Mourning's Ends Part II

By: Neo Avatars
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Original Guide by: Grey Venom, Sir sibannac

Essential Info

Start Point

Speak to Arianwyn in Lletya.



  • Difficulty: Master
  • Length: Long

Getting Started

Speak to Arianwyn in Lletya and tell him what the Mourners are trying to do. He will tell you that you must stop them reaching the Temple of Light. Head to the Mourner HQ and speak to the Head Mourner. You must be wearing only your Mourners Outfit from Mourning's End Part 1. If you don't have it then you can get another set by killing another level 11 Mourner on the Elven Overpass.

New KeyIf you take any of the Mourner Equipment off or wield anything else in the area of the Dungeon that you can access without a Key, you will be attacked by a level 108 Mourner. The Head Mourner will tell you that a digging team has gone missing and will give you a New Key to unlock the locked door. Go through the door and head towards the West end of the Dungeon.

Map of the dungeon

Head past the level 150 Dark Beasts (which are not aggressive). When you get towards the end of the Dungeon you will see a cut-scene. The are Mourners lying around dead on the floor. There are two Shadows that may attack you here so head back to a safer spot or teleport out as quickly as you can.

Head back to Arianwyn and tell him what you saw. He will tell you that you must restore a protection mechanism to stop the Mourners reaching the Temple. He also wants you to get him a sample of the protection crystal because she says it will be darkened.

Withdraw a Chisel from your Bank and head back to the dead Mourners and search the first one you get to leaning against the North wall of the tunnel.

The dead Mourner

JournalColourwheelYou will get his Journal and a Colorwheel. If you wish, you can read the journal for information on him and the Temple before you enter.

Tips for Navigating the Temple

There are several things that you can do to make your stay in the Temple shorter and less painful.

  • Put on Protect from Melee to limit the amount of damage the Shadows hit on you. They have fairly low Defence but very high Attack and Strength levels.
  • There are two places in the Temple that you are safe from Shadows. These are down the stairs accessible from the center of the Top Floor and over the Low Wall in the Southern half of the Middle Floor.
  • To get to the North half of the Top Floor go down and up the stairs situated in the center of the floor.
  • To get to Top Floor climb up the Stairs near the South of the Middle Floor. Not the Ladder.
  • To get to the very North part of the Top Floor you must climb the ladder at the North of the Middle floor.
  • You can fall when trying to climb up or down any of the Ladders and get hit 50 or 60 Life Points.
  • There are Traps hidden in the walls that will appear when you walk directly past them. If you don't manage to jump over them you will get hit 50 Life Points.
  • When trying to cross the gap in the South-East corner of the Middle Floor you will fall quite a bit. It isn't just you having bad luck, it happens to everybody. Just take a sip of Agility Potion and try again.
  • Have Auto-retaliate on at all times so you can easily kill any Shadows that attack you.
  • Don't let your Prayer Points drop below 10.

Getting a Crystal Sample

Head into the Temple and climb up the stairs directly in front of you. Go South and climb the stairs to the West of the path. Just North of these stairs is a trap so step across to the other side and walk past. Go down the stairs to the North and up the ones directly ahead. Go East and then South into a large room. The Crystal will be in here.

The dark crystal

Crystal SampleUse your Chisel with this Crystal to obtain a sample and take it back to Arianwyn. Talk to him and he will summon Eluned to enchant it. Use the Crystal on her and then talk to her. She will give you a Newly Made CrystalNewly Made Crystal.

Return to the Temple with equipment for a relatively long stay. If you want to have to Bank no more than once while sorting out the doors then it is recommended you bring equipment that looks something like this.

Mourner gear

Regular gear

  • Full Mourners equipped - You will be unable to access the temple if you do not have full mourners gear equipped or you have anything but full mourners equipped
  • Ardougne Teleport - Quick exit
  • Key - Unlock Door
  • Armour with high melee defence. If this is not possible then armour with a high prayer bonus would suffice
  • Dragon Mace - A reasonable weapon to kill shadows with a high prayer bonus
  • A shield or a god book
  • High tier food, preferably sharks (or if you are level 93 hitpoints or above rocktails)
  • Prayer restoring potions
  • Agility potion - Will help you get across some hard to pass obstacles
  • Energy potion - For restoring energy while running around. An explorer's ring 4 can also be used if agility potions are not an option
  • Saradomin Brew - This health restoring potion can extend your trip as there are more life points in one inventory slot of a saradomin brew than a shark or rocktail. Watch out though; this potion will lower your offensive stats, making it harder to kill shadows
You will also at some point in this quest need a rope. However you are not likely to get to that point on your first trip.

