Nomad's Requiem

By: Blyaunte, Hunter, Lunar
Special Thanks to: Aarmy of One, Adihman, b0b2oo0, candi, Eman1051, Entei, IceAngel XD, iWild, Micael Fatia, N3wb, Ph201, Razzer0101, Roy, Zazzy

What exactly is Nomad up to? Zimberfizz suspects that he's plotting something, and it's your job to figure out what that "something" is in this quest.

Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by speaking to Zimberfizz the Imp located at the Soul Wars Activity.



  • Difficulty: Grandmaster
  • Length: Medium

Getting Started

To start this quest, the player must talk to Nomad's Assistant, Zimberfizz the Imp, located at the Soul Wars Activity, which is accessible via the portal in the South-west end of Edgeville.

Talk to Zimberfizz

Zimberfizz will ask the player to check up on Nomad.

Zimberfizz: Go check out what old Nomad's been hiding in there. Bet it's summint right tasty.

Zimberfizz says that Nomad has been acting very Evil. Agree to help Zimberfizz, and he will suggest checking out Nomad's tent. Searching the tent will uncover a trapdoor.

Hey! I think I can see a trapdoor hidden under the bedding in there.

There will be a cutscene featuring Nomad doing battle with three enemies: an Elite Dark Warrior, an Elite Dark Mage, and an Elite Dark Ranger. Nomad dispatches the three of them in very short order.

Nomad battling his enemies

After witnessing the battle, select "Talk to Nomad". There is no particular sequence to the discussion. Eventually, after informing Nomad that Zimberfizz has sent you to find out where Nomad went, Nomad will tell the player to leave and never return, and then he will teleport away.

Return to Zimberfizz, who will suggest that you go do some further investigating.

Zimberfizz: Well, he's bound to say that, ain't he? Go on, have a poke around down there and see what he's really up to.

The Ruined Temple

Equip a pickaxe, several Prayer Restore Potions or Super Restore Potions and some food. It may also be advisable to bring along an instant teleport. Armour and Weapons are useful but not necessary at this point in time. There is a lot of running and heavy lifting involved here, and players with a lower agility level may tire quickly. Equipping themselves with potions or equipment to quickly restore energy is helpful here.

Prior to reaching Nomad for the final battle, it is wise to turn "Auto-Retaliate" to the off position, as this will save a lot of time trying to manipulate the various puzzle pieces during the quest.

The First Arcane Doorway

In order to find out what Nomad is up to, one must enter the Ruined Temple and pass through the Arcane Doorway to the North of the Main Room. However, the Arcane Doorway is inaccessible, as there is energy blocking access through it, which energy is being supplied by two cables.

You: Hmm, I can't get through. These conduits seems to be passing a barrier across the doorway.

Following the cables from the Arcane Doorway along the floor to the South wall, the two cables separate into two separate entries along the South Wall - one towards the East and the other towards the West.

The West Room

Entering the west room will reveal a great machine which is providing energy through the cable to the Arcane Doorway.

The machine

This machine is protected by four very aggressive Spectral Attendants (level 100). The Spectral Attendants fight using melee only. On the second and third floor of this section, there are more level 100 Spectral Attendants. Praying Protection against melee is very helpful here. Low level players may want to use binds/stuns so they can far-cast the Attendants. For higher level players these should not be hard to kill.

Climbing the ladder in the Southeastern corner of the West room, will lead to the second level. Along the East Wall of the Second level is a pile of Rubble. Mine it to clear a way for water to flow later on.

Heading to the North of this second level will lead to another ladder that leads to the third floor. Take this ladder to the Third Floor.

On the third floor, there are pillars located over water troughs. Each of the pillars have markings on the top which denote how the water will flow under them. On the Third Floor, move the south pillar northwards and the north pillar southwards until water flows down the waterfall.

Return to the second floor and pull the two levers (one North and one South) until the water flows due South. Return to the First Floor, and you should have water flowing under a 3 x 3 combination of troughs and statues.

The four level 100 Spectral Attendants in this room will constantly attack while a solution to this puzzle is being worked on. They can be killed and they will not respawn. The four Spectral Attendants can also lured into the space between the machine itself and the doorway to the West Room, however, this is likewise tricky. It is likely more expedient to simply pray Protect from Melee while moving the puzzle pieces around. That said, it is very important to remember that while a statue is being moved, prayer potions cannot be consumed, so make sure that the prayer level is sufficiently high prior moving any given puzzle piece, or it may prove fatal.

