Rocking Out

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Essential Info

Start Point

Talk to Bill Teach on his boat in either Mos Le'Harmless or Port Phasmatys



  • Difficulty: Master
  • Length: Long

Getting Started

Head to Bill Teach who can be found on his boat in either Mos Le'Harmless or Port Phasmatys and talk to him, asking to talk about Rocking Out.

Talk to Bill Teach

You want to know about Rabid Jack, but he refuses to say anything. To find out anything you will need to talk to Young Ralph, although he's managed to get himself locked up in the Customs and Excise prison 'The Rock', so you'll need to get yourself arrested to get there.

Head to the Customs Office in Rimmington wearing a Pirate Bandana, Leggings and Boots, which can be bought from Mike's Shop on Mos Le'Harmless, and talk to the Customs Sergeant.

Talk to Customs Sergeant

To check that you really are the Pirate you claim to be, several questions will be asked that you need to correctly answer which vary for each person.

Customs Sergeant

Having been told you are going to be arrested, you will need to store all the items you are carrying in the locker which will then transfer them to your bank, remembering to remove all items that you have equipped. Talk to the Customs Sergeant again to be transferred to the prison and see a cut-scene in which you are put in a cell.

Heavy-Handed Harry: Now, get in your cage, you animal.

Although there's a hole in your cell wall, this is a problem because the island is surrounded by water filled with Sharks, Crabs and Piranhas. You're ordered not to escape and agree, so you are clearly going to obey orders!

When the cut-scene ends you will find yourself in a small room with a missing wall. Shout through the Barred Window on the eastern wall to Young Ralf, however you will be told that he is deaf, meaning you will have to find another way to get his attention.

Grabbing the Attention

To obtain his attention will require you to create a clever contraption and the first step requires you to step outside your cell and Search the Rubble.

Search rubble

AccordianUpon searching you will find a broken Accordian that could be used as the base of what you make.

Paper, Ink Bottle, QuillNext, shout through the door to get writing equipment so that you can 'write a confession'. Since this would be a good deed, you are given Paper, an Ink Bottle and a Quill to write with.

Tin cup and PipeTake the Tin Cup from the floor in the corner of the cell, then choose to 'Tap pipes' on the Pipes under the Barred Window. You will send a message to a prisoner in a lower cell who will reply back, but tap so hard that the Pipe will vibrate off the wall and you will automatically take it.

The next task will once again involve the Tin Cup. This time, keep using it on the cell door asking for some stew until you eventually get some thrown at you after several attempts.

I demand stew!

Fishy uniformUpon having the stew thrown at you, your top will become a Fishy Prison Uniform Top, stink of Fish and you will be unable to equip it.

Inky paperUse the Ink Bottle with the Paper to get Inky Paper, then use the Ink Bottle on the Sharp Rock outside the cell to get a Smashed Bottle. This bottle could either be used to fight or do something... less stupid.

Vacuum pumpUse the Smashed Bottle with the Accordian to make a hole in it, then use the Pipe with this to put it into the hole. Unfortunately the Pipe doesn't fit properly, so you will need to use the Inky Paper with the Accordian to get a Vacuum Pump, the downside being that your fingers become icky.

The sticky paper wad fills the gap nicely...

Head outside the cell and use the Fishy Prison Uniform Top with the Perch Rock.

Use fishy prison uniform top with Perch rock

This will attract a Seagull, so use the Vacuum Pump with the Perch Rock to suck it in and get it wedged in the pipe.

The seagull gets sucked in!

Use the Vacuum Pump and Gull with the Barred Windows to send the Seagull flying into the room to get Young Ralph's attention. You will shout through the window to convey your message, being reminded that he is able to lip read so you don't need to make any noise at all. Ask about Rabid Jack and he will refuse to explain the story because you do not have the marks from each of the five captains.

Young Ralph: They likely thought I'd get soft in me old age...

To leave the island the prison is on you can either jump off the pier to the east and find yourself near the Gnome Glider on eastern Karamja or use the Home Teleport spell to get to a potentially more convenient location.

Obtaining the Marks

The five captains you will need to get marks from are:

  • Captain Braindeath on Braindeath Island
  • Captain Bill Teach on his boat in Port Phasmatys or Mos Le'Harmless
  • Captain Brass Harry Hand on Mos Le'Harmless
  • Captain Izzy No-Beard at the Brimhaven Agility Arena
  • Redbeard Frank in Port Sarim

Note: The marks can be obtained in any order, although the order listed below aims to help minimize the amount of traveling you need to do between the various locations.