Door 1

Required Items: 4 Mirrors, Yellow Crystal

Head up the stairs near the entrance to get to the Middle Floor. On the East wall is a lever that you must pull and then click on again to collect the things inside. It looks like a door on the mini-map. To pull the lever you should right-click otherwise it will be extremely hard to actually select it.

Map of the dungeon

MirrorThere is a pillar beside the lever that you must use a Mirror with. The beam of light will be pointing South so you should click on the Pillar and chose to rotate the Mirror. Something will come up in the top-right corner of the screen that will let you rotate it.

Rotate the mirror

The top of the Mirror is longer than the bottom of it. Click the button that says "Rotate mirror" until the beam of light is heading North. Head to the next Pillar to the North and insert another Mirror, this time making the beam of light head West. At the next Pillar insert a Mirror and make the light go South. Head South and instead of inserting a Mirror into the Pillar you should put the Yellow Crystal Yellow crystal in. This will make the beam of light turn Yellow.

The beam of light turns yellow

You will now have one Mirror left. Head South and there will be a ladder. North of the ladder is a Pillar that you must insert your final Mirror into. Rotate the Mirror so the light goes East and then try to cross the Hand holds.

Crossing the hand holds

Go through the door and open the Chest.

Door 2

Required Items: 4 Mirrors, Yellow Crystal, Cyan Crystal

Map of the dungeon

Head back to the lever and pull it to reset the puzzle. Collect all the Mirrors and Crystals from the tray and place a Mirror in the Pillar just to the West of you. Rotate the mirror so the light heads north. At the next pillar, insert a mirror and have the light head west. Then, put the Cyan Crystal Cyan crystal into the next pillar. At the next pillar to the west, insert a mirror and direct the light to the north, then put a mirror into the next pillar and make it go east. Put the yellow crystal into the next pillar east to get a green beam of light, and enter the magenta door. Search the chest and you will receive two mirrors.

Door 3

Required Items: 7 Mirrors, Cyan Crystal

Map of the dungeon

Head back to the lever and Pull it to reset the puzzle. Collect all the Mirrors and Crystals from the tray and place a Mirror in the Pillar just to the West of you. Make the light head North, West and then insert the Cyan Crystal in the next pillar you get to. At the corner make the light head North and then East again. At the next Pillar the light needs to head up. You can see that the light is going up because a beam of light comes out of the top of the Pillar.

Cyan beam

Head up the ladder that you are standing beside and insert a Mirror into the Pillar to the South of you. Make the light get deflected to the West. You will see that the light changes color as it goes through the wall.

Head back down the ladder and go South to the Ladder beside the hand-holds. Climb up it and head to the stairs in the center of this floor. Go down them and up the ones directly in front of you. Head West and through a part of the Temple that is only 1 square wide. There are several traps that you will come across trying to go through this narrow passage. Once you are through head North to the Pillar. This is where is gets complicated. You need to insert a Mirror and make the light head down. To do this make the top be facing East and the bottom facing West. There will be no visible light coming out.

Head back down to the Ground Floor and go to the North-West corner. Go through the door and rotate the Mirror already fused into the Pillar so that it is hitting the other door (to the South). Head through this door and follow the passage to the East. At the end of this passage will be a Chest that you must search. Head back through the door and rotate the Mirror so that the light is heading East and you can exit.

Door 4

Required Items: 8 Mirrors, Yellow Crystal, Rope

Map of the dungeon

Don't pull the lever, but head back to where you put the Cyan Crystal in for Door 3, remove it and replace it with a Yellow Crystal. Head back to where you made the light head down and change it so that the beam is heading South. From here head South to the second Pillar you come to and insert a Mirror. Rotate it so the top is facing North and the bottom facing South.

