Fur 'n' Seek

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Essential Info

Start Point

Speak to the Odd Old Man near his shack at the quarry between Varrock and Paterdomus.



  • Difficulty: Novice
  • Length: Medium

Getting Started

To start this quest, speak to the Odd Old Man near his shack between Varrock and Paterdomus. The fastest way to get to him is by taking a Hot Air Balloon and using willow logs if you've unlocked the Varrock Route. The balloon will land just near the gate leading to the road to the quarry. The most convenient way is to use a Digsite Pendant to teleport you to the digsite. Then walk north. It seems that the Odd Old Man has a new task for you! Only this time, it involves gathering pelts and furs of animals instead of their bones. The Varrock museum called on him to improve their natural history section with stuffed animals. He obviously already has the bones, but now needs the pelts and furs to make them look real! Of course, he is too busy to do this by himself, so it's up to you.

Talk to the odd old man to begin the quest
Odd Old Man: Ah, you're still there!

The Instructions

After agreeing to help him, he will tell you how he wants the items. Firstly, he wants all of the samples to come from Fremennik Province.

Here is a map with their specific locations depicted.

Click to view a full-sized map of creature locations.

After getting these skins as drops they will need to be tanned, otherwise they would rot. However, taking them to a tanner would destroy the fur due to the chemicals. You will have to scrub the inside of the fresh skin with salt, purchasable from any Slayer master or the Grand Exchange. Next, you will need to dry them. Put some logs in the fire pit near the Odd Old Man's house, stretch the fur over the rib rack, and light the logs. Simply let it burn out and collect the fur from the rack.

Getting the Furs

All of the furs will have to be from animals indigenous to the Fremennik province. The list above includes both the animal and their location in the province. Once you kill the animal, you will get its fur. You will only have to kill the monster once. The drop will look like this.

Grizzly bear furAdult Grizzly Bear

Location: West of the swaying tree.

Bear Pelt

White Unicorn FurStuffed Adult White Unicorn

Location: South of the bears, by the river on the east side of the bridge to Rellekka near the foxes.

Unicorn hide

Fox furFox

Location: North of the bridge going to Rellekka.

Fighting a fox

Cave crawler hideCave Crawler

Location: Slayer dungeon.

Fighting a Cave crawler

Cockatrice hideCockatrice

Location: Slayer dungeon.


Black unicorn hideStuffed Adult Black Unicorn

Location: North near the middle of the forest, east of Rellekka.

fighting a black unicorn

Hobgoblin hideHobgoblin

Location: Northeast in Rellekka's gates, across the fence from the Rock Crabs. There are Hobgoblins within the town boundaries of Rellekka that you can walk right up to. They're in the same area as the in-town Rock Crabs - just east of the dock where you embark for Neitiznot and Jatizso on the shoreline.

Fighting a hobgoblin

Rock crab shellStuffed Rock Crab

Location: North east of Rellekka, outside of the gate.

Fighting a rock crab

Fenris wolf hideFenris Wolf

Location: South west of Rellekka.

Fighting a fenris wolf

There are some things you will need to know whilst tackling this hairy task. The Cockatrice has a gaze that can greatly damage a player, so make sure you have your Mirror shield on. Cave crawlers, although low leveled, have the potential to poison you. If you think you may be hit, bring an antipoison potion. Using the Fairy Rings (code AJR) is also extremely helpful. It's quick access to Rellekka, and you can get rock salt and a mirror shield from Chaeldar. Sea Snakes, located under Miscellania/Etcetera also drop the snake spine.

Furious Cleanup!

Once you have all of the pelts, take them, a tinderbox, eight logs, and nine bags of salt to the Odd Old Man's quarry. Since the bags of salt are stackable, you could easily scrub them out on the way there.

A large fire

After you've scrubbed out all of the pelts, individually use the logs on the fire, stretch the pelt over the huge rib rack to the west of the fire, and light the fire. When the fire burns out, collect your newly-tanned fur. Be patient while it burns out and repeat with the other seven.

Once you have all of the silky smooth furs, talk to the Old Man, and quest complete!

Congratulations! You have completed the Fur 'n' Seek Quest!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 2,500 Constitution experience 2,500 Slayer experience 1,500 Prayer experience 500 Crafting and Firemaking experience Unlock the Odd Old Man's new Wish List

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Speak to the Old Odd Man located in the limestone quarry on the road between Varrock and the Paterdomus.
  2. [^] He will tell you that you need furs, pelts, or skins from these animals in the Fremennik region: A stuffed rock crab, an adult white unicorn, an adult black unicorn, a cave crawler, a cockatrice, an adult grizzly bear, a Hobgoblin, a fox, and a Fenris wolf.
  3. [^] Kill each of these animals and you will get their skin on the first kill. The map provided above shows their locations.
  4. [^] Have nine bags of salt, 8 logs, a tinderbox, and nine of the furs in your inventory.
  5. [^] Go to the Old Odd Man's quarry to access the tanning facilities. Use a bag of salt on a fur, then use a log on the firepit next to the house. Finally place the fur on the rib rack, and light the fire. Wait for the fire to burn out and collect your newly-tanned fur.
  6. [^] Repeat for the rest of the furs except for the Rock Crab carcass.
  7. [^] Talk to the Old Odd Man to give him the furs.
  8. [^] Quest complete!


