Dishonour Among Thieves

By: Sobend
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Zamorak has a job for you. There is one thing he wants - he wants to rob 100 Las Vegas casinos at once! Wait no, wrong heist story. He wants to steal the Stone of Jas from Sliske and recover from his battlefield loss to Saradomin. Are you up for the caper?

Essential Info

Start Point

Speak with Moia in the Empyrean Citadel.


  • Skills: 61+ Combat level
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: 1x Combat Equipment

Getting Started

Talk to Moia

To begin, speak with Moia in the Empyrean Citadel. The Empyrean Citadel is the area where Missing, Presumed Death takes place. To get there, speak with Brother Samwell on the road to Paterdomus. He will give you an invitation box. Open the box and speak to Moia.

Communication DeviceSpeak to her and you will be asked to give her your word. You can either tell truthfully or lie, it does not matter. She will hand you a communication device which can be used to access Zamorak's hideout. She will tell you to teleport there and then teleport to the hideout herself.

Before you can teleport into Zamorak's hideout, you will be brought into the Shadow Realm with Sliske. Speak with him and he will make it clear that he is aware of what is about to happen. He will give you three options: sabotage the mission, go along with the plan by just being there, or support Zamorak's attempt to steal the Stone of Jas.

The Team


Now, use the communication device to teleport to Zamorak's hideout, floor 61 of Daemonheim. He proposes the setting up of a team which you should agree to do. Now speak with Moia for information involving the whereabouts of the team members. You will need to find six team members in five different locations.


Teleport to Ardougne and walk southwest of the zoo. You should see a cave entrance surrounded by iron ore rocks. Once inside, board the raft then run south to find Hazeel. Tell him to get over to Daemonheim and he will say he will once you take care of business for him. He explains that he needs you to free a werewolf from a mansion in Ardougne. Head back out of the cave and back towards Ardougne. The mansion described is Lord Hadlemort's mansion - it was visited during the Tribal Totem quest and is surrounded by Guard Dogs. Towards the back of the mansion is a trapdoor.

Enter Trapdoor

Enter the trapdoor and speak to Jerrod. Speak with him through the cell and he'll tell you the dead butler has the key to the prison cell. Search the butler to find the key and unlock the cell. After this, you will get a message saying that both Jerrod and Hazeel have joined the heist team. If you wish, you can open the chest nearby for some goodies.


Teleport to the Draynor Lodestone and enter the purple portal to the north. You will see Death attempting to claim Nomad's soul. Talk to either Nomad or Death and Death will eventually comply with releasing Nomad from his grips. You will then explain to Nomad that Zamorak needs him in a mission and he will comply.

General Khazard

Teleport to Al Kharid and walk south through Shantay Pass. Now either walk to Uzer southwest of the pass or take the 200 gold magic carpet to Uzer. Head down the stairs near the clay golem and speak to Khazard. Ask him to report to Zamorak, but before he agrees to do this he states that he needs your help. He needs you to enter the shadow realm and investigate the surrounding area for information involving his parents. Agree to go into the shadow realm and walk north. Investigate Palkeera and read through the journal. Once you are done, speak with Khazard and he will join the heist team. If you want, loot the nearby chest for some more goodies.

Lord Daquarius

Teleport to Taverley and head down the stairs west of the wheat field to enter Taverley Dungeon. Run north and then east past the bats and ghosts until you reach the eastern wall. Now, run south past the magic axes, poison scorpions, and hill giants into a room full of black knights. Run to the southwest corner of this room and speak with Lord Daquarius.

Lord Daquarius

If you are under level 61 combat, speaking with him may be a problem because you will be constantly attacked by black knights. You will either need to kill them all at once and then speak to him or have a friend distract the black knights while you are talking to Daquarius. Daquarius will tell you that he will join Zamorak's team, but only if you can quell some issues involving order in the Kinshra. Head east and speak to the preaching black knight. You can either reason with him or incapacitate him. Now, head to the northeastern most room and speak with the black knights there. Again, you can reason with him or show him by brute force the true path. Now, head west to the northwestern most room and search the chest for some poison. Report to Daquarius and he will join the team.

Zemouregal and Enakhra

Teleport back to Zamorak and speak with Moia. Ask about Zemouregal and Enakhra and she will tell you that they are located in an icy fortress in the north. Accept her proposal to teleport you there (walking there yourself takes quite some time) and you will find yourself in a room with five level 84 armoured zombies. Before heading upstairs, you will need to kill them. They are aggressive and can all attack you at once. To make things easier, try using the table in the middle of the room to avoid getting mobbed. Also, if you ever need a breather, you can run west where the zombies will not follow you.