Go down the stairs to the Middle Floor. In the bottom-left quarter of this floor is a room that you are safe from Shadows in. Climb over the Low Wall to enter then use a Rope with the Rocks on the West side of the hole. This Rope will stay here for future use.

Use the rope with the rock

Climb down the Rope and head West. Go through the Door and search the Chest.

Door 5

Required Items: 10 Mirrors, Yellow Crystal, Blue Crystal, Fractured Crystal (North side smooth)

Map of the dungeon

Pull the lever and collect all the Mirrors and Crystals from the tray. Set it up so that you open Door 1 again. Go through the door and insert the Blue Crystal Blue crystal into the Pillar. Remove the Yellow Crystal and the Mirror reflecting the light into the door from their Pillars and make the light from the pillar south of the collapsed wall go upwards

Head up to the Top Floor, cross the stairs in the middle of the floor and put a Mirror in the Pillar just North-East of the stairs. Make the light go South through several walls. Cross the stairs again, and find the pillar directly south of the wall. Use the Fractured Crystal with this Pillar. Light will reflect off it in all 4 compass directions.

Head west from the fractured crystal pillar. Put a mirror into this pillar and make the light head down. The top of the Mirror should be to the East and the bottom to the West. Go back to the Fractured Crystal and go South. Place a mirror in the pillar near the ladder, and make the light head east. Go east until you reach the end of this new beam. Put a mirror in the pillar you have reached and make the light go down by having the top of the mirror west.

Return to the ground floor, and locate the pillar with green light coming from the top. Put a mirror in and direct the beam to the south. Head South and reflect the light to the East, making it possible to get through the door. Insert your final Mirror into the Pillar and make the light go North. Head through the yellow door and search the chest.

Door 6

Required Items: 13 Mirrors, Yellow Crystal, Blue Crystal, both Fractured Crystals

Map of the dungeon

Reset the puzzle and collect the Mirrors and Crystals. Place a Mirror in the Pillar beside the collector so it heads North. Head North a Pillar and make the light go down. The top should be to the South and the bottom to the North. Go down to the Ground Floor and head North a Pillar. Insert a Mirror and make the light go West. Follow the beam West 1 Pillar and insert the newest Fractured Crystal Fractured crystal. The smooth side on this is to the East. If you have put in the wrong one then change it.

Walk around the room that you can't get to that is just North of you and find where the light goes through another Pillar. Insert a Mirror into this so that the light heads up. Go back up to the Middle Floor and head to the Pillar next to the ladder in the North. Insert the Yellow Crystal into this and then head up the ladder. Insert a Mirror into the Pillar next to you and make the light go West. The beam will go through the Color changing Pillar and change color.

Head to the North-West corner of the Top Floor again, inserting a Mirror into the Pillar to make the light head South. Follow the beam South 1 Pillar and insert another Mirror. Make the light head East to a fixed Pillar on the bridge across the middle which will make the light head down.

Go back to the Pillar with the Fractured Crystal in and head South 1 Pillar. Insert the other Fractured Crystal into this Fractured crystal. Insert Mirrors into the Pillars both East and West of this, making the light head upwards with both.

Climb all the way up to the Top Floor and find the Pillar just South-West of the stairs in the center of the room. Put a Mirror into this Pillar and make the light head West. The light will hit into a fixed Mirror and go down to the Ground Floor.

Go East 2 Pillars and insert a Mirror which should make the light head West. 1 Pillar West of here place another Mirror, making the light head North through several walls. Go across the stairs in the center of the floor and find the Pillar that the light goes through. Insert your final Mirror into this so the light heads West. With your Blue Crystal, go West 1 Pillar and insert it.

Go down the stairs in the middle of the floor, then go down again. You can now pass through the final door. Rotate the Mirror in front of the door so the light hits the four-way Mirror.


Item listHead through one of the three doors to the West and you will see a cut-scene and Thorgel the Dwarf will appear. He says that he will give you a Death Talisman if you get 50 items for him and will give you an Item List. On it is a list of 50 items. 47 of them everybody gets and the other 3 will be a Key, a Book and a Ticket. Read your list to see which your Key, Book and Ticket are then go back through the door you entered from.

