Enlightened Journey

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Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by talking to Auguste in Entrana.



  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Length: Medium

Getting Started

To start the quest, you must speak to Auguste.


He is found in South West Entrana (north of herblore shop). Note that you cannot take weapons or armour to this island.

A map of entrana

The First Experiments

He tells you that he plans to build an air balloon (or in his words, a sack full of air). He asks you to gather the following items:

Balloon supplies

1 Ball of Wool - Wool can be obtained by using a pair of shears on sheep, found in Lumbridge and Falador. You then use the wool on a spinning wheel, found in Lumbridge, Barbarian Village, Seers' Village or Tree Gnome Stronghold. Can also be bought in the Ardougne general store.

3 Papyrus - This can be bought in the general store just north of Tai Bwo Wannai Village, in Shilo Village general store, Ardougne general store, or from Ali Morrisane's shop in Al Kharid. Papyrus can be collected for free from the respawn in the Legends' Guild.

1 Sack Full of Potatoes - First you must buy a sack from a farming shop (some found just south-west of Falador, and in Catherby), and then fill with 10 potatoes. Potatoes can be grown using the farming skill, or collected from fields in Lumbridge or Ardougne.

1 Unlit Candle - Can be bought from the candle shop in Catherby or by the entrance to Lumbridge caves. Or, you can pick up a lit candle from the Watch Tower in Yanille, and just extinguish it.

Once you have all the items needed, return back to Entrana, and speak with Auguste. He now wants you to build an origami balloon. To do this, use papyrus onto the ball of wool. It should now look like this: Balloon Then, add the candle, and it will look like this: Balloon. Now go back and speak to Auguste. You now try and fly the balloon!

Aflying hot air balloon!

The balloon sadly bursts into flames. But Auguste is pleased, and says its time to go to next stage. Now give him the sack of potatoes and the remaining papyrus. Another experiment happens!

Oh no, the hot air balloon crashed!

This time the balloon can't fly as it is too heavy, and some people passing destroy the balloon! Speak to Auguste, who explains who those people were:

Ahh, the flash mob phenomenon

Prepare for Liftoff!

He says that the experiments are going well (even though one was burned down and the other destroyed). He then tells you to build the actual balloon.

To build the balloon you need to do a lot more than just collect items. You need to get the following:

Balloon supplies

1 Red Dye - This can be bought from Aggie in Draynor Village if you bring her 3 red berries (found south-east of Varrock) and 5gp.

1 Yellow Dye - This can also be bought from Aggie, but for 2 onions (can be collected from behind the farm in Lumbridge) and 5gp.

10 pieces of silk - Can be bought in Al Kharid, Varrock or Ardougne, and also can be stolen from stalls in Ardougne.

1 Clay Bowl - There is a bowl respawn upstairs of the glassblower's hour directly southeast of Auguste. Alternatively, this can be made by a player, by using a piece of clay with water, then using it on a pottery wheel, and then on the pottery oven. They can also be bought in most general stores.

8 Sandbags - This is simply 8 of the sacks you used for the potatoes, but filled with sand instead of potatoes. Sand can be found in Entrana, Yanille, Rellekka or Zanaris.

You can take some of the items to Auguste and then collect the rest, you don't have to take all of them at once.

But that is not all. You also have to grow a tree. You are given this from Auguste:


It turns out you have to grow a willow tree. Use the sapling on a tree patch to grow it. He also gives you a basket of apples, so that you can give this to the farmer. The farmer will watch your tree grow instead of you waiting beside it in case its diseased. If you lose the sapling Auguste will sell you another for a very pricey 30, 000gp. Or, you can grow a normal willow tree and use secateurs on it to get branches. It is helpful to grow another willow tree at the same time, or to have one already grown. This saves you waiting for branches to grow back. When the tree is grown, you cut 12 branches off the tree using secateurs. He tells you that the branches are for the metal frame on the platform.

