frequently. It is possible to use a friend to block Kamil, allowing him only to attack with magic. However, Kamil is relatively weak and this won't be necessary for most players.
Suggested inventory

Before heading off to face Kamil, bring climbing boots, spiked climbing boots and either cake or chocolate cake. It's not possible to wear the spiked climbing boots outside of the ice path, so you must bring a normal pair and a spiked pair. To make spiked climbing boots, bring an iron bar and climbing boots to Dunstan. You will also need to bring super restore potions or a restore potion/prayer potion mix. Super restore potions are preferred to save inventory space. You could choose to wear the climbing boots instead of carrying them in your inventory to save one space. You should fill this space with a shark or the best food available. For worn equipment, you should use a similar set-up that you used for Damis. If you do plan on more than one trip, you can replace the cake with something else once you have that part done.

If you have finished Eadgar's Ruse, teleport to Trollheim. Otherwise, cross through the tunnel that you discovered during Death Plateau to get to the Death Plateau. If you have started or finished Mountain Daughter, you may also get here from the Fremennik Province. Then follow the dotted path. You may want to use protect from missiles as you pass the thrower trolls.

Before passing through the icy gate, talk to the Troll Child and use a cake on him. Offer to save his parents in exchange for the diamond.

Walk through the ice gate. From here on, the wind will hit 200 and reduce your stats every several seconds. It will also reduce your run energy to zero, so from here on out you will be mostly walking. To speed things up a bit, turn run on every time you reach three or four percent energy. You should be able to exhaust this energy before the wind brings it back down to zero. When you can, use the "surge" ability to propel yourself 10 meters. Before going into the cave, you must kill five trolls. Once you go through the cave, walk through the level 136 ice wolves until you reach an open clearing. Kamil will attack you. Kill Kamil, who will conveniently drop two chocolate cakes and a super restore potion.

Walk west and then north, following the path until you reach the icy ledge. Put the spiked climbing boots on here. Walk along the icy path, passing through the gate until you reach the troll's parents. Hit the ice blocks for 1000 damage to rescue each parent. It turns out the young troll punked you and had the diamond all along. Whatever, at least you got to save a family!

Ice troll family

Diamond of iceTake the Ice Diamond and get to the bank!

The Gale Diamond (Fareed Battle)

The level 120 Fareed resides in the Smokey Well west of Pollnivneach.

Entrance to the smokey well

To enter the Smokey Well, you must wear a facemask. These can be purchased from any slayer master for 200 coins. To fight Fareed, you should bring ice gloves. If you do not wear Ice Gloves, Fareed will disarm you when you attack him. It isn't possible to cast spells without a staff or wand, so you will need to be wearing the gloves during the fight (unless you want to participate in a boxing match). To obtain ice gloves, you must kill the Ice Queen (see Heroes' Quest for more information). Fareed is weak to water spells, so plan on attacking him with those. You will be running a fair bit before the fight, so you should either bring energy potions or a summoning familiar that can recharge your run energy.


Enter the dungeon. Now go the the farthest northeast corner and light the torch, run to the southeast corner and light that torch, then the northwest one, then the south west one, drink super energy when you are under 50% energy. You will make it easily if you don't get lost. As soon as they are all lit run back to the chest and open it. If all the torches are still lit then you will be able to, if not then you will have to try again. You will receive a notification in your chatbox when the torches are lit.

Map of the smokey well

Warm keyGet the Warm Key out of the chest and go to the gate into the area where Fareed is. Kill Fareed. He will mostly attack with melee, so pray against that. You should find that the fight is relatively easy.


Diamond of smokePick up the Gale Diamond and get to the bank!

If you die while fighting Fareed you do not have to get the key again, the door to this area will now open forever. There is nothing in this area after the quest is done. If you lost the Gale Diamond will respawn in this room.

The Bloodfire Diamond 

Go to Canifis (The lodestone, ectophial or the ability to use Fairy Rings is very useful in getting there) and talk to Malak. It will show a cutscene with Malak asking for a blood tax. He says he wants to talk to you so talk to him as soon as the cutscene is over. He will tell you that if you kill Lord Dessous he will give you the Diamond of Blood, talk to him about how to kill Dessous and he says that you will need to make a Pot of Blood.