Note: You can get a Death/Omni Talisman, Tiara or Staff from another player so that you can enter the Death Altar. However, you won't be rewarded by Thorgel with a Death Talisman of your own.

Rotate the Pillar that you rotated to give you access to the Altar so that you can climb back up the stairs. Don't forget to do this otherwise you will have to enter via a tunnel near where you talk to Klank and his friends during the Underground Pass Quest. If you do forget to change the Mirror then there are two ways to get back. You can either go all the way through the Underground Pass and walk to Klank and his friends or you can enter the tunnel in Isafdar and then when you cross the gaps in the bridges if you fall just run straight South and you will arrive at the correct place.

Descend Cave Stairs

The 50 Items

Everybody will have to get these 47 items:

Items Everybody Needs
Image Name How to Obtain
Baby Dragon Bones Babydragon Bones Kill a Baby Blue Dragon in Taverley Dungeon or a Baby Red Dragon in Brimhaven Dungeon
Ball of Wool Ball of Wool Spin some Wool on a Spinning Wheel or buy from the Ardougne General Store
Bronze Bar Bronze Bar Smelt Copper and Tin together or buy from the Shantay Pass
Bronze Med Helm Bronze Med Helm Smith a Bronze Bar or buy from the Barbarian Village Helmet Shop
Bucket of Milk Bucket of Milk Milk a Dairy Cow with a Bucket in your inventory
Cake tin Cake Tin Found on the Second Floor of the Cooking Guild, can also be bought in General Stores
Cheese Cheese Bought from Port Sarim Food Store or found in Aggie the Witch's House in Draynor Village
Chisel Chisel Bought fromany General Store or found in the Crafting Guild
Cooked Meat Cooked Meat Successfully cook a piece of Meat
Egg Egg Spawns in Lumbridge Chicken Pens
Facemask Facemask Bought from one of the Slayer Masters
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod Bought from Port Sarim, Shilo Village or Catherby Fishing Stores
Flax Flax Picked south of Seers' Village, in the Gnome Stronghold or in Lletya, also found near Rellekka
Gold Ring Gold Ring Crafted from a Gold Bar or bought from Port Sarim Jewelry Store
Hammer Hammer Bought from any General Store
Iron Hatchet Iron Hatchet Bought from Bob's Axes in Lumbridge or can be Smithed from an Iron Bar
Iron Nails Iron Nail Smithed from an Iron Bar or bought from a Lumber Mill Operator - found northwest of Varrock
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe Bought from the Pickaxe Shop in the Dwarven Mines
Jug of Wine Jug of Wine Made by putting Grapes into a Jug of Water (which are both easily obtained at the Cooking Guild) or bought from Karamja Tavern. Can also be stolen from the Wine Stall in Draynor Village.
Kebab Kebab Bought from Al Kharid or Keldagrim Kebab Shop or given by a Drunken Dwarf Random Event
Knife Knife Bought from any General Store or found in the Crafting Guild
Leather Boots Leather Boots Bought from Varrock Clothes Store and can also be found in drawers, crates, boxes
Leather Gloves Leather Gloves Bought from Varrock Clothes Store or can be dropped by Crawling Hands
Lobster Pot Lobster Pot Bought from Port Sarim or Catherby Fishing Stores
Lockpick Lockpick Bought from Martin Thwait in the Rogues' Den
Necklace Mould Necklace Mould Bought from Al Kharid Crafting Shop or found in the Crafting Guild
Needle Needle Bought from Al Kharid Crafting Shop or can be found in Hay Stacks
Oak Logs Oak Logs Cut from an Oak Tree
Pie Dish Pie Dish Found on the Second Floor of the Cooking Guild or Crafted from a piece of Soft Clay
Plank Plank Found just north of the Barbarian Outpost Agility Course or can be bought from the Sawmill Operators, also found in deep Wilderness and on Entrana
Pot of Flour Pot of Flour Bought from Port Sarim Food Store or made by using Grain in a Windmill and operating the Hopper, then going to the bottom of the Windmill and using a Bucket on the Flour
Potato Cactus Potato Cactus Spawns in the Kalphite Lair
Potato Potatoes (10) Fill a Vegetable Sack with 10 Potatoes
Pure Essence Pure Essence Mined from the Essence Mines after completing the Rune Mysteries Quest - requires you to be on a Members' server, and have at least level 30 Mining
Redberries Redberries Spawns north-west of the Varrock East Mine or can be picked from a Redberry Bush grown with the Farming Skill
Rope Rope Bought from any General Store or Ned in Draynor Village
Rotten Tomato Rotten Tomato Bought from the Duel Arena or in Yanille, and can also be made by filling a Compost Bin with Tomatoes
Shears Shears Bought from any General Store or dropped by Imps
Skull Skull Spawns in level 2 Wilderness just north of the Mind Altar
Spade Spade Bought from General Stores and Farming Shops or found in a building in Falador
Swamp Paste Swamp Paste Bought from Port Khazard General Store
Thread Thread Bought from Al Kharid Crafting Store, can also be dropped by Jelly's and Greater Demons
Tinderbox Tinderbox Bought from any General Store
Unicorn Horn Dust Unicorn Horn Dust Kill a Unicorn to get its Horn then crush it with a Pestle and Mortar
Vial of Water Vial of Water Bought from Ardougne or Shilo Village General Store or any Herblore Shop or made by using an empty Vial on a sink/fountain or can be gained as a drop from Water Elementals in the Elemental Workshop
White Apron White Apron Bought from Varrock Clothes Store
White Berries White Berries Picked from a Whiteberry Bush grown with the Farming Skill, spawns in Red Dragon Isle in the Wilderness and north of the Tracker in Isafdar or can be dropped by Cave Crawlers

