Ernest the Chicken

By: Salmoneus
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Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by speaking to Veronica located south of Draynor Manor.


* Indicates an item that is obtained during this quest.

  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.


  • Difficulty: Novice
  • Length: Medium

Quest Map

Draynor Manor Ground Level MapDraynor Manor: First Floor

Getting Started

First off, head to Draynor Manor, located just north of Draynor Village. Speak to Veronica who will be wandering around just south of the manor, near the entrance.

Talk to Veronica to begin this quest

She explains that she and Ernest, her fiancé, were lost, and Ernest decided to go into the manor to ask for directions That was an hour ago, and Veronica is worried! Tell her that you will help her find Ernest. Continue north along the path until you reach a large building and go inside.

Climb the stairs located directly north of the main entrance, and then climb the nearby Ladder up to the second floor. Talk to Professor Oddenstein, the eccentric-looking scientist in the room, and ask him about Ernest.

Talk to Professor Oddenstein

The Professor says that he has turned him into a chicken during one of his experiments. Tell him to change him back, and he says that his machine is broken and he needs several parts to get it running again. He needs a Pressure Gauge, a Rubber tube, and an Oil Can.

Professor Oddenstein: I'm missing the pressure gauge and a rubber tube. They've also taken my oil can...

Pressure Gauge & Rubber Tube

Fish FoodWith the list of needed items to get the machine running again, climb down the ladder to the first floor. Now enter the room directly south of the stairs and take the box of Fish Food from the table.

Take the Fish Food from the table

PoisonLeave the room and climb down the stairs leading to the ground floor. Now enter the kitchen in the northwest corner of the mansion. South of the range is a closet where you can find a bottle of Poison which you should take.

Take the Poison from the table

SpadeNow leave the kitchen and head into the eastern-most room where you will find a Spade on the floor in the northwest corner. Take the Spade and leave through the northern door. Walk around the Mansion, to reach the western side of the grounds. You will come upon a Compost Heap which you can Search to find a Grimy KeyGrimy Key.

Search the Compost Heap while carrying a Spade

Pressure GaugeContinue to the southwest corner of the grounds until you reach a Fountain filled with vicious Piranhas. Use the Poison with the Fish Food to poison it, and then use the Poisoned Fish Food with the Fountain to kill the Piranhas. Search it to find the Pressure Gauge.

Use the Poisoned Fish Food with the Fountain

Rubber TubeNow head northeast and go back inside Draynor Manor. Just north of the staircase is a small room where you will find the Rubber Tube, as well as a level 16 Skeleton guarding it. Simply run inside, take the Rubber Tube from the table, and then leave the room.

Take the Rubber Tube from the table. Beware of the aggressive Skeleton!

The Oil Can

Enter the room to the west of the main entrance room, and then search the Candle Sconce on the western wall to find a secret door.

Search the Candle Sconce on the wall

Now climb down the ladder into a basement filled with small rooms and levers on the walls. This is the tricky part of the quest, and you need to pull the levers in order and continue into the correct room. To help you with this quest, here is a map of the maze with the levers and doors which you can follow.

Draynor Manor Basement

Each lever has it's own color on this map, and each of the doors are labeled from 1-9. The following steps will allow you to access the Oil Can:

  1. Pull levers A and B up. 
  2. Go through door 1.
  3. Pull lever D up.
  4. Go through doors 2 and 3.
  5. Pull levers A and B down.
  6. Go through door 3, 4 and 5.
  7. Pull levers E and F up.
  8. Go through door 6 and 7. 
  9. Pull lever C up.
  10. Go through doors 7 and 6.
  11. Pull lever E down.
  12. Go through doors 6, 8 and 3.

Oil canNow you can go through door 9 and pick up an Oil Can.

Take the Oil Can

Fixing the Machine

Now go back up the ladder and pull the lever on the wall to open the secret door up. Head back upstairs to Professor Oddenstein and give him the parts to the machine. He'll fix it and turn Ernest back into a human, who will thank you for helping him.

Congratulations, you've finished the quest!

Congratulations! You have completed Ernest the Chicken!


  • 4 Quest Points
  • 3,000gp 10 noted Eggs 300 Feathers

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Talk to Veronica near entrance to Draynor Manor
  2. [^] Talk to Professor Oddenstein in 3rd floor
  3. [^] Take Fish Food from 2nd floor
  4. [^] Take Poison from a small room near the kitchen in 1st floor
  5. [^] Use Spade with Compost Heap west of the Manor
  6. [^] Use Poison with Fish Food
  7. [^] Use Poisoned Fish Food with Fountain southwest of the house
  8. [^] Search the Fountain to find a Pressure Gauge
  9. [^] Use Small Key with Door past the staircase in 1st floor
  10. [^] Take the Rubber Tube
  11. [^] Go down the ladder in Ava's room
  12. [^] Solve your way through the maze.
  13. [^] Take the Oil Can
  14. [^] Give Professor Oddenstein the Oil Can, Rubber Tube and Pressure Gauge
  15. [^] Quest Complete!

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