Salt in the Wound

By: Twist of Fate
Special Thanks to: Hunter, Samsara, Sythe

Essential Info

Start Point

Talk to Kennith on the Daemonheim Peninsula.


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: Combat equipment, Food


  • Difficulty: Experienced
  • Length: Medium

Getting Started

You can start this quest by speaking with Kennith on the Daemonheim peninsula. He's located by Sonje and a Fremennik shipbuilder on the far east side. Upon talking to him, he will express how glad he is to see you. Ask him how things are going in Witchaven and he will tell you that he and Bailey need help on the Fishing Platform. It turns out that Kennith and Bailey were both asked by Sir Tiffy Cashien to help kill the slug queen. He will ask you for help, which you graciously accept. He'll ask you to meet him somewhere private and then teleport away. Find him by walking up the stairs to the west and going slightly north. 

Kennith: Great stuff! I'll meet you and the other somewhere a little more private.

Upon talking to him somewhere more private, he will express his feelings to get other people involved in this quest. Ezekial from the Kennith's Concerns quest, and Eva the Niece of Sir Tiffy will be teleported in. Talk to Kennith about the queen until his knowledge is used up and he directs you towards Eva. When asking her why the group is in Daemonheim, she will tell you of a creature that can defeat the queen's mind control. This creature will be used as a weapon against the queen. Talk to her to get into the dungeon. 

Eva: They say its kind has its own hive mind, which should counteract the Slug Queen's mind control.

Ezekial will throw a bomb at the side of the cave, resulting in a humorous cutscene, and you will end up in the dungeon. 

An explosion!

The Dungeon

Inside the dungeon

Your first mission in the dungeon will be to find the blue key to unlock the puzzle room. To get into the key room, you will have to encounter some monsters. The three monsters are medium leveled and should not cause a problem. The blue key is on the floor to the east, retrieve it from here. After retrieving the blue key, walk west to the first room and use the blue key you just obtained on the door to the south.

The Puzzle

Enter the room to find a Caustic Gazer standing in front of a typical Dungeoneering puzzle. Choose a hero to use to get to the other side. Using the one with the most health is a good idea. Your character will distract, or "Tank", the Caustic Gazer while the chosen hero must jump the gaps to the other side without coming within one square of the Guardian Sphere. 

A good way of solving the puzzle is to follow this picture:

The puzzle solution
  1. Jump south across the first gap
  2. Jump west twice
  3. Jump south
  4. Jump north
  5. Jump north and then east
  6. Jump east twice
  7. Jump south three times and you will land on the other side. 

Once the hero you chose is on the other side, click on the Seeker of Truth to inspect it and return the chosen hero across the gap. An easy way to get a character back across the puzzle is to simply have the Guardian Sphere come in contact with the chosen character. If the character dies, simply reenter the dungeon and talk to Kennith for a teleport. After the puzzle is completed, Kennith will ask if you are ready go to the Fishing Platform. Say that you are and teleport to the fishing platform. 

The Fishing Platform

The fishing platform

Talk to Kennith once the group arrives at the Fishing Platform and he will tell you to get a couple more ingredients for an anti-mind control potion. He tells you that you need a live specimen for the potion. To get a sea slug head east on the platform to the fishing spot. Lure the fishing spot and a slug will jump up on the boards. DO NOT try to simply take the slug, as this will damage you for 30 life points. Instead, start walking back to Kennith and the slug will follow you. Kennith will daze and telegrab the slug for you. 

Next he says you will need some blood, given freely. To get the blood you simply punch Bailey and then say "So you don't feel pain?". Then say "No pain? Prove it." Bailey will then take a shard of glass and cut his arm to prove that he can no longer feel pain. Talk to Kennith and he will tell you that you have all of the ingredients and you'll receive the seeker gland. Pick up the pestle and mortar on the floor in the room and use it on any piece of the potion to make the anti-mind control serum. 

Meeting up with the group

Meet up with the group outside and to the west of the building you were just in. Talk to one of the Slug thralls and ask why you can't enter. They will tell you that no stranger may enter, to which you reply "I'm not a stranger" followed by "I seek enlightenment in the joining" and finally " I wish to hear..." and the guards will let you enter. If you log out or leave during any time in the cave, you will have to start again from the cave entrance. However, previously completed puzzle doors will be kept open. 

Slug Citadel

The Slug Citadel is made up of a series of rooms. You and your party of adventurers will have to adventure though the rooms by solving puzzles. The rooms have a varying number of Risen Knights. Some must be killed and some can be avoided. The members of your party will be healed to full health automatically when you move on to the next room. You will need to bring some food with you because your character is not healed. The rooms will remain unlocked after you've completed them. 