All of the puzzle's pieces will work together in order that all three streams of water will flow under the main machine simultaneously. Again, each of the statues has a shape on the top of it that indicates which direction it will divert the water flow. There are numerous solutions to this puzzle. One of which solutions is provided below:

A puzzle solution

To reset the puzzle, simply log out and back in. This will relocate the player back outside Nomad's tent, which is a convenient way to return to Zimberfizz or the Soul Wars bank box to restock supplies. However, logging out and back in will also respawn any Spectral Attendants that have been killed.

After successful completion, the room will shake and the machine will break.

The East Room

To destroy the power source for the cable running from the East Room, the levers on the second floor from the West Room puzzle need to be manipulated in order to redirect the water flow.

Return to the second floor and manipulate the North and South levers to divert the water flow to the pass through the rubble you cleared on the East side of the second floor room. This should mean that only the South lever needs to be pulled once, to divert the waterflow to under the rubble, however it may take a little more manipulation.

With the water flowing under the rubble to the East on the Second Floor, return to the First Floor and leave the West Room entirely. Enter the East Room and there should now be a waterfall flowing along the West wall. If there is no waterfall flowing, make sure that the Rubble has been cleared, and the water is flowing properly on the Second Floor of the West Room.

This power supply is being attended by Spectral Tenders which are not aggressive. These Tenders are bringing elemental fuel out of the fuel hopper from the container in the North-East corner. Placing pieces of elemental fuel on the floor will lure the Elemental Creatures from the Power station. Take several pieces of elemental fuel and place them on the ground in regular intervals and lead the Elemental Creatures towards the waterfall on the Western wall.

Leading the elemental creatures to the waterfall

Place the final piece directly in the waterfall. This will cause the creature to "short out" and die. Repeat this process for the other two Elemental Creatures. There are three such Creatures to be destroyed before the machine is disabled.

The Second Arcane Doorway

Now would be a good time to return to the Soul Wars area and bank. Restock any used Prayer Potions or Super Restore Potions, and equip a Range or Magic weapon and appropriate armour. Also bring sufficient runes to cast a Fire Wave spell.

It is also worth ensuring at this point that your "Prayers" have been turned "on" and Ancient Curses have been turned off, as "Prayers" will be needed to complete the next steps.

Search Nomad's tent and return to the Main Room of the Ruined Temple. To the North, the Arcane Doorway is now open. Pass through this Doorway. This area is populated with several aggressive level 100 Spectral Worshipers. Praying to Protect from Melee will reduce any damage in this area.

Due north of the entrance from the first Arcane Doorway is a second Arcane Doorway with two more cables running from the same source to the east and west.

The Second West Room

Head West and follow the cable to the room along the West wall. Enter the room and you will discover another Power Station surrounded with vines. Any attempt to destroy the vines will be unsuccessful. Take notice of the vine roots running along the ground. Choose either curved or square brackets, not both in the same sentence like that. Beware of the level 100 Spectral Cultivators in this area. As before, Praying Protect against Melee will nullify their effect.

Killing the four vines will unleash a level 140 Decaying Avatar, which will be waiting for the player upon return to the Power Station. The Decaying Avatar attacks using melee and Protection from Melee will reduce any damage taken. This monster can be ranged or maged from a safespot.

The Decaying Avatar

The Decaying Avatar has 21,000 Life Points, like the Soul Wars Avatars, but this one will heal itself to full health three times - once at ¾ damage, once at ½ damage and once at ¼ damage - by eating roots that appear at those times. If using Protect from Melee, the player can rush to destroy the roots prior to the Decaying Avatar eating them. The roots appear in the following order: at ¾ damage the root will appear in the Northeast corner; at ½ damage, the root will appear in the Southeast corner, and at ¼ damage, the root will appear in the Northeast corner of the room. Destroying these roots will save time and make the Avatar easier to kill. However, by merely safespotting and biding one's time, the Avatar can be killed without having to destroy any roots, but you should make sure you aren't lured from your safespot when the Avatar wanders off to heal.

After the Decaying Avatar dies, the machine will break down.

The Second East Room

Leave the West Room and head East. Upon trying to enter the doorway, a the Knight by the door will speak. Talk to the dying knight and then examine his body after he dies. His body contains an important clue about piety, which is a hint to indicate that the Piety Prayer will help you in this next room.

