Legacy of Seergaze

By: Arianna
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The ongoing battle between the Myreque, the Vampyres and Vyrewatch continues in part four of the quest series. Can Drezel's discovery help the Myreque in their fight? Assist the Myreque in their fight once again!

Table of Contents

Official Briefing

Mercenaries make their way into the rotten swamps of Morytania from Paterdomus to the front-lines at Burgh de Rott. The Vyrewatch continue to draw blood tithes from the pitiful citizens of Meiyerditch, the great ghetto-city of the Sanguinesti region, its weakened citizens growing fewer in number every day. The vampyres are getting more tithes from somewhere, but how long before House Drakan settles its eye upon Misthalin and the lands to the west?

What new efforts can the Myreque make in this struggle? A rumour drifts through the hard-bitten mercenaries assembled near Paterdomus: something suspicious is happening in the main temple, something odd even for the border of Morytania and Misthalin... What's more, Drezel has made a curious discovery beneath the well in the Paterdomus basement - something that harkens back to Morytania's bloody and terrible past. And what of the mysterious Safalaan? Surely he has more adventurous tasks for an enthusiastic, young and recently-promoted private of the Myreque.

What new secrets are to be discovered in Morytania? Can the Myreque strike back against the dread Vyrewatch?

Essential Info

Start Point

Talk to the Mercenary Adventurer at the Burgh de Rott Ramble start point, east of Paterdomus.



  • Difficulty: Experienced
  • Length: Long

Getting Started

Required Items: None. Bring some combat equipment for at least 2 styles and some food though, so you won't have to bank later.

Mercenary Adventurer

Talk to the Mercenary Adventurer (and NOT the Adventurer) to start the quest. He wants to get to Burgh de Rott, but has seen something suspicious happening in Paterdomus... A few Saradominists and Zamorakians were seen entering the main Paterdomus temple, and he suggests that Drezel should be warned about this.

Go inside the temple and talk to Drezel.

User: Hey, Drezel. I was just talking to an adventurer waiting for a guide down to Burgh de Rott...

He'll agree on the fact that it is strange, and he'll tell you that some strange things have happened in the Colombarium below. In fact, some tombs have been broken and weird writings were found.

Climb-down stairway

Head towards the Colombarium (exit from the gate west of Drezel, then go through the stairwell in the northern wall), and look around.

Search wall storage

In the northeastern part of the room there is a wall storage that has been broken and something shining can be seen from outside: search the wall storage and see - it's a blood talisman!

You search the wall recess, and see something interesting behind.
User: Blimey! A blood talisman!

You can't seem to be able to open it, though.


Required Items: Combat equipment (2 styles), food.
Helpful Items: Ancient mace

The rest of the Colombarium is uninteresting for now, so get out of it, and head towards the main temple (take the path west of where you get with the stairs). Enter the temple, and go up two flights of stairs.

A cutscene will start, showing you three Zamorakians and three Saradominists discussing what seem to be battle plans.

Eh, strangers?

After a while, though, you are discovered. Four guys teleport away, and two stay behind to fight you.

Mysterious Person: Guards! Kill this intruder then clean the room!
Zaromark Sliver and Fistandantalus

They are both level 110: one uses Ranged and the other uses Magic and Melee attacks. As easy as one might think they are, they use prayer throughout the fight, and can switch prayers from one to the other, which is why I advised to bring items for two or more combat styles. I personally found that melee and ranged work pretty well, along with ranged armour. You could also bring along a set of Verac's Barrows armor to ignore the prayer, thus eliminating the need for two different combat styles.

Note: Verac's Barrows armour is ineffective against the guards, and cannot be used to "ignore" Prayer during combat here.

They are also vulnerable to poison, which is why it's a good idea to bring a poisoned weapon with you. When you bring one of them close to dying, he'll get knocked out and will be unable to resume the fight. If you have an Ancient Mace from "Another Slice of H.A.M.", you can use it.