To make a Pot of Blood, you will need 1 silver bar, some spices, and garlic. Spices can be obtained from the Ardougne spice stall (note that Gnome Spice will not work!). The garlic you will need to crush with a Pestle and Mortar. Take the silver bar to Draynor, go to just west of the jail and go down into the sewer, head north until you come to a room with an anvil. Talk to Ruantun in the room and he will make you a silver pot. Now go to Entrana (remember, no weapons or armor at all) and have the high priest in the church bless your silver pot (it's now a Blessed Pot).

Go back to Malak with some spices and garlic. He will randomly shank you, doing 50 damage and filling the pot with blood. Make sure you have more than 50 life points. Now just add the spices and garlic to the Pot of Blood.

Note: The name of the item will not change after adding spices, but you can examine it to see what's inside.


Now it is time to get to Dessous. For gear you should bring similar equipment that you have brought before (with runes to cast air spells) as well as the Pot of Blood. Use the below map to get to Dessous.

Map of the area

As a warning you will run into Ghasts along the way which will spoil some of your food and possibly reduce your prayer points. The blue route is the route you should take from the Canifis lodestone. The orange/red route is the route taken using the shortcut you can use after the In Search of the Myreque quest. The purple route is the pathway taken from Port Phasmatys.

Dessous is level 120 and attacks with all three styles of combat. If you fight him up close and personal, he will attack with melee. If you try to fight him from a distance, he will fight with a range-magic combo attack that will deal much more damage than the melee one.


It may be tempting to attack him from behind one of the railings. In fact, this is how he was usually fought prior to the combat updates. However, you will be taking much more damage from the range-magic combo attack than the melee attack (especially if you are wearing magic robes) so try to fight him up close. Like all of the other fights, this one should be pretty short.

Kill Dessous to find that he doesn't actually have the diamond. This is beginning to sound like a familiar story.

Diamond of bloodOnce he is dead go back to Malak and he will give you the Diamond of Blood . Bank it and that's that!

The Pyramid of Azzanadra

Note: You will want to be able to run as long as possible and have as much Defence as possible in this part.


Suggested inventory

Equipment: You will not be fighting at all in this part, so bring the gear that gives you the best defense possible. You will also be running quite a bit, so bring energy potions of some sort or a run boosting familiar and the appropriate scrolls. You'll have to bring all four diamonds as well. You will encounter poison here as well, however the damage received in inconsequential. If you think the Pyramid will be difficult for you, you could choose to put the diamonds in the obelisk and then return to the bank for more supplies before going into the pyramid.

Withdraw the 4 Diamonds last and head to Eblis. Talk to him and then go to the Pyramid (marked on the RS map as the Pyramid south of Eblis and east of Enakhra's Temple). There are 2 Sphinx statues in front of the Pyramid.

The pyramid

Now you are here it is time to put the diamonds in the correct positions. You should be able to tell which diamond goes where by the appearance of the obilesk. However it's easy to confuse some diamonds up (such as Gale and Rock). However the game should not allow you to place a diamond into the wrong obilesk. When all four obelisks are pulsing with colored light head to the top of the pyramid go through the doors and down the ladder. Each ladder is a safe point so stop there to drink energy/prayer potions and eat food.

An obelisk

This is a dangerous place and you may fall down a trap door completely randomly and be taken back outside the pyramid, no damage is dealt when you fall through a trapdoor.

Keep run on all the time and try to stop only at each ladder. You may be attacked by level 110 Mummies that wander the pyramid and hit moderately with high accuracy. Also, a level 124 Scarab may randomly appear in front of you and attack you. When a Scarab begins to appear you will stop moving and will not be able to run again until it has fully appeared (it only take about a second to appear), once it has fully appeared it will attack you and can poison you, doing 20+ poison damage. The scarabs only hit moderately, but will land a large amount of hits on you.