The room is toxic - as it is corrupted -- without using Piety the player will receive one point of damage as well as prayer and other stats every half second. Scattered around the room are five stone slabs. The room is also filled with numerous Corruption Beasts, so it is best to move quickly and find all slabs as soon as possible. Killing a Corruption Beast will restore your Prayer to full, but it is more effective to simply use Prayer Potions to keep your Piety going. Gather these stone slabs and look for an already started bridge heading across the polluted river - the path to this bridge which is located roughly half way along the east side of the room. Select place and hop across, repeat.

Cast Fire Wave on one of the explosive barrels and this will destroy the machine. Head back out into the 'Temple' area and go through the new unlocked gate.


Nomad is combat level 200. He is the hardest boss in a quest released before the late 2012 Evolution of Combat update. Because he heals when he is at one-fifth Life Points, he has, in effect, 45,000 Life Points. His maximum hit is your maximum Life Points, minus ten. Plus he hits for damage in the 1000s, but not quite as high with his magic and melee attacks. He will also hit through any Protection and Deflection Prayers.

There is no safe-spot when fighting him. You cannot teleport out during the battle. If you attempt to hide from Nomad, he will yell "Face me!". Failure to do so will cause him to call you a "Coward!", and he will teleport himself back to the middle of room, and heal himself completely.

He is invulnerable to all dragonfire effects such as Dragonstone Bolts (e) and the Dragonfire Shield. He is also invulnerable to the fire effects of Chinchompas.

That said, the battle with Nomad is a "safe" battle -- as the dying player will respawn in the Soul Wars area, their grave marker will respawn in the cemetery nearby, and all their equipment which would normally be kept on death, will remain under the grave marker. Only those items normally lost on death will not be returned, any barrows equipment will be reduced to "0", and any summoned familiar will be lost along with any items it is carrying.

When he is reduced to 1/5 of his total Life Points, Nomad will heal himself back to one half of his Life Points. At one-quarter Life Points, Nomad will go berserk and close upon the player and commence a rapid succession of melee attacks. These attacks are better thwarted with a Protection/Deflection of Melee prayer, but his attacks will still hit.


Note: Nomad has been made much easier after the Evolution of Combat update. By the time players get the 70 prayer and 75 magic requirement they should not find the fight extremely difficult. However, if you are still having trouble with the fight refer to the below section (which was made upon release of the quest when Nomad was signicantly harder).

Your strategy is to hold on as long as possible and just slowly whittle Nomad's Life Points away. Nomad is very powerful. In the old combat system Nomad was virtually immune to most magic attacks, however this seems to be no longer the case. If you plan on using Magic against Nomad bring your best gear and best spells. If not refer to the below:

Melee & Range


  • Weapons: Godsword or Whip + Powerful Crossbow
  • Shield: Divine/Elysian/Spectral/Arcane spirit shield or defender/Dragonfire Shield
  • Ammo: Powerful bolts
  • Helm: Veracs or Neitiznot
  • Armour (Torso): Bandos Chestplate or Royal/Black Dragonhide Body
  • Armour (Legs): Bandos Tassets or Royal/Black Dragonhide chaps
  • Amulet: Amulet of Fury or Amulet of Glory
  • Cape: Firecape or Skillcape or Obsidian Cape or Ava's accumulator
  • Boots: Dragon Boots or Ranger Boots -- Bandos or dragonhide boots or Infinity Boots
  • Gloves: Recipe for Disaster Gloves or Combat bracelet
  • Ring: Berserker or Archers Ring - Warriors or Seers Ring - Ring of Recoil

Note: You will lose Ava's Accumulator upon death. A replacement Accumulator can be purchased from Ava for 999 gp.


  • 1 x Crossbow
  • 12 x Super restores
  • Rest saradomin brews

If possible, it is recommended that you bring a Summoned Familiar along - such as a Terrorbird, War Tortoise or Pack Yak - to carry additional food or Sara Brews along with you.

Also if you have Overloads, substitute a Saradomin Brew for one Overload.