Captain Izzy No Beard

Head to the Brimhaven Agility Arena and speak to Izzy. He will say that he will give his mark if you can do a small task for him, explaining that Wanda the Fish died in the prison and her belongings are stored there. He will give you his mark if you can get her Brooch.

Crude lockpickMake your way back to the prison via the Rimmington Customs Office and upon arrival search the Bed to find a Crude Lockpick.

Search bed

Customs officer dropsUse the Lockpick to Open the cell door, then kill one of the Customs Officers.

Attack customs officer

FilePick up and equip the items that they drop to stop any more Officers starting to attack you, head south and climb up two flights of stairs to reach the evidence room. Open the door to go in and, after a short conversation, you will be allowed inside. Search the cabinets until you find the one with the File for Wanda the Fish in.

Open Cabinet

BroochTake the File and talk to the Locker Officer who will give you the Brooch.

Izzy's markHead back to Izzy either via the Pier or the Home Teleport spell and he will give you his mark.

The Rest of the Marks

Note: Unlike Izzy's mark, the rest involve going to very similar places, meaning obtaining them one by one would be inefficient. Instead, grouping them together means less moving from one place to another and back again.

Head to Port Sarim and speak to Redbeard Frank who will want more proof of Rabid Jack's return before giving his mark, asking for a letter from the monks who were terrorized by him.

Redbeard Frank: Hector told me that a day would come when his mark was needed on this matter.

DisguisesEnsuring that you have access to two Bronze Wire and a Hammer, make your way to the Ectofuntus and head north to the pier. Talk to Pirate Pete who will take you to Braindeath Island where you can head west and speak to Captain Braindeath who will give his mark if you get the Barman in the Rusty Anchor Inn (the Pub north of Redbeard Frank) to sell his 'rum'. To help you in this, he will give you five disguises that can be worn.

Intro letterHead to Bill Teach on his boat and he will explain that he will give you his mark if you get the Idol of Many Heads from 50 Ships Mufassah. He will also give you an Introduction Letter so that Brass Hand Harry will speak to you.

Bill Teach: Tis a letter of introduction to Brass Hand Harry.

LetterGet Bill Teach to give you a boat ride to Mos Le'Harmless, climb off the boat and talk to Brother Tranquility. Although he will write a letter about the events that happened, he will not say that Rabid Jack did it since he wasn't actually seen and a Monk lying would be a terrible act.

Talk to Brother Tranquility

Carry on north to the Pub and climb upstairs where you will find Brass Hand Harry wandering around.

Talk to brass hand harry

Broken handTalk to him and he will explain that he is unable to sign his mark because his hand is broken and he cannot give a palm print for the same reason. Thankfully, you are skilled enough at Smithing to be able to make a new hand from five Broken Hands he will give you along with two Bronze Wire and a Hammer.

Brass hand harry: There you go. They should come apart quite easily.

Broken hand partsTake apart the Broken Hands to obtain a Wrist, Fingers, Hand, Thumb and Brace. Use one piece with another and up will come a screen to let you put the hand back together.

Hand screen

Brass handThe hand pieces will appear in the top-right section and to select each one, click on it. The white directional arrows will move the piece a short distance in the corresponding direction and the curved arrows will rotate the piece. Clicking on the Sun will reset the puzzle, as will closing it and using one piece on another again. Pieces will not fit within the outline exactly and in the above image simply moving the wrist to the left will complete the hand.

Ink padTalk to Brass Hand Harry and he will give you an Ink Pad and Paper. Use the Brass Hand with the Ink Pad to get an Inky Hand, then use the Inky Hand with the Paper to get Brass Hand Harry's Mark.

Harry's markAs a sign of respect, show the mark to Brass Hand Harry, who will say that it looks great, meaning you have a second mark.

Talk to 50 Ships Mufassah

Talk to 50 Ships Mufassah, who can be found near to Brass Hand Harry, and explain that you want to see the one who owns the Idol of Many Heads for honor value. You'll ask if you can see it, finding out that it is only possible if you join his crew, something which you do instantly. An explanation will be given as to how you will need to be able to hold your breath for a long time to see it, so make your way to the rowing boat in Port Phasmatys that heads to Dragontooth Isle. You should only bring a Ghostspeak Amulet, Fishbowl Helmet, Diving Apparatus and 25 Ectotokens (10 if you have a Ring of Charos).

Ghost captain

Once you've reached Dragontooth Isle, head north-east until you reach a Chain that you can use to dive down into the water.

You can dive down into the water here

KeyUnderwater, swim east until you find a Karamthulu then catch it to get a key.

