Goblin Diplomacy

By: Simple013
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Essential Info

Start Point

Talk to one of the Goblin Generals in Goblin Village, found north of Falador.


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.


  • Difficulty: Novice
  • Length: Long

Getting Started

General BentnozeFirstly, visit the Goblin Village just north of Falador and speak to either General Wartface or General Bentnoze to hear them arguing back and forth about different armor colors. Ask them if they would like you to choose a color for them, and they both seem to agree on trying some Orange Goblin Mail.

Colored Goblin Mails

Woad leafSince Goblins will only drop regular Goblin Mail, you're going to need to color the armor somehow. Aggie, the witch in Draynor Village should be able to help you by making some colorful dyes. You need to have 3 different dyes made, and each one requires a different ingredient, along with 5gp:

Goblin armorRed Berries are found east of the Varrock Stone Circle. You can pick Onions from the garden just north of Rimmington, and Woad Leaves can be bought from Wyson the Gardener in Falador for just 20gp for a set of 2. Once you've gotten the 3 dyes, go back to the Goblin Village and start killing Goblins to get a Goblin Mail. Of course, you may also buy the dyes from other players, or from the Grand Exchange.

Orange goblin mailMix the Red and Yellow Dyes together to make an Orange Dye, and then use it with the mail to make an Orange Goblin Mail. Use this on either of the Generals and a cut-scene follows where Grubfoot will walk into a changing room and put it on.

That's Grubfoot trying on some Orange goblin mail

Blue goblin mailNeither of the Generals like it and they decide to try a blue mail. Use your Blue Dye with another Goblin Mail to get a Blue Goblin Mail. Again, use this with either General and a cut-scene with Grubfoot changing from Orange Mail to Blue Mail follows.

And there's Grubfoot trying on some blue goblin mail

Brown goblin mailStill the Generals aren't satisfied and want to try a Brown Goblin Mail. Brown is the default color of the goblin mail, so just use your last piece of goblin mail on one of the generals and once again a cut-scene of Grubfoot changing gear will be shown.

That's Grubfoot trying on some brown goblin mail

After this, both Generals agree this is the best color.

Quest complete!

Congratulations! You have completed the Goblin Diplomacy Quest!


  • 5 Quest Points
  • A Gold Bar 200 Crafting experience Two Spins on the Squeal of Fortune

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Talk to General Wartface or Bentnoze
  2. [^] Use Orange Dye on Goblin Mail
  3. [^] Use Orange Goblin Mail on either of the Generals
  4. [^] Use Blue Dye on Goblin Mail
  5. [^] Use Blue Goblin Mail on either of the Generals
  6. [^] Use the Brown Goblin Mail on General
  7. [^] Quest Complete!

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Published on: August 17, 2004 12:45 AM UTC by Salmoneus
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