Suggested ranging equipment
  • Weapons: Rune Crossbow
  • Shield: Divine/Elysian/Spectral/Arcane spirit shield
  • Ammo: Ruby bolts (e) or Diamond bolts (e)
  • Helm: Veracs or Neitiznot
  • Armour (Torso): Armadyl Chestplate, Black Dragonhide or Blessed Dragonhide
  • Armour (Legs): Armadyl Plateskirt, Black Dragonhide or Blessed Dragonhide
  • Amulet: Amulet of Fury or Amulet of Glory
  • Cape: Firecape, Skillcape, Obsidian Cape or Ava's accumulator
  • Boots: Dragon Boots or Ranger Boots
  • Gloves: Recipe for Disaster Gloves or Combat bracelet
  • Ring: Archers Ring or Ring of Recoil

Note: You will lose Ava's Accumulator upon death. A replacement Accumulator can be purchased from Ava for 999 gp.


Suggested ranging inventory

If possible, it is recommended that you bring a Summoned Familiar along, such as a Terrorbird, War Tortoise or Pack Yak - to carry additional food or Sara Brews along with you.

Also if you have Overloads, substitute a Saradomin Brew or Rocktail for one Overload.

Prep for Battle

There is no safespot here. There is no other way through it. You simply have to stand your ground and fight Nomad to the death.

If you have completed either As a First Resort or Temple at Senntisten, head to either of these places and use the pools or the Altar of Zaros to maximize your Prayer level.

Next, return to Soul Wars and, at the bank box in Soul Wars, drink a Sara Brew dose, followed by a Super Restore dose, to maximize your Life Points and Defence level. Then drink doses of Super Potions to maximize Attack and Strength to the fullest if Meleeing, or a Range Pot if Ranging only.

Make sure that you set your "Left Click" options of your familiar to "Take from BoB" - this will save you precious time during combat. Withdraw all items and fill your familiar and inventory.

If using Ancient Curses, set your "Auto Prayer" feature to turn on all of either the "Sap" or "Leech" Curses - the more powerful curses used, the better - plus Deflection of Magic. This will help reduce some of the damage done by Nomad and, in addition, will weaken him over the duration of the battle.

Make sure your auto-retaliate is turned "ON" now.

The Battle

Note: You will respawn at Soul Wars with your grave in the graveyard, so use the best gear possible.

Try to keep the conversation with Nomad short. He isn't going to tell you much anyways and, the more you talk, the more the boosting effects of your Potions will wear off. After talking to Nomad, he will jump down from his chair and attack you. You will side-step his first attack. Immediately turn your prayers on now.

Nomad's maximum hit is 310 with his normal attack, so try and eat when your Life Points are above that. Don't panic and over eat. Don't try to keep your Life Points at maximum or you will burn through food and potions in no time at all.

Early into the battle he will say: "Lets make this interesting", and a set of mines will drop all around you. Hit one of these mines and you will lose 1,000 Life Points and all running energy. Ideally, you want to make it out of the mine trap to avoid his heavy hit. Turn Auto-Retaliate off before trying to move. Otherwise, if Nomad attacks you, it will draw you back into the mines. Head south through the gap in the mines, and range him until he starts charging up. Then run East or West to the pillar closest to Nomad and wait for his attack. This is an opportune time to drop empty vials and/or re-pot.

If ranging from the start, running into the Northeast or Northwest corner, beside Nomad's "throne", will cause Nomad's mines to all fall into that corner - this will make it easier to avoid stepping on these mines when you attempt to evade Nomad's 75 point attack.

Nomad will yell "Face Me!" and a few seconds later a teleblock-looking ball will hit the pillar, being nullified. Immediately run back out or he will heal back to full Life Points if you remain in a position that he cannot attack you for more than 5 seconds.

If you have turned auto-retaliate off to avoid Nomad's attack, be sure to turn it back on now.

Soon after this stage of the battle, Nomad will create three clones of himself. Each of these clones may hit you for damage of roughly 500 Life Points. The fight continues when you attack the correct one. This can be detected by seeing which one attacks first. Auto Retaliate usually catches him, but if it does not, the one that attacks last is Nomad.

In the next stage of the battle, Nomad will teleport you to the center of the room, and ice barrage you (for no damage) and freeze you to the spot. He will then begin charging up an attack. This attack will hit you for your maximum Life Points minus ten. So brew or eat to over your maximum Life Points, and range him with bolts. After he hits you, he will 'cool down' for a moment, and you should heal to about 2000-3000 Life Points. You will be unfrozen and, if you so choose, you can close in on him and melee him once more.

The battle will continue on in this matter, repeatedly, several times until either you or Nomad is dead.