AzzanadraThere are four levels of the pyramid, each one growing in size as you go down. Expand the size of the minimap to see where you need to go. Getting there is pretty straight forward (no rocks to mine, traps to disarm, and so on). Once you have made it all the way to the bottom Azzanadra is in a large chamber behind a door that is not marked on the map. Open the door and you are safe (Scarabs may appear in here, if this happens then kill it so you can talk to Azzanadra).

Talk to Azzanadra and you will be granted the use of ancient Magicks and switch your magic book to Ancients. If Azzanadra is not there, then try to use the altar and he will appear. Quest complete!

Congratulations! You have completed desert Treasure!


  • 3 Quest Points
  • 20,000 Magic experience Ring of Visibility - allows you to start the Ghostly Robes Mini-Quest. Ability to wield the Ancient Staff. Ability to use ancient Magicks. Ability to use the Bandit Camp lodestone Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune


The Ancient Staff

This staff requires 50 Magic to wield, and can auto-cast Ancient Magicks. You can buy your first one from Eblis for 80,000gp, and you can also get them as rare drops from mummies in Azzanadra's Pyramid if you lose yours. They are tradeable, so you can also buy one from another player.

Ancient Staff

Ancient Magicks

After finishing the quest, you have the ability to use Ancient Magicks. To access these spells, you need to visit the altar inside the pyramid and pray at it.

The altar you must pray at to switch between Ancient and regular magic

If you want to go back to using regular Magic, you will need to pray at the altar again. However, after completing the quest, you can use the "back" entrance which grants quick access to the altar.

Shortcut to the altar

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Start the quest by talking to the Archaeologist by the Magic Carpet at the Bedabin Camp.
  2. [^] Take the notes the Archaeologist gives you and take them to the Archaeological Expert at the Exam Center.
  3. [^] Take the Translated Notes that the Archaeological Expert gives you back to the Archaeologist.
  4. [^] Finish talking to the Archaeologist and go south to the Bandit camp (make sure you don't wear any Saradomin or Zamorak related items)
  5. [^] Buy a beer from the Bar Tender there and talk to him about the '4 Crystals'.
  6. [^]Talk to Eblis (a little ways east of the bar), once he's done talking get him the items he asked for, note them all so that you can carry them more easily (and so that you don't bury the bones):
    • 12 Magic Logs
    • 6 Molten Glass
    • 6 Steel Bars
    • Ashes
    • 1 Blood Rune
    • Charcoal
    • Regular Bones
  7. [^]Diamond of Shadow
    1. [^] Talk to Rasolo the Merchant in the Waterfall area
    2. [^] Get the Gilded Cross for him from the Chest in the Bandit Camp (Lockpicks required and antipoisons suggested)
    3. [^] Get the Ring of Visibility from Rasolo and fight Damis
  8. [^]Diamond of Ice
    1. [^] Talk to the Troll Child and give him some cake (or something else 'sweat')
    2. [^] Kill 5 Ice Trolls (level 128) and go up the mountain (In this area all your stats will be drained slowly)
    3. [^] Fight Kamil (Super Restore Potions suggested)
    4. [^] Continue up the mountain and cross the Icy Path (Spiky Boots required)
    5. [^] Free the Ice Troll Parents and get the Diamond of Ice from the Ice Troll Child
  9. [^]The Diamond of Smoke
    1. [^] Enter the Smokey Well and light the torches very quickly
    2. [^] Quickly to the chest in the middle of the dungeon before the torches go out and get the key
    3. [^] Fight Fareed and get the Diamond of Smoke
  10. [^]The Diamond of Blood
    1. [^] Talk to Malak in Canifis
    2. [^]Make a Pot of Blood by:
      • Having Ruantun in the Draynor sewer make you a Silver Pot with a silver bar.
      • Then having the High Priest at Entrana bless it
      • Then going back to Malak who will fill it with your blood (does 50 damage to you)
      • And adding Garlic and Spices to this
    3. [^] Fight Dessous
    4. [^] Go back to Malak and get the Diamond of Blood
  11. [^] Go to the Pyramid and place each of the Diamonds
  12. [^] Get to the bottom of the Pyramid and talk to Azzanadra to complete the quest.

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