Once you have dispatched the zombies, head upstairs. Speak with either Zemouregal or Enakhra. After some discussion, they will agree to join the heist team.

The Crimson Caper

Teleport back to the hideout and speak with Zamorak. Zamorak will summon Viggora, a ghost-like human, who will reveal the location of the Stone of Jas which is located near the Barrows in Morytania. Zamorak will then assign roles to each member of the team. He will ask you to then head to the Barrows. Getting to the Barrows can be tricky. The easiest way to get there is to teleport directly there using Drakan's Medallion. This however requires The Branches of Darkmeyer. You could also use the quick Mor'ton route learned in In Search of the Myreque. Lastly, you could walk through the Mort Myre Swamp, through the snail maze, and then east through Mor'ton. Head south of the Barrows and you should find Sliske's lair.

Enter Sliske's lair

You will find yourself in a tunnel. Read the signpost and enter the blue door. In the next tunnel, enter the door that has "V" written under it. Now, run through the door with the green theater mask and then in the fourth tunnel the door with the triangle under it. Now, run through the red door. In the next tunnel run through the door with the complete purple theater mask under it. Now run through the door with no paint markings above it. Finally, run through the door with the white stripe above it.

Sneaking around

Area 1

After successfully running through the tunnels, everyone else will arrive. You and Jerrod will take to eliminating the security mechanisms that guard the stone. The idea here is to take out the defenses so you can clear the passageway for the rest of the team. However, you cannot run so you will have to use sneaky moves on the top of your screen to get around. While the first wight is looking away, sneak up and kill it. Use the forward dive if you must. Now, you will have to get around the masks. Each of the masks sends out three search lights consecutively and then takes a ~5 second break. Sneak up on the first mask, wait until the three lights have gone off, and then step forward and do the forward dive move and then move into the position seen below.

Stand here

After this, forward dive towards the southern lever and pull it. This will open the doors and allow Jerrod to come through and kill the remaining wight guard. Now it's suggested you get caught (your progress will not be lost) and simply walk past the other masks in your way. Pull the last lever in this room and you will open up the doors to the next area.

Area 2

In this area, you will have to deal with a shadow cloud that will catch you if you are caught in it. The first goal here is to get into the western room. To do this without getting caught, sneak behind the shadow. It will move faster than you, so when you are a certain length behind it use the forward dive move. Quickly enter the western room and kill the wight. Pull the lever in this room and get caught by the shadow to return to the starting point. Now sneak up on the first mask in your way. This one has a similar pattern to the ones seen in the first area. Once it has done its three flashes, step in front of it and do a forward dive. To kill the final wight in this area, do two forward dives toward the wight after he has turned away from Jerrod and kill him. To finish with this area, sneak past the two masks and pull the lever.

Area 3

The final area is the most difficult. The masks here are constantly flashing, meaning no easy sneak-bys. You will also have to deal with a shadow patrolling the main hall. The first thing you should do is deal with the wight directly to your west. While the mask near you is beginning to flash, do a forward dive into the room with the wight and kill it. Now, head through the crevice above this room and forward dive (when the shadow is not around) into the hallway. Walk into the room with the wight and kill it. Return to the room where you killed the first wight in this area and pull the lever. Continue on through this corridor and look into the hallway from the middle entrance into it. When the shadow/wight is not around, jump across it into the opposite corridor. Kill the wight here. Now, pull the nearby lever and a small mound of earth will fall down. A wight will go to investigate. When it is investigating, kill it and pull the second lever in this room. Return to the opposite side of the area and head towards the shadow guarding the lever. You will need to get into the room with the wight in it. To do this, slowly walk behind the shadow and make a quick entry into the wight's room. Kill the wight and then jump for the lever behind the shadow. This will allow Jerrod to kill the final guard. Now all you need to do is to push the lever near the large doors and you're done.