Once you have reduced him to one-fifth of his Life Points, Nomad will heal back to one-half health. If you have lasted this long, well done, things are hopeful. Continue hitting Nomad until he gets to one-quarter health - at which time, he will declare "it is time to finish this" and go into "Berserker Mode", and start hitting you with melee attacks at rapid speed (roughly the same speed as darts). Protection from Melee or Deflection of Melee will stop most of his attacks. But, to be safe, eat at 2000. His Defence is somewhat lower too.

After a long, hard fight, Nomad will finally fall to the ground, and you will be successful.

Nomad: You... you have doomed this world.

Return to Zimberfizz. He will want proof that you killed Nomad. A cutscene will follow in which the player and Zimberfizz visit Nomad's body.

You and Zimberfizz visiting Nomad's dead body

Zimberfizz announces he will now take over Soul Wars and has a new suit to boot. Exit your character and arise Nomad, who is not dead after all!

Nomad is still alive!

Nomad will teleport away and you can claim your rewards from Zimberfizz.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

Congratulations! You have completed the Nomad's Requiem Quest!


  • 3 Quest Points
  • Claim 70 Soul Wars Zeal from Zimberfizz Choose to respawn at Soul Wars Soul Wars cape in the colors of red or blue Strength, Defence and Magic are no longer affected by Sap and Leech Curses


The Soul Wars Cape

Soul Wars CapeThe Soul Wars Cape provides hefty defensive boosts.

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Speak to Zimberfizz in Soul Wars.
  2. [^] Search Nomad's tent.
  3. [^] Speak to Nomad.
  4. [^] Return to Zimberfizz.
  5. [^] Go back inside the trapdoor in Nomad's tent and enter the west door of the temple.
  6. [^] Go to the southeast corner and climb up the stairs.
  7. [^] On the second floor climb up the other ladder to the third floor.
  8. [^] Push the pillar northward until the water flows.
  9. [^] Return to the second floor and pull the levers until the water flows south.
  10. [^] Push the pillars until the water flows to the main machine.
  11. [^] Return to the second floor and mine the rubble.
  12. [^] Pull the levers until the water flows into the rubble you mined.
  13. [^] Leave the west room and go into the east room.
  14. [^] Take elemental fuel from the bags and lead them into the puddle of water. Repeat this two more times.
  15. [^] Leave the Eastern room and go into the now opened Arcane doorway.
  16. [^] Go into the west room in this new Arcane doorway.
  17. [^] Follow the vines on the floor until you have destroyed 4 roots.
  18. [^] Kill the level 525 Decaying Avatar.
  19. [^] Leave the East room and head over to the west room. Before entering talk to the Knight.
  20. [^] Enter the room praying the Piety prayer and collect the 6 stone slabs around the room.
  21. [^] Lay the slabs across the waste in the upper part of the room. When across the room cast fire wave on the barrels.
  22. [^] Leave the room and prepare to battle the level 699 Nomad. When ready enter the second Arcane Door.
  23. [^] Defeat Nomad.
  24. [^] Speak to Zimberfizz.
  25. [^] Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Nomad Boss Fight Guide

This guide will show you how to kill Nomad with minimal stats. The setup for your inventory is not 'cheap', but not too expensive, either.

Note: This will take you a few tries. It's near to impossible to get it first time at a low level. With this tactic (the first few tries were either Ranged or Melee only), I killed Nomad in two tries.

Level Requirements


  • 70 Ranged (for Rune C'bow + Black D'hide)
  • 70 Defence (Black D'hide)
  • 57 Summoning (Spirit Kyatt and Spirit Terrorbird)
  • 80+ Ranged (you get a few more Ruby (e) special attacks)
  • 80+ Defence
  • 70 Summoning (War Tortoise, but 57 is sufficient - a Spirit Terrorbird will most likely get you through the fight without much trouble)

Equipment and Supplies Setup


Suggested equipment to fight Nomad


Suggested inventory to fight Nomad

The Fight

Fight Notes

The fight will not start automatically; you must first finish the chat with Nomad. Instead of finishing the chat with him, click away on the ground and get to know your surroundings.

The middle pillar to the east will play a major role in the fight.


Before the fight, you need to set the left-click option of the summoning icon by your minimap to Special Attack.

While using your Beast of Burden (BoB), you will right-click the summoning icon and go to Take BoB when you need brews.