Catch a karamthulhu

With the Key, head onto the Ship in the center of the underwater area and climb up the Stairs. Open the Chest to find a Crowbar, getting back down to the main deck before the level 60 Giant Lobster does too much damage to you.
Idol of many headsClimb down the ladder to the lower section of the ship and Dig the Mess at the far end of the room with both the Crowbar and your hands until the Idol of Many Heads has been revealed and you can take it.

Take idol

Bill's markWith the Idol, head back to Bill Teach to get his mark.

With the Letter from Brother Tranquility, the disguises from Captain Braindeath and 20gp, head to Port Sarim and speak to Redbeard Frank. Upon reading the Letter, he will explain that it is not enough proof and you will need to get more before his mark can be given.

OrderTalk to the Bartender in the Pub to the north and ask for some 'rum'. He will explain that he will only stock the 'rum' if five other people ask for it, the disguises aiding in this process. Talk to him and choose the "I'll have a drink...and you have one too!" five times until he becomes drunk. Now, head outside and put on one of the disguises, come back in and ask for some 'rum'. Repeat this in all five disguises and he will decide that he will make an order. Head outside and remove any disguises you happen to be wearing and talk to the Bartender again who will give you an Order to the to Captain Braindeath for the 'rum'.

Braindead's markWith the Order, some Charcoal and wearing a Pirate Outfit like when you initially got arrested, head back to Captain Braindeath to get his mark.

Climb down the stairs in the south-east corner of Braindeath's 'rum' factory and head south to talk to Captain Donnie.

Talk to captain donnie

PlansHe'll give you some Plans which could be used as evidence, however the bottom part became damp when they washed ashore so has now become unreadable. Thankfully, he thinks he may have accidentally tripped and carved a copy into 50% Luke's leg at some point while drinking alcohol mixed with gunpowder and cinnamon.

Charcoal rubbingHead north-west and use a piece of Charcoal with 50% Luke to get a Charcoal Rubbing of Rabid Jack's signature.

Use charcoal with 50% luke

Of course 50% Luke will notice, although you have an... 'interesting excuse' about what happened based around Hydroendocardiospatulaitis syndrome - a skin problem that requires Charcoal as treatment.

It's called Hydroendocardiospatulaitis syndrome

Frank's markWith the Charcoal Rubbing, head back to Redbeard Frank to get his mark and complete your set of five.

Completing the Quest

FolderHead to the Customs Office in Rimmington with all five marks and speak to the Customs Sergeant, asking for a folder to put the confessions you wrote in. Use one of the marks on the folder and they will all go in. Talk to the Customs Sergeant, store any items you may have in the Locker, then speak to him again to be taken back to the prison.

Repeat the process that you used previously to get to the evidence room, but when you arrive talk to the Locker Officer and ask for your own file, which he will give you instantly because he hadn't got round to filing it yet.

Can I get that file on <character name> please?

Head back to your cell and shout through the Barred Window to Young Ralf who will now explain to you the story of Rabid Jack and what happened to him, with a cut-scene to help explain.

Captain Rabid Jack: Useless!

If you try and talk to any of the characters in the cut-scene it will stop and you will have to shout through the Barred Window to start again from the beginning.

Disclaimer: No members of the customs and excise office were seriously harmed during the making of this quest.

The cut-scene will feature some Kittens, then you will complete the Quest!

Congratulations! You have completed Rocking Out!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 25,000 Thieving experience 25,000 Smithing experience 25,000 Crafting experience 25,000 Agility experience Free access to the Brimhaven Agility Arena The ability to catch Pirate Implings The ability to steal from Customs Lockers Three new music tracks: Jailbird, Something Fishy and A Pirate's Life for me The Locker in Rimmington that can be used to deposit items to your bank You can get a magical cage from Bill Teach to keep ex-ex-parrots which can be obtained from 50 Ships Mufassah, requiring level 71 Summoning You no longer need to have the Book of Piracy to speak to the Pirates on Mos Le'Harmless Bard Roberts in Port Sarim's pub will sing you a shanty of the adventures you had on this quest.



Ex-ex-parrotWhen you get an ex-parrot from 50-Ships Mufassah, use it with the Magical cage you get from Bill Teach. Use this with the stone slab with a black mask on it outside the entrance to the Cave Horrors cave. The ex-parrot will then turn into an ex-ex-parrot. Let it out of the cage and then you can drop it and let it follow you around like any other pet, 71 Summoning required. Use a chisel with the same black stone slab to get food for it.