You will have to get 1 of 3 Books:

Books - Check your list to see which you need
Image Name How to Obtain
Slashed Book Slashed Book Search the Bookcase in the house south-west of Seers' Village Bank
Crumbling Tome Crumbling Tome Found on the table in the house north of the Barrows or a reward from the Barrows Chest
Prifddnas' History Prifddnas' History Search the Bookcases in Lletya

You will have to get 1 of 3 Keys:

Keys - Check your list to see which you need
Image Name How to Obtain
Door Key Door Key Found under the Plantpot outside the Witches House
Dusty Key Dusty Key Either bought from the Legends Guild, or kill the Jailer in the Taverley Dungeon to get a cell key. Enter the Explorer's cell and speak to him to get the Dusty Key.
Jail Key Jail Key Kill the Jailer in the most southern part of Taverley Dungeon

You will have to get 1 of 3 Tickets:

Tickets - Check your list to see which you need
Image Name How to Obtain
Agility Arena Ticket Agility Arena Ticket Tag 2 Pillars in a row in the Agility Arena
Archery Ticket Archery Ticket Score 10 Points in the Archery Competition Activity
Castle Wars Ticket Castle Wars Ticket Win or Draw a game of Castle Wars

Death talismanOnce you have collected the items take them back to Thorgel. You can take them in two runs, but if you have to go through the Underground Pass at all then you will have to take 3 runs over it. If this is the case you can take a Tiara to fuse the Talisman into if you wish. Remember to bring your "Newly Made Crystal" on your final run. Once you have given him all the items he will give you a Death Talisman and tell you that you can have as many as you like (these are tradeable).

Thorgel: Great, thank you so much for getting all that for us!

Death tiaraOnce you have the Talisman, enter the Ruins and use your Crystal with the altar in the middle of the room. The Altar is full of level 19 Ghosts. If you have brought a Tiara with you then you can enchant it with the Talisman to make a Death Tiara.

The Death Altar

Glowing crystalThe Crystal will start to glow. Head back to the large crystal that you got your fragment from and use it with it. It will start to glow and the Protection Mechanism will restore.

White crystal

Make your way to Lletya and tell Arianwyn the good news. He will give you a Crystal Trinket. Well done, you have completed the quest.

Congratulations! You have completed Mourning's Ends Part 2


  • 2 Quest Points
  • A Death Talisman Crystal Trinket Access to the Death Altar for Runecrafting - through the Altar and the Abyss 20,000 Agility experience 2 spins on the Squeal of Fortune


The Crystal Trinket

The Crystal Trinket gives access to the Temple after completion of the Quest. If you try to enter the Temple after completing the Quest without the Trinket in your inventory you will be bounced back and get this message in your chat box.

