Lost City

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Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by speaking to the Warrior at the campsite southeast of Draynor Village.


  • Skills: Decent Magic or Ranged level
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: Combat Runes or supplies (and required level) to Fletch a bow and arrows, Food, Runes for teleportation


  • Difficulty: Experienced
  • Length: Medium

Getting Started


At the beginning of the quest, the only item you need to bring is your hatchet. To start the quest, talk to the warrior in the swamp south of Lumbridge

Talk to the warrior in lumbridge swamp

To squeeze the information you want out of him, ask him the following:

Do you know any good adventures I can go on?

Finally, he spills the beans:

Of course we know!

So, a Leprechaun in a nearby tree, eh? Walk slightly north-west to find an average tree. However, when you hover your mouse above it, it gives you the option "Chop tree" and not "Chop down tree".

Chop tree

Once you've chopped at it, Shamus the Leprechaun will appear. Tell him that you've been inside that shed many times before, and he will tell you about the Dramen staff, the staff needed to enter the Lost City.

Shamus: Dramenwood staffs are crafted  from branches of the dramen tree...

Preparing For Entrana

On Entrana, you'll be up against a level 90 Tree Spirit, and on Entrana you aren't allowed weapons or armour! But do not fear, there are ways around it:


For magic, you should take the following equipment:

  • Items to craft magical weapons/gear. At the bare minimum you must bring items to craft a wand. Crafting materials for armor helps too. Don't forget the thread!
  • A set of wizard robes and a wizard hat
  • An Amulet of Glory, an Amulet of Magic or an Amulet of Power
  • Runes for the strongest spell you can cast
  • Teleport runes (if you do not want to use the lodestone teleport or Draynor teleport).
  • A knife
  • Some food (Lobsters or above are recommended)
  • A spare inventory slot

Note: You cannot take staves onto Entrana.


For ranged, you should (not recommeded given the combat triangle) take the following equipment:

  • An Amulet of Glory, an Amulet of Power or An Amulet of Accuracy
  • An unstrung bow of the highest power that your ranged and fletching levels permit
  • Equal amounts of arrow heads, feathers and arrow shafts (Only take arrow heads that you have the fletching level to use)
  • A bowstring
  • Teleport runes
  • Food (Lobsters or above are recommended)
  • A knife
  • A spare inventory slot

Entrana and the Tree Spirit

Now make your way to Port Sarim and talk to the monks to sail to Entrana:

Monk of Entrana: Do you seek passage to holy entrana?

Go round the island, by heading first east beyond the church, then north over a bridge, then finally cross all the way to the west to find a dungeon.

A map of the route to the cave entrance

The monk will warn you before going down:

Cave monk: Be careful going in there! You are unarmed and there is much evilness lurking down there!

Tell him you're willing to proceed, and you will go down the ladder. Now is the time to make and equip the weapons and gear from the materials you brought along. Always craft your wand (or bow) first, otherwise you may forget and end up with not enough materials to craft the wand. Make sure you only make one of each combat item. Crafting is normally set to the maximum amount you can make so set the amount to 1

Take bronze axe

Now continue along the passage, and run past the Greater Demons and aggressive Zombies (turn auto retaliate off for this part) and head to the south.

You are now at the Dramen Tree. Now would be the right time to turn on any prayers and use any stats potions you intend to use during the fight. To start the fight, simply cut the tree using the hatchet found in your tool belt.

An aggressive Tree Spirit will appear, but fighting it is easier than you would think because there is an area you can stand and range/mage the Tree Spirit without it reaching you. The location is shown in the picture below. To start the fight, try to cut the tree. The spirit will appear and you can run behind the mushrooms to the safe spot. The spirit can only use melee attacks so your character is safe behind the mushrooms from its attacks whilst still being able to launch magic and range attacks against the spirit.

Fighting the tree spirit

Dramen branchOnce you defeat it, you will be able to cut branches from the tree:

With the tree spirit defeated you can now chop the tree

Dramen staffTeleport or homeport to Lumbridge. Now use the knife with the Dramen Branch to obtain the Dramen Staff.

Tip: If you can't homeport and forgot your teleport runes, you can head back in to the room with the Greater Demons, head north and use the portal to the Draynor Village

Walk over to the shack in the Lumbridge swamp, it is slightly east of the water altar.

The shack in the lumbridge swamp

Equip your staff and go in.

Congratulations, quest complete!

Congratulations! You have completed the Lost City of Zanaris Quest!


  • 3 Quest Points
  • The ability to cut Dramen Branches and make Dramen Staffs. The ability to enter Zanaris by wielding the Dramen Staff and entering the Shed. You can now wield Dragon Longswords and Daggers, and you can buy them from the market in Zanaris by giving a Cut Diamond to the Guard.

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Talk to the Warrior
  2. [^] Attempt to cut the tree with the 'Chop Tree' option
  3. [^] Talk to Shamus the Leprechaun
  4. [^] Head to Entrana
  5. [^] Head down the ladder on the North-Western side of Entrana
  6. [^] Create your combat gear
  7. [^] Go to the Dramen Tree and try to cut it
  8. [^] Kill the Tree Spirit
  9. [^] Cut a branch from the Dramen Tree and use it with your knife
  10. [^] Exit the Dungeon
  11. [^] Head to the shack in the Lumbridge
  12. [^] Enter the shack with your Dramen Staff equipped
  13. [^] Quest Complete


Defeating the Tree Spirit at Level 3

Although it may seem unlikely, it is actually easily possible. You will need the following:

  • Two friends, one of them should have a high Constitution level (Preferably over 70)
  • 4 Rings of recoil
  • About 75 Pieces of very good food (Sharks, pineapple pizza's, monkfish, etc.)
  • Runes for the 'Weaken' Spell
  • Runes for the 'Air Strike' Spell or supplies to make a bow and about 45 bronze arrows
  • Materials to make a low level magic weapon or ranged weapon.
  • One 'Saradomin Brew' Potion

The trick is to make the game think you killed it, even though your friend does. This is because in the killing of a monster, the damage from rings of recoil do not count as damage inflicted by the player. Thus, by only hitting one damage on it, the kill counts as your own.

Give the 4 rings of recoil, the runes for the spell 'Weaken' and a full inventory of food to your friend with high Constitution. Give a full inventory of food to your other friend, and fill up your own inventory with food.

Head to the dungeon as described in the guide (if you are using ranged make your equipment now. Have them give it to you, then move on to the area where the Dramen Tree. Drink your Saradomin Brew, and chop at the tree. Run to the safespot shown in the picture above and use wind strike or your bow on the spirit until you hit for 10 Life Points. Now wait 10 seconds, and then have your friend who has the rings of recoil cast Weaken on the spirit. Make sure he/she has auto retaliate off!

Now the spirit should be attacking your friend. Every time the spirit hits some damage on your friend, it will take a small amount of damage itself. Now you have to wait for it to kill itself by hurting you: When a ring of recoil shatters (they shatter after 400 damage), put on a new one. When your friend asks for it, drop food at his feet so he can pick it up to heal itself.

Should your friends hit any damage at all on it, you have to start over again.

Once it dies, you will be able to chop the tree. Now homeport out and continue with the rest of the quest.

Note: If you take too long to kill the Tree Spirit, it may disappear and you will need to fight it again.

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