Room 1

Just like in the puzzle room, click on a character to give them their commands. Leave one party member by the Witchaven villager just north of the entrance and move the remaining 3 to the metal gate to the northeast. Knock out the Witchaven villager and proceed south with your character into a room with a lever and pull it. The metal door to the north will now be open, send a character through and pull the lever. Now knock out the villager again and bring your character north to the again closed metal gate. Pull the north lever and bring your party through. Kill the Risen Knights and continue through the dungeon. Finally, exit through the cave to go to the second room.

The entrance to the second room

Room 2

It doesn't matter which character you send to do either job, but they are named in the guide to help keep track of them. Send everyone to the north as far as they can go while avoiding the villager. Send your character and Kennith to the room to the east by pulling the lever. The instructions from here are: 

The second room
  1. Send Ezekiel to the western room and leave Eva in the central chamber.
  2. Leave Kennith in the eastern room and send your character south to pull the lever.
  3. After the lever is pulled send Kennith in to the easternmost room to pull the lever.
  4. Have your character pull the southern lever again.
  5. Send Ezekiel in to the western room and then send him all the way south to pull the lever.
  6. Make Kennith pull the lever and then send him into the southern room on his side to pull the lever.
  7. Send your character back to the central chamber with Eva. Make Ezekiel pull his lever and then send Kennith back to the central chamber.
  8. Make Ezekiel pull the lever again and send him back to the central chamber. Now that your party is regrouped, go to the next room. 

Room 3

The third room is simple. First kill all of the Risen Knights to make the room easier, and then send a character to each corner and pull the levers. 

The entrance to the fourth room

Room 4

  1. Have your character search the strange device and your character will become unplayable. Risen Knights will begin to appear one at a time. The knights are not usually aggressive so plan this out thoroughly.
  2. Once the first wave of three knights are dead your character will investigate the second hole. Two knights will appear at a time resulting in a total of six knights in the second wave.
  3. Once you've beaten the second wave, a third wave will appear and two to three knights will appear at a time for a total of 9 knights in the third wave. Make sure you fight with the combat triangle in mind or this battle will be difficult. (Mage beats warrior, warrior beats ranger, ranger beats mage)
  4. Go to the last room. If a member of your party dies, you will have to restart the room.

Room 5

  1. Once the the cutscene is complete, use Kennith to speak to Brother Maledict.
  2. Once the gate is open, knock down the wall with Ezekial and move Kennith north.
  3. Use Ezekial to knock down the wall to the east and proceed north.
  4. Take control of Kennith again and attack Mother Mallum once Ezekial is in place. Make sure that Ezekial is on the opposite side of the chasm of Kennith or it won't work. Kennith and Ezekial will throw the serum.
  5. Now you control Eva, attack the mother and she will throw you over herself, then move north of the pillar and knock it down.
  6. Talk to Lucy, the choice will not have any effect on the outcome.
  7. Leave the Citadel and speak to your party to complete the quest.

Quest complete!

Congratulations! You have completed Salt in the Wound!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • 45,000 Defence experience 17,500 Constitution experience 15,000 Herblore experience 12,500 Summoning experience 5,000 Dungeoneering experience 100 more bound ammunition/runes in Daemonheim (raising the total to 225)

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Speak to Kennith in Daemonheim by the Boat to Al Kharid.
  2. [^] Speak to Kennith again, now further west.
  3. [^] Speak to Eva twice.
  4. [^] Enter the Dungeon.
  5. [^] Retrieve the Blue Triangle Key and unlock the respective door.
  6. [^] Complete the puzzle room with one of the party members.
  7. [^] Retrieve the Seeker Gland from the Seeker.
  8. [^] Teleport to the Fishing Platform with Kennith.
  9. [^] Talk to Kennith.
  10. [^] Head west and interact with the fishing spot.
  11. [^] Head back to Kennith with the Slug following you. It will appear in your inventory when you enter the house.
  12. [^] Speak to Bailey and retrieve the blood.
  13. [^] Pick up the nearby pestle and mortar and use it on any of the ingredients.
  14. [^] Head to the structure north.
  15. [^] Speak to either NPC - respond with "I'm not a stranger", "I seek enlightenment in the joining" and "I wish to hear...".
  16. [^] Complete Room 1 and move on.
  17. [^] Complete Room 2 and move on.
  18. [^] Complete Room 3 and move on.
  19. [^] Heal your party, then complete Room 4.
  20. [^] Enter Room 5 and speak to Brother Maledict using Kennith.
  21. [^] Use Ezekial to knock down the wall by Brother Maledict - Move Kennith north of where this wall was.
  22. [^] Use Ezekial to knock down the wall on the opposite side - Move Ezekial north of where this wall was.
  23. [^] Attack Mother Mallum using Kennith.
  24. [^] Attack Mother Mallum with Eva.
  25. [^] Knock down the pillar with Eva.
  26. [^] Talk to Lucy.
  27. [^] Leave the Citadel.
  28. [^] Talk to your party. Congratulations, Quest Complete!

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