A strange force blocks your path

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Talk to Arianwyn
  2. [^] Head to Mourner HQ
  3. [^] Talk to Head Mourner
  4. [^] Go through the door into the main dungeon
  5. [^] Keep going west until a cut-scene
  6. [^] Talk to Arianwyn
  7. [^] Head back to where there was a cut-scene
  8. [^] Search the first Mourner you get to leaning against north wall
  9. [^] Enter the Temple
  10. [^] Up, south, up, north, down, up, east, south
  11. [^] Use Chisel with Crystal
  12. [^] Take Crystal to Arianwyn
  13. [^] Use Crystal with Eluned
  14. [^] Return to Temple
  15. [^] Head up first stairs
  16. [^] Pull lever on east wall
  17. [^] Collect Mirrors and Crystal
  18. [^] Door 1
  19. [^] North
  20. [^] West
  21. [^] South
  22. [^] Yellow Crystal
  23. [^] East across Handhold Gap
  24. [^] Through Door and Search Chest
  25. [^] Head back to lever, pull, and collect Mirrors and Crystals
  26. [^] Door 2
  27. [^] North
  28. [^] West
  29. [^] Cyan Crystal
  30. [^] North
  31. [^] East
  32. [^] Yellow Crystal
  33. [^] Through Door and Search Chest
  34. [^] Head back to lever, pull, and collect Mirrors and Crystals
  35. [^] Door 3
  36. [^] North
  37. [^] West
  38. [^] Cyan Crystal
  39. [^] North
  40. [^] East
  41. [^] Up
  42. [^] West
  43. [^] Down
  44. [^] South
  45. [^] Through Door and Search Chest
  46. [^] Door 4
  47. [^] Replace Cyan Crystal with Yellow Crystal
  48. [^] Change beam that is heading down so that it heading south
  49. [^] 2 Pillars to south: Down
  50. [^] Through Door and Search Chest
  51. [^] Head back to lever, pull, and collect Mirrors and Crystals
  52. [^] Door 5
  53. [^] Set up Door 1 again
  54. [^] Go through Door, and enter Blue Crystal in Pillar
  55. [^] Remove Yellow Crystal and Mirror reflecting light into door
  56. [^] Make other Mirror that was in that row head up
  57. [^] South
  58. [^] Fractured Crystal (north side smooth)
  59. [^] West of Fractured Crystal: Down
  60. [^] South of Fractured Crystal: East
  61. [^] Down
  62. [^] On Ground Floor south of stairs and West 2 Pillars: South
  63. [^] East
  64. [^] North
  65. [^] Through Door to north and Search Chest
  66. [^] Head back to lever, pull, and collect Mirrors and Crystals
  67. [^] Door 6
  68. [^] North
  69. [^] Down
  70. [^] Ground Floor north of stairs: West
  71. [^] Fractured Crystal (east side smooth)
  72. [^] North of room you can't enter: Up
  73. [^] Yellow Crystal
  74. [^] West
  75. [^] North-west corner of Top Floor: South
  76. [^] 1 Pillar south: East
  77. [^] Head back to the Fractured Crystal (east side smooth)
  78. [^] 1 Pillar to south: Fractured Crystal (north side smooth)
  79. [^] In pillars both east and west of Fractured Crystal (north side smooth): Up
  80. [^] Top Floor south of stairs in center: West
  81. [^] 2 Pillars to east: West
  82. [^] 1 Pillar to west: North
  83. [^] West
  84. [^] Blue Crystal
  85. [^] Down stairs in middle of Top Floor
  86. [^] Down more stairs
  87. [^] Through Door
  88. [^] Rotate Mirror so light hits 4-Way-Mirror
  89. [^] Through Door to west
  90. [^] Talk to Thorgel
  91. [^] Bring him the 50 Items he wants to get a Death Talisman, or obtain a Talisman in another manner
  92. [^] Enter Ruins
  93. [^] Use Newly Made Crystal with Altar in middle of room
  94. [^] Head back to large crystal you got the Fragment from
  95. [^] Use your Crystal with this large crystal
  96. [^] Talk to Arianwyn
  97. [^] Quest Complete!

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