New Wish List

Upon completion, the Odd Old Man will have a neat new set of bones for you to gather! However, this time it's much more difficult. The requirements are greater and the beasts you will slay are tougher. Unlike with the furs, it will take multiple kills to get the special bone drop. There are twenty that you need to kill. After you've gotten them all, you will have to boil and polish the bones just like you did in the first Rag and Bone man quest. If you forget what bones you still need, check the Fur 'n' Seek quest journal under the Quest List.

Wish List

Essential Info

Skills: 70 Strength, 78 Slayer, 60 hunter.
Quests: Complete the Freeing Awowogei subquest of Recipe for Disaster.
Items: Dragonfire or anti-dragonfire shield, elemental or mind shield, Witchwood icon, Leaf bladed sword, leaf bladed spear, slayer dart runes, or broad arrows/bolts, Monkey greegree, high healing food such as sharks or manta rays, around 2,000 coins, any type of hatchet, waterskin, knife.

Recommended Skills: High leveled combat
Recommended Quests: Start a Fairy Tale Part II to access fairy rings.
Recommended Items: Slayer helmet.

The Task

New Wish List
List HintMonsterLocation
Foot bone of a large ape-like creature Cave Horror, Jungle Horror, or Monkey guard Mos Le'harmless dungeon is where you will find Cave horrors. Jungle horrors are just wandering around the jungle outside and west of the cave, and Ape Atoll
Sabre-like teeth Sabre-toothed Kyatt, Nail beasts Sabre-toothed Kyatts are located in the Fremennik Hunter area. Nail beasts are an enemy encountered during the Temple Trekking Activity.
Long, sharp claws Gorak, Nail beast, or Wall Beast Nail beasts are an enemy in the Temple Trekking Activity. Wall beasts are found in Lumbridge caves, Goraks can be accessed by using Fairy Ring code DIR.
Fibula bone of the third leg on an adult three-legged creature Turoth (level 89) Slayer dungeon
Very large hand Crawling hand Canifis Slayer tower
Tail-bone of 9 different members of the dragon family Bronze Dragon, Iron Dragon, Steel Dragon, Mithril Dragon, Green Dragon, Blue Dragon, Red Dragon, Black Dragon, and Skeletal Wyvern Bronze, Iron, Red and Steel dragons are located in Brimhaven dungeon. Green dragons are located in the wilderness, Mithril and brutal green dragons are located in the Ancient Cavern. Blue and Black dragons are located in Taverley dungeon, and the Evil Chicken's Lair in Zanaris. You will need a raw chicken to get there.. Skeletal Wyverns are located in Asgarnian's ancient caverns.
Neck bone of a camel Ugthanki Camel Kharidian Desert
Shoulder of a Giant Any type of giant Moss giants are located in Varrock Sewers, Hill Giants in Edgeville Dungeon
Spine of a giant snake Big snake Crash Island
Pelvis of a four-legged, magic-casting water creature that dwells in caves Aquanite Slayer Dungeon
Femur of a large follower of Bandos Bork in the Chaos Tunnels after the Hunt for Surok miniquest, or the General in the God War's Dungeon -
Humerus of a large tortoise Tortoise Mounted Tortoises are found in the Khazard Battlefield. Other tortoises are found in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, or the Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon
A Golden Fleece Golden Fleece Get this by paying Lalli 1,000gp. She is located west of the Slayer Dungeon near the Golden apple tree.

After you've gotten all the bones, go back to the Odd Old Man at the quarry. He will use the bones to assemble a level 320 Skeletal Horror in the arena located at the top of the stairs next to the fire pit. To defeat the monster, climb over the barrier at the bottom of the stairs. After a quick cut scene, you'll find yourself fighting the Skeletal Horror, with the Odd Old Man watching from the sidelines.

The Skeletal Horror attacks with multiple styles; the magic attack seems to be the fastest and to do the most damage. It's recommended to bring good food, prayer potions, and a superset, wear armour with high melee Defence, and pray against magic. He won't attack with the style you're praying against.

You may also want to bring a one-click teleport; however, you can also escape the battle by jumping over the bone barrier next to the Odd Old Man.

Fighting the skeletal horror

During the battle, first the right hand, then the left hand, and then finally the tail will get knocked off and fly across the arena. As soon as they land, they'll hop around trying to get back to the main body. You'll need to immediately run over, catch the body part, and bury it.

Each time you do, the Skeletal Horror will drop a combat level: first to 260, then to 180, then to 100. You need to be quick about it, since the parts reattach to the body as soon as they can, and will even jump out of your backpack after a short time! Once he loses his hands, he can't attack with Magic, so you can switch to Protect from Melee.

Fighting the skeletal horror

After the fight, you will have fully completed this quest. Talk to the Odd Old Man again, and he will thank you for freeing him. If you have a Bonesack or Ram Skull helm in your bank, he'll ask you to bring it to him before he rewards you.

Wish list complete!


  • Your choice of the Bonesack(e) or Ram Skull Helm(e) which can be used to teleport you to the arena to fight the Skeletal Horror once a week. (You may switch from one to the other at any time by talking to the Odd Old Man.) Subsequent fights will reward you with 1,250 Slayer XP and 1,000 Prayer XP.
  • 10,000 Slayer experience
  • 7,000 Prayer experience

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