It's best to plant the tree first, as this will take a while to grow. When you have the items except the branches, give them to Auguste. Now you just have to wait about 3 hours and 40 minutes for the tree to grow, or cut branches of a willow tree you have already grown. But you can only cut a certain amount of branches before you have to wait again for more branches to grow. It takes about 10 minutes for another branch to grow.

When you have all the branches, it should look like this:

12 Branches

Now go back to Entrana, and use on the basket. It then turns into a big hot air balloon! Speak to Auguste. He says you and him are to go "theoretically" off to "the maiden voyage." And he says you're the pilot. Your character takes this news very well...

WHAT!? This is your balloon!

You are then told that you need 10 normal logs to fuel the balloon, and you must NOT weigh over 40kg. You also need a tinderbox.

10 Logs and a Tinderbox

In order to get to Taverley (your destination), you need to land on the targets the druids have drawn on the ground.

Navigating the Balloon

If your balloon goes too low, click on the logs to burn them and rise a bit. If you need to go higher than one set of logs will allow, then drop a sandbag to lose some weight and go up twice as high as logs allow you. You also must avoid all things that block your path. There are also two ropes on the balloon. The red one is the "emergency" one. It will make the balloon drop quickly. The other one will make you drop more slowly.

The Controls

Balloon controls

If you can't drive, or end up crashing, you either will end up on Entrana (if you never managed to get off the island), the ocean, or another crash zone. Not to worry though, just follow the path and click on the "Leave Dirt" option if you crashed on land or click on the plank if you landed in the ocean.

Oh dear, this can't be good...Leave Dirt

On Our Way to Taverley

Here is how you do it, picture wise. Use the sandbags/wood and ropes to navigate:

Nvigation diagram
Nacigation diagram 2
Navigation diagram 3

What you need to press is as follows: 1 Bag, 1 Wood, 10 Relax, 3 Ropes, 7 Relax, 1 Bag, 9 Relax, 1 Wood, 13 Relax, 1 Red Rope, 1 Relax, 1 Rope, 1 Relax, 1 Bag, 1 Rope, 3 Relax, 1 Rope, 1 Relax.

If you succeed you end up in Taverley. Speak to Auguste. He will give you a bomber jacket and cap as a reward, and say you can use the balloon in the future. Congratulations, you have completed the quest!

Congratulations! You have completed the Enlightened Journey Quest!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 4,000 Firemaking experience 3,000 Farming experience 2,000 Crafting experience 1,500 Woodcutting experience Access to the Balloon Transport System. Origami Balloons


Bomber Jacket & Cap

BomberJacket and Cap

Bomber Equipment set

Note - It is not yet possible to store the clothes in your costume room. You can also have gnome goggles, if you have them, attached to your Bomber cap by speaking to Auguste. You can separate them by clicking "Split" on the cap and goggles when they are joined together

Balloon Travel System

These are the places you can travel to and from using the balloon travel system:

Ballon Travel System Map

To travel to a location, you can go to any of the above locations on the map and operate the controls. However, you must first unlock new locations by first traveling to Entrana and flying to your new destination from there. Once a location has been unlocked, you can fly to it from any of the above locations.

You need certain logs to go to certain locations, and for each route you unlock, you will receive 2,000 Firemaking experience. A full list is below:

  • Grand Tree - requires 3 magic logs
  • Castle Wars - requires 10 yew logs
  • Crafting Guild - requires 10 oak logs
  • Taverley and Entrana - requires 10 normal log
  • Varrock - requires 10 willow logs

Auguste will tell you that once you have "unlocked" a route, you only need 1 of that log to travel there again. In order to unlock routes, you need to solve a three-screen puzzle for each one. To see how to unlock each route and the required items, check out the Hot Air Balloon Transport guide.

Origami Balloons

These can be made like before : Use papyrus on a ball of wool. Add a unlit candle. You can use a color dye with it to make it look better. Use a tinderbox on it and you can make it fly!

Example of an origami balloon: Origami Balloon

A flying origami balloon!

Note that, like before, the balloon bursts into flames so you won't get it back.

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