The Prisoner of Glouphrie

By: Mith
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Essential Info

Start Point

Speak to Golrie beneath Tree Gnome Village.


  • Skills: Math and problem-solving skills
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.


  • Difficulty: Master
  • Length: Medium

A Letter From Gramps

To begin, make your way to Tree Gnome Village. The simplest and most efficient way of getting to Tree Gnome Village is by spirit tree teleportation. Regardless of which way you use to get there, find the ladder just outside the fence of the village. Go down it and run west to the jail and talk to Golrie. It seems as he was sorting things out in the dungeon he found a letter from his grandfather. The letter tells of his grandfather's failure in defeating Glouphrie and will request the help of a brave gnome. Offer to help. Then ask what to do next and Golrie will take you to his mother. You will be her apprentice on this journey.

Golrie and Golrana

She will pack everything you might need. Now head off to an area just north of the Observatory and just south of the ZMI Runecrafting Altar. Find Golrana, Golrie's mother, near some hill giants and speak with her. Tell her you are ready to go. Start travelling northwest along what seems to be a trail until you arrive at a giant dead tree that you can search. Be sure not to run too far ahead of Golrana, or she will stop following you and can be found back to the north of the observatory.

Search the giant dead tree

Search and climb-through it and you will appear in a dungeon. Now you have to find a way across the chasm. Investigate the ledge to the south. Golrana will make it across and toss you the rope. If you have a high enough Agility level you will walk across it. Continue through the dungeon. You should come across several gaps you will need to jump.

Jump over the gap

After you pass the gaps, head towards a pit of water that you can not get across using the stepping stones. Try to cross (you do not need to try) and your character will realize the last jump is too far. So, you will have to investigate the small crevice near the water pit and Golrana will enter it and come out the other side.

Investigate Small crevice

She will push a stone into the water so the last jump on the stepping stones is possible. Now just follow the only clear path through the dungeon until you find the exit which is southwest of the water pit. When you are out in the open air again, just walk west and slightly south to find a tree you can investigate. Investigate it and you will climb down.

Investigate the tree to climb down

The Device

Ilfeen will find you immediately and will tell you about Bolrie. She will take you to a cave Bolrie studied in for many years. Take the book on the crate near the ladder and read the lectern on the other side of the lab for two cutscenes. Also make sure to read through the entire book. Now go around the room and search all the crates, shelves, and elven lamps you can until your character says you have found everything you need to build the device. You will also need to search the picture of The Grand Tree twice to get the rune glue. Then go to the table with everything on it and click build on the eastern crate.

Build Crate

Now you will need to calibrate the device. This puzzle is different for each player, but can be completed using the same technique. When you click calibrate on the crate, the device will pop up on your screen and there will be 3 numbers. These numbers are the intensity you need to reach with the sum of the products of the values of the shapes and colors of the two coins (how to make the coins is explained after). So, for example, your number is 18. You will need to find two coins that have the right products of their shape and color values that will add to 18. However, the two colors have to be able to combine to make the colors requested under each number (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow). If you are still confused, there will be a better example given below the third list. The values of the colors can be seen below:

  • Red: 1
  • Orange: 2
  • Yellow: 3
  • Green: 4
  • Blue: 5
  • Indigo: 6
  • Violet: 7

And here are the values for the shapes:

  • Circle: 1
  • Almond: 2
  • Triangle: 3
  • Square: 4
  • Pentagon: 5
  • Hexagon: 6

When finding the colors for each number, you need to make sure they also make the correct color requested, use the list below to see what colors can make the colors requested:

  • Cyan: equal amounts of green and blue
  • Magenta: equal amounts of red and blue; or 3 parts red, 4 parts indigo; or red, twice the quantity of violet
  • Yellow: both yellow; or equal amounts of red and green. This can include using orange, since it's half yellow and half red.

The below picture has the example 9, 18, and 6. The intensity 9 is for the color cyan, which requires the colors green and blue. The solution for that is a blue circle (5*1=5) and a green circle (4*1=4) because their products add up to 9 (5+4=9). The intensity 18 is for magenta, which requires red and blue. The solution would be a red triangle (1*3=3) and a blue triangle (5*3=15) because their products add up to 18 (3+15=18). Finally, the intensity 6 is for yellow, which requires pure yellow. The solution is two yellow circles (3*1=3) because their products add up to 6 (3+3=6). Simple math.