When both are almost dead, they'll teleport away.

User: This isn't over! I'm going to rid the world of you for good!

Search the crude table nearby, and you'll end up with a Zamorakian book page and a glove with Saradomin's symbol on it. Return to Drezel and talk with him. He takes your evidence and tells you to take the Mercenary Adventurer to Burgh de Rott.

You find a page from a book and a white glove and put them into your inventory.

Ramblin', Cruisin'

Required Items: some food and combat equipment for your preferred combat style. You can bank in Canifis.

You'll end up doing a Burgh de Rott Ramble. You can choose either of the three routes: Route One is the easiest, Route Two is intermediate, Route Three is the hardest one. If you fail, you'll have to restart from Paterdomus.

As soon as you successfully arrive in Burgh De Rott, the Mercenary will reveal himself to be Ivan Strom (who you had to escort and save in the quest In Aid Of The Myreque) who came to help the rest of the resistance, despite he was warned not to.

Ivan Strom: Hey, thanks for getting me to Burg de Rott, [username]. Now I can go and see my friends.

When Ivan leaves, go to the dilapidated inn (there is an Inn symbol, you can't miss it) and down the trapdoor to the Myreque hideout, and talk to Veliaf about all the topics you can, particularly about the Saradominists and the Zamorakians you saw.

He'll give you a crate of supplies, which you'll have to bring to Safalaan, in Meiyerditch's Myreque hideout. If you still have your Shortcut Key, take it - it eases the trip through Meiyerditch by a longshot.

Welcome to Meiyerditch

Helpful Items: Vyrewatch clothes, Pickaxe, Shortcut Key, 3 air runes and 1 cosmic rune, some good food to maximize free inventory slots. If you bring all of this you won't need to bank anymore until almost the very end.

Navigating through Meiyerditch is hard, since it's a city built in an extremely chaotic way. For instructions on how to get through Meiyerditch to the Myreque hideout, refer to The Darkness of Hallowvale Quest Guide. You can use the shortcuts indicated in the map if you have your Shortcut Key - if you don't, you can always pick another up from Safalaan, but you'll have to navigate through Meiyerditch to reach him. If you have a Pickaxe with you, just wait until a Vyrewatch notices you, and you'll be sent to work in the Daeyalt mines, which are in the northernmost part of the city.

As soon as you've gotten in the Myreque hideout trapdoor, talk to Safalaan, in the northern room.

Talk to Safalaan

He'll say he's pretty busy and will redirect you to Flaygian Screwte, his researcher. Talk to him (he's in the same room), and he'll explain how his research shows that Vampyres and Vyrewatches alike have a kind of limited "mind reading" ability, so that they can predict your next attack and take countermeasures to avoid taking damage from it.

Flaygian Screwte: Well, they can sort of 'predict' the next attack manouvre...

It seems that silver weapons are a little more unpredictable compared to normal ones and that's why they hurt vampyres (along with the famous repulsion the undead have for silver), but one needs to be a better method in order to be able to hurt vyrewatches, which seem to be immune to all materials.

Now, ask one of the fighters (Andiess Juip or Kael Forshaw) what they think about unpredictable weapons, and, after some thought, their conclusion will be that a flail is indeed an extremely unpredictable weapon which requires mastery in order not only to attack the opponent, but to not hurt oneself! They'll also mention that a recruit was reading a book on weapons as bedtime reading, and you should get information from it.

Search the lockers and the bunk beds in the central room until you find a book on weapons.

You find a curious book about different weapons and combat techniques.

Be sure to note down the pages where flails are discussed, because you'll need them soon, and are random for everyone!

The entry on flails at page 75 is quite brief...

In fact, Flaygian asks where to look as soon as you tell him - he looks like a busy man indeed. When you tell him the correct page number, he'll give you a hammer and ten nails to make a makeshift stair, à la Meiyerditch style. You, also, are told to check out the conditions of an old furnace in the northern part of the city.