Customs Lockers

There are 18 Customs Lockers located upstairs in the prison and upon looting will give you 75 Thieving experience as well as an item such as:

  • Eye Patch
  • Bronze Scimitar
  • Iron Scimitar
  • Steel Scimitar
  • Rune Scimitar
  • Steel Sword
  • Iron Bar
  • Gold Bar
  • Mithril Bar
  • Stripy Pirate Shirt
  • Pirate Boots
  • 300gp
  • Uncut Sapphire
  • Uncut Emerald
  • Uncut Ruby
  • Uncut Diamond
  • Shark
  • Clue Scroll

After looting a cabinet, you will have to wait for it to reset. You may be noticed looking through the cabinets by one of the level 35 Customs Officers in the room who you will have to kill before carrying on looting.

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Talk to Bill Teach
  2. [^] Talk to Customs Sergeant at Rimmington Customs office - wear Pirate outfit and answer questions to prove you are pirate
  3. [^] Store all items in locker
  4. [^] Talk to Customs Sergeant
  5. [^] Shout through Barred Window
  6. [^] Search rubble outside
  7. [^] Shout through door
  8. [^] Take Tin Cup
  9. [^] Tap Pipes under window
  10. [^] Use Tin Cup on door until stew is thrown at you
  11. [^] Use Ink Bottle with Paper
  12. [^] Use Ink Bottle with Sharp Rock outside
  13. [^] Use Smashed Bottle on Accordian
  14. [^] Use Pipe with Accordian
  15. [^] Use Inky Paper with Accordian
  16. [^] Use Fishy Top with Perch Rock outside
  17. [^] Use Vacuum Pump with Perch Rock
  18. [^] Use Vacuum Pump and Gull with Barred Windows
  19. [^] Ask about Rabid Jack
  20. [^] Leave via Pier to east or Home Teleport
  21. [^] Talk to Cap'n Izzy No-Beard at Agility Arena
  22. [^] Head back to 'The Rock' prison via Rimmington
  23. [^] Search bed
  24. [^] Open door
  25. [^] Kill level 35 Customs Officer
  26. [^] Take items and equip
  27. [^] Head up two flights of stairs
  28. [^] Open the door to evidence room
  29. [^] Search cabinets to find file about Wanda the Fish
  30. [^] Talk to Locker Officer to get Brooch
  31. [^] Leave and head to Izzy again - Mark 1
  32. [^] Talk to Redbeard Frank in Port Sarim
  33. [^] Talk to Captain Braindeath on Braindeath Island
  34. [^] Talk to Bill Teach on his boat
  35. [^] Talk to Brother Tranquility on Mos Le'Harmless
  36. [^] Talk to Brass Hand Harry upstairs in Pub
  37. [^] Take apart the Broken Hands
  38. [^] Fix hand with 2 Bronze Wire and Hammer
  39. [^] Talk to Brass Hand Harry
  40. [^] Use Brass Hand with Ink Pad
  41. [^] Use Inky Hand with Paper
  42. [^] Talk to Brass Hand Harry - Mark 2
  43. [^] Talk to 50 Ships Mufassah
  44. [^] Take rowing boat from Port Phasmatys to Dragontooth Island, taking Diving Equipment
  45. [^] Head north-east and climb down Chain
  46. [^] Catch Karamthulu to east
  47. [^] Head up stairs on boat
  48. [^] Open chest
  49. [^] Head to bottom floor of boat
  50. [^] Dig mess several times
  51. [^] Take Idol of Many Heads
  52. [^] Talk to Bill Teach with Idol - Mark 3
  53. [^] With Letter from Brother Tranquility and remembering the disguises from Braindeath along with 20gp, talk to Redbeard Frank
  54. [^] Talk to Bartender in Pub just to north
  55. [^] Choose option "I'll have a drink...and you have one too!" five times
  56. [^] Leave the Pub, put on a disguise and ask Barman for 'rum'
  57. [^] Repeat the previous step five times
  58. [^] Leave and remove all disguises
  59. [^] Talk to the Bartender again
  60. [^] With Order from the Bartender, Charcoal and wearing a pirate outfit like when you initially got arrested, talk to Captain Braindeath - Mark 4
  61. [^] Head down steps to south of building
  62. [^] Talk to Captain Donnie
  63. [^] Head north-west and use Charcoal with 50% Luke
  64. [^] Take Charcoal Rubbing to Redbeard Frank - Mark 5
  65. [^] Head to Rimmington Customs Office with marks
  66. [^] Talk to Customs Sergeant
  67. [^] Use Marks with File
  68. [^] Talk to Customs Sergeant
  69. [^] Store Items
  70. [^] Talk to Customs Sergeant
  71. [^] Repeat process to get to evidence room
  72. [^] Talk to Locker Officer
  73. [^] Head back to your cell
  74. [^] Shout through Barred Window
  75. [^] Watch the epic cut-scene
  76. [^] Quest complete!

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