Resource Management

The main goal of this part is to collect the memories of the undead guards by getting Jerrod to track down the guards/kill them and getting Moia to extract their memories. After the short interlude, speak with Jerrod and you will have semi-control over him. Now you will have to find the tracks for the first wight. This is random each time so you may have to find the tracks by brute force. The most common turns seem to be one turn right and four turns left. Once you find the first set of tracks, Jerrod will find and kill the guard. Now switch over to Moia who will read the guard's mind. To extract the memory, all you need to do is to click when you either see the ring pulsate fast or when you hear a high pitched noise. Following the retrieval of this memory, you will have to deal with another puzzle. This involves balancing light and darkness. On the large door, Nomad and Enakhra will funnel in light/dark energy. Unfortunately, Nomad and Enakhra do not add light/darkness at the same rate (Nomad is slightly faster). Therefore it is your job to keep the balance by telling Nomad/Enakhra to switch when necessary. If one light or darkness orb is completely emptied, you will need to restart the entire puzzle. For example, in the picture below you would need to switch Nomad and Enakhra.

The door

While monitoring this, you will need to find four more memories of the guards. Find and extract the memories of the next guard. When you've found the second memory, you will need to monitor yet another problem. Wights will be entering the area through two of the four tunnels. You can tell which tunnels they are going to be coming out of next by seeing bunches of eyes in the tunnels. When you figure out which tunnels have the eyes, speak to Zemouregal and tell him which tunnels to place portals in front of next wave. To properly move the portals, unselect the portal you want to move and then select the new destination. Don't forget to properly align your compass when checking which tunnels will have the wights next. Find the next three guards/memories, while keeping track of the shadow/light imbalance plus the wights, and you will finish the puzzle. Once you have finished this puzzle, open the door.

Shadow of a Hero

Once through the door, you will be confronted by Sliske. He will summon a powerful shadow version of each heist member (except you) and Khazard will send you into the Shadow Realm to obtain the Stone of Jas. There, you will find your own powerful shadow version of yourself!

Fighting your shadow self

This shadow attacks with melee and magic. Although the shadow version of yourself is level 84, its attacks and lifepoints will be adjusted to your combat level. The shadow also has three special attacks.

  • The shadow will spin you up in a web. To get out of this web, click somewhere else repeatedly until you are out. You will still take a fair amount of damage even if you react properly. Using freedom/anticipate before the attack may be helpful but it is not necessary.
  • The shadow will teleport you to the Stone of Jas platform prepare an attack that will incinerate you if you are standing on the platform. When you are teleported, run off the platform before the attack hits (or else you will suffer severe damage). Also, after the attack is done, other shadows will ooze off the platform and will nearly kill you if you are caught in one.
  • The shadow will darken the entire room, making you take constant damage. To avoid this, run near the shadow.

Towards the end of the fight, your shadow will temporarily envelop you in shadow (move away to avoid this attack) and then morph into a demon. Continue fighting this demonic shadow of yourself. During the fight, the demonic shadow will summon several portals which will heal the demonic shadow. Destroy these portals and then continue fighting the demonic shadow.

After this fight, you will take control of Nomad's body outside of the shadow realm. Your job is to first kill 30 of the elite wights attacking the other heist members. All of the wights will be one hit, so this should be fairly easy. Use your abilities if you wish for some variation in attacks. Following this, you will be back in your body once again in the shadow realm. Touch the Stone of Jas.

Touching the Stone of JAZZ

After a cutscene, you will be back in the normal realm with the other heist members. With the new power found from the Stone of Jas, kill the apparitions. You should be able to hit very high (possibly into the 10,000s).


With the apparitions defeated, Nomad will live up to his name and betray the group. He will attempt to steal part of the stone for himself. You can let him do this or prevent him. Following this, Zamorak will touch the stone and Sliske will appear. In their skirmish, you can help Zamorak, Sliske, or stay neutral. After this, you will complete the quest. Congratulations, Quest Complete!

Congratulations! Quest complete!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 1,500 Thieving experience 1,500 Agility experience 500 Dungeoneering experience 1,500 combat experience lamp Jerrod's Cape Hazeel Bobblehead pet Upgraded Sliske Mask Two Treasure Hunter keys


Jerrod's Cape

Jerrod's cape stats

Along with these bonuses, Jerrod's cape provides the following thieving bonuses:

  • 80% chance to note items stolen from bakers' stalls.
  • Triple coins and 1-3 noted gems from Rogues' Den safes.
  • Coshing volunteers in the Thieves' Guild yield items from the rogue's pickpocket drop table.

Sliske's Mask

The new Mask of Sliske has the ability to spawn an intermediate leveled wight archer, which will dissipate after combat.

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