The color picker interface

Now that you know what you need, you have to make some coins. You may have gotten a minute crystal from searching the crates, if you did not, search the crate near the bowl for one (you can search it again when you need more). To make the shape of a coin you need to add the right amount of water to the bowl (does not require buckets of water). Each time you add water the bowl is filled 20%. The shapes are made as follows:

  • Circle: 0% water
  • Almond: 20% water
  • Triangle: 40% water
  • Square: 60% water
  • Pentagon: 80% water
  • Hexagon: 100% water

To make the right color, simply turn the prism in the middle. Rotating it clockwise will go through the colors as the list below does, rotating them anticlockwise will go through the list backwards. However, red is everyone's starting color.

  • Starting color: Red
  • Clockwise once: Orange
  • Clockwise twice: Yellow
  • Clockwise three times: Green
  • Clockwise four times: Blue
  • Clockwise five times: Indigo
  • Clockwise six times: Violet

When you are ready to make a coin, sing-glass on the bowl.

Venturing Into Arposandra

When you are done calibrating the device, talk to Golrana. She will meet you at Lletya bank. Climb the ladder and head back to the bank and tell Golrana you are ready to go. You will appear back up at the tree you climbed down into Lletya. Head back toward the dungeon and Golrana will stop you next to a large boulder because of an air vent that was not there before. Open it, feed a rope through it, and then climb down into it. You will see what appears to be Glouphrie training several gnomes so you decide to leave before they notice you.

Gnomes being trained

You will be pushed down to the end of the chute and end up in another dungeon. If you walk east you will see two tortoises mining, so just climb up the stairs. When you are upstairs, run east and you will notice a watcher. Basically hug the south wall so it does not see you and then rotate it towards the wall once you are close enough.

A Watcher

Now enter the doors to the north and talk to the guard. Tell him you are Glouphrie and you are one of the tallest gnomes. He will believe you and leave the room. Run north to Bolrie's cell and picklock it. Talk to Bolrie and give him any reason why Golrana is not with you. He will begin to give you questions that Glouk could not answer to make sure you were not sent by him. The answers to the questions are:

  • Ilfeen
  • Bolren
  • 42
  • The Grand Tree

Once you have answered everything correctly he will be convinced and will go with you to find his daughter. Exit the jail, making sure he is following you, and go west, past the stairs you climbed up. Walk south toward a larger room and Bolrie will stay behind to hide. Open the door and you will find Golrana.

Golrana hiding behind a crate

She is looking at a large machine that converts terrorbirds. The operator will be excitedly awaiting a "hot chick" who comes out of the machine as a warped terrorbird. Then the alarms will start to go off so you and Golrana will head back to her father. After you escape Golrana will tell you to push the large boulder in front of the vent so other gnomes cannot get out. Run behind the boulder and push it from the north side. Talk to either one of them and they will begin catching up with each other.

Reunion between Golrana and Gramps

After the reunion, talk to Golrana and she will begin calling out for some gliders to take you back to Tree Gnome Village. One of the gliders happens to be Golrana's husband. They will take you back to Tree Gnome Village so the king can reunite with Bolrie and...

Quest Complete!

Congratulations! You have completed Prisoner of Glouphrie


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 60,000 Thieving experience. 60,000 Agility experience. 50,000 Construction experience. 45,000 Runecrafting experience. A new glider route to Tree Gnome Village. The ability to have Golrana store your spirit tree seeds. The ability to plant up to two spirit trees at one time with level 86 Farming.

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Talk to Golrie.
  2. [^] Meet Golrana north of the Observatory.
  3. [^] Climb through the tree, walk across the chasm, and jump the gaps.
  4. [^] Jump the stepping stones, exit the dungeon, and climb down into Lletya.
  5. [^] Enter Bolrie's lab, search all the crates, and build the device.
  6. [^] Calibrate the device.
  7. [^] Enter the air vent and find your way into Arposandra.
  8. [^] Climb up the stairs and rotate the watcher toward the wall.
  9. [^] Talk to the guard and make him leave. Then talk to Bolrie.
  10. [^] Find Golrana with Bolrie following you most of the way.
  11. [^] Reunite everyone.
  12. [^] Congratulations! Quest Complete!

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