Disco Inferno

Map of meiyerditch

The house is the one circled in red in the map above. The furnace is hidden by a pile of rubble and the door is locked, but the next door house (circled in pink) has a wooden beam you can use to construct the makeshift ladder Flaygian told you about. Use the nails with the wooden post in the center of the house and climb it.

Climb up wooden post

After you've climbed the post, jump to the floorboards on the east, then on the ones north, and look for a damaged wall in the house with the furnace, and jump through.

Jump-onto Damaged Wall

Climb the ladder up. You should then find a bronze pickaxe, some coal and a tinderbox: if they aren't there, just wait for them to respawn.

Look in the nearby trough: you'll notice a furnace funnel, therefore the furnace has to be there, downstairs!

You spot a furnace with a funnel below.

Climb the ladder down, and then down again. Search the mass of debris, and your character will start picking away the rubble from the furnace.

Search mass of debris
Examine empty furnace

Once the furnace is free, use the coal with it, and then the tinderbox: the furnace will be operational again! Go back to the hideout and tell Flaygian. If you don't have any tinderboxes in bank, keep it since you'll need one later on.

He'll tell you about Silvthril, which is an alloy of Silver and Mithril, which is said to have particular properties against vampyres, and that a flail is made of a chain and of a heavy object at the tip of the chain: he knows that the chain can be made of Silvthril, but he has no clue about the head of the flail.

Take the mithril and the silver from the barrel (you need just one of each), a blessed silver sickle from the shelves (you'll need it later) and the chain mould from the crate in the southern room, next to the stairs up.

Stroll to the furnace, craft a chain, and report back to Flaygian, who will ask you if you found a suitable headpiece for the flail: show him a blessed silver sickle (if you haven't gotten it before, it's on the shelves near Flaygian), and after some thought, he'll agree on the fact that it can be a great flail head, and he'll take both the sickle and the chain from you.

Flaygian Screwte: You know what, you're right! It's the absolutely perfect thing.

He also states that, if you managed to stick an emerald on the sickle, the flail's stun charges could be raised to 30.

Talk to Safalaan, and he'll introduce you to his two fighters, Andiess and Kael. He will, then, propose an expedition to the laboratory (see Darkness of Hallowvale), and he'll set off with Andiess and Kael, telling you to follow him. Before doing so, take a saw from the shelves next to Flaygian, go to the laboratory and as soon as you enter it, a cutscene will start.

Indiana Jones Ain't Got Nothin' On Me...

Oh no! Safalaan and the Myreque fighters!

Enter the laboratory, and you'll see that Safalaan, Andiess and Kael are lying unconscious on the floor. Look at them, and they'll jump up scaring you to death. Ha, ha, ha, some jesters they are.

Safalaan: I knew it! Have to keep the spirits up, you know!

After this little prank, Safalaan will tell you that the doors themselves are very solid, however the terrain around them is very unstable, and digging or breaking the door will probably make everything collapse.

Using the saw you picked up earlier, you can cut off a piece of the doors so that you can pass without compromising the doors' stability (use the saw with the doors).

Climb through door

Safalaan and the others will run forward, and they'll tell you to meet them deeper in the dungeon. Follow the path, and as soon as it opens in two rooms, run past the Mutated Bloodvelds (level 146 monsters) and turn left as soon as you are forced to, and then go forward through the path until you come across a big room: enter it.

Safalaan will then instruct you to check out some rocks in the northern part of the room while they will look at other room's features. Look at those rocks...they resemble a Runecrafting ruin, don't they? Wait, they ARE Runecrafting ruins, although you can't enter them since you don't have the talisman.

Be sure to search the corpse next to the ruins, to find 1 law rune, 1 cosmic rune, 4 air runes and 5 fire runes. Keep the cosmic and air runes, as you will need them later on, but feel free to keep or discard the others as you wish.