Halfway (time-wise, not LP-wise) through the fight, you will run out of Brews in your Beast of Burden. You will then dismiss it and summon the Kyatt. Once you summon it, you will be spam-clicking the Summoning icon for the special attack as much as possible - but keep an eye on your health at all times.

Just Before the Fight

Just before you leave the bank for Nomad, you might want to take a sip of Ranged potion, bank that, and replace it with a Brew. I found that doing so usually gave me an extra successful Ruby (e) special. If you have completed the Temple at Senntisten or As a First Resort, you may want to boost your prayer at the Zaros Altar or the pool at Oo'glog, respectively.

Before you begin the fight, turn on the Eagle Eye prayer (or the highest Range-boosting prayer available to you). Protection prayers do not make a worthwhile impact, except at the last 1/4 of his health - then you can use Protect from Melee. Thought normal prayers don't make much difference, Sap/Leech/Deflect curses may be used if you've completed the Temple at Senntisten - these are very helpful.

As soon as Nomad jumps down, take cover on the east side of the middle-eastern pillar. The pillar is 2x2. On the east side, next to the pillar, you need to know that the southern of the two squares is the one you need to run to when healing/hiding.

When you run out to attack him, simply go one square south.

Keep in mind that if you hide for longer than about seven seconds, he will teleport to the center and heal completely.

Part I: With the Beast of Burden

During this part of the fight, you will simply attack Nomad with Ruby (e). Nomad will attack with Magic (this is why you have D'hide) which hits up to 320. Always staying above 350 Life Points is recommended.

He has special attacks which happen in a fixed order. In between these are always normal attacks.

First of all, he will lay down mines. They are easily avoided seeing you will only be moving within 2 spaces - both of which are clear of mines. If you hit one, it damages you for 400.

After this, he will teleport to the centre. When he does, go north one square (the southern of the two squares on the east of the middle pillar. What a mouthful). He will launch the 750 damage attack, and it will hit the pillar, not damaging you. He will then continue to attack normally.

If it's your first try, you might want to stay above 760 Life Points, just in case you're in the wrong place.

In the next phase, Nomad will make 3 illusions of himself. There are two options here.

  • Not recommended: Attack the Nomad that attacks last. This is the real one and will make the other 3 teleport away.
  • Recommended: Hide behind the pillar in the same place as you did at the 750 attack. Wait here for a minute (it will not reset the battle), and three will teleport away leaving Nomad running towards your pillar. In this time, you should heal fully, drop empty vials and possibly dismiss your Terrorbird to summon your Kyatt.

Shortly after, Nomad will teleport you and him to the center and will charge his big attack.

During this time, Brew. Do not fire your crossbow (if it hits 1-2 special attacks just before you get hit, you may be killed), and do not drink a super restore. After you've done so, as in the previous special attack, you may dismiss your Terrorbird and Summon your Kyatt. This attack will hit you. Unless wielding an Elysian or Divine Spirit Shield (which is not likely, seeing how low your stats are), it will hit you:

(Your Constitution Level) * 10 - 1

For example, someone with 90 constitution will be hit for 899 Life Points.

Directly after this attack, drink 3-4 doses of brew (to get your Life Points to a decent amount above 320), and run behind the pillar (same spot as I've mentioned before). Brew fully, drink a couple of Super Restore doses (if Nomad says 'Face Me!' during this time, step out, let him hit you *once*, step back in and continue healing). Now go back out and continue from the first special attack.

Part II: With the Kyatt (Spam Clicking)

This is quite simple. Do the tactics mentioned in part 1/3. Instead of simply waiting to be hit, when you're firing your crossbow, spam-click the summoning icon (with left-click option set to Special Attack). 

The Special attack is called Ambush. This can hit up to 300, though a 150-200 is more common. This does most of the damage to Nomad. When damaged, brew, attack Nomad and continue spam-clicking. Do this for a while until he goes Berserk...

Part III: Berserk Nomad (You're Nearly There!)

When Nomad goes berserk, turn on the Protect from Melee/Deflect Melee prayer. Instead of simply stepping out when he says face me, don't bother going on the east side of the pillar as all. He uses Melee only, so stand in the normal attacking place, but when he says 'Face Me!', step forward so you're next to him. He attacks at the speed of thrown darts, so after he hits once, step back quickly. A lot of people get thrown by this and time out, resetting Nomad's health. Do not panic, but keep your health high at all times, just in case.

This should be pretty easy, especially with your Kyatt.

Congratulations, you have successfully killed Nomad!

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