You search the strange, skull-shaped rock.

Report to Safalaan, who will say that he's worried about the mission being in danger... a cutscene will follow: one of the Myreque will be knocked out instantly, while the other will run as he had vyrewatches behind him...well, he does.

Vyrewatch: Slurp! Meat sacks!

You're left with Safalaan to fight off the Vyrewatches, but neither of you can hurt them.

As soon as Safalaan loses enough Life Points, though, something strange happens to him. A burst of supernatural power bursts from him, blasting the Vyrewatches away.


After that, you walk back to the hideout (you don't have to actually walk back).

How to Flail

In the hideout, talk to Safalaan again, and he'll give you four items: a sickle, an emerald, a silvthril chain and a Rod of Ivandis. Use the emerald on the sickle while having a chisel in your inventory (you can pick one up from the shelves), then cast Level-2 Enchant on the sickle, and then use it with the chain.

You'll have made the Flail of Ivandis!

User: Hi, Safalaan, I've made the Ivandis Flail!

Ivandis flailTalk to Safalaan again, and he'll congratulate you on your success: now he has a task for you, test the flail's effectiveness in against a vyrewatch!

Okay, then! Here I go! One dead Vyrewatch coming up!

Vyrewatches can be found anywhere in Meiyerditch - just stay outside the houses and you'll see one eventually. They can be anywhere from level 110 to level 140, and attack with melee only.

Tip: To find one of the weaker Vyrewatch, head north of the house that you used to jump across to the Myreque hideout. After a few paces you will find a level 110.

Killing a vyrewatch

You don't need to use any stun special if you don't want to; just pummel the vyrewatch until it dies, and pick up the vyre corpse it will leave behind.

Take vyre corpse

Take the corpse to Safalaan, who will instruct you to report to Veliaf and Drezel.

Then take some vyrewatch remains to Drezel to see what his thoughts are


Items: Teak pyre logs or better, a tinderbox. Bank in Burgh de Rott or Canifis.

Note: If you don't have pyre logs, you can buy them on the Grand Exchange (unlikely) or use sacred oil on logs to make them pyre logs. If you need more information about making sacred oil, refer to the Shades of Mort'ton guide.

Hey veliaf, well met.

Stop by Veliaf first, who will listen to your adventures, although with some disbelief, but will ultimately redirect you to Drezel for more detailed instructions on how to deal with the corpse. Hop over to Paterdomus.

Talk to Drezel and exhaust all the speech options: he will acknowledge the existence of a poor, tortured soul in the corpse and asks you to set it free. How? You've learned it when you first set up funeral pyres.

Drezel: I sense a terrible turmoil within: a soul lost in oblivion, wracked with guilt...

Go into the Colombarium, use the pyre logs with the pyre beds,

Use Yew Pyre Logs -> Funeral Pyre

then put the vyre corpse on it,

Use Vyre Corpse -> Funeral Pyre

and then light the pyre, releasing the soul.

The soul of the vyrewatch will be released.

Blood talismanIt will leave an ornate key on the pedestal, which you can use with the broken locker to retrieve a blood talisman! Talk to Drezel again, who will appreciate your gesture, and then tell everything to Veliaf, who will then give you the much-deserved rewards.

Quest complete!

Congratulations! You have completed Legacy of Seergaze!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • Tome of Experience - 2,500 experience on any three skills over level 35. Ivandis Flail Blood Talisman 3,000 Magic experience 2,000 Agility experience 4,000 Crafting experience Access to the new dungeon below Meiyerditch. Access to the blood altar in the dungeon below Meiyerditch. Access to the Vyrewatch event in the Temple Trekking Activity. Ability to craft blood runes at 77 Runecrafting.


The Flail

Ivandis Flail equipment screen

Unlocked Music Tracks

  • Conspiracy 1
  • Conspiracy 2
  • The Colombarium
  • The Terrible Tunnels
  • The Terrible Caverns

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