Sea Slug

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Essential Info

Start Point

Begin by talking to Caroline, just east of Ardougne.


  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.


  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Length: Short

Getting Started

HolgartTo begin this quest, head east of Ardougne (north of Witchaven). Somewhere around that area will be Caroline. Talk to her to find out that her husband Kent and her son Kennith both went to the Fishing Platform days ago, however they never returned. Tell her that you will help and try to find Kennith and Kent and bring them back for her. She will tell you to speak with Holgart, who is your ticket to getting to the Fishing Platform.

Holgart can be found wandering around nearby. Talk to him and he says he needs to fix his boat with Swamp Paste before he can take you to the platform. You can buy the paste from the Port Khazard General Store or the Charter Ship General Store. If you want, you can make it yourself.

To make your own swamp paste, grab a piece of swamp tar from the Lumbridge Swamp. Take the swamp tar and mix it with some flour to get yourself some Raw Swamp Paste. Next, cook it on a fire to get Swamp Paste. Bring the paste back to Holgart and he will take you to the platform. But be warned, as there is some strange stuff going on at the platform.

The Fishing Platform

Fishing Platform map

Once you arrive, head west and find Bailey. Talk to him, and you will find out Kennith is around somewhere on the Platform still, and you will also get some information on the sea slugs.

BAILEY: It all began about a week ago. We pulled up a haul of deep-sea flatfish. Mixed in with them we found those slug things, but thought nothing of it. Not long after that my friends began to change, now they spend all day pulling in hauls of fish, only to throw back the fish and keep those nasty sea slugs. What am I supposed to do with those? I haven' figured out how to kill one yet, if I put them near the stove they squirm and jump away.

Finding Kent and Kennith

After speaking with Bailey, go to the northeast corner and climb the ladder. Go to the room in the west and you will find Kennith hiding behind crates. Enter the room and use the talk option with Kennith. He will tell you his dad, Kent, left to get some help some days again. After your conversation is over, head back to Holgart who will take you to a small island. On this island is, the one and only, Kent!

Talk-to Kent

Kent will explain that the slugs are mind-controlling and have taken over the fishermen on the platform. He wants you to go and rescue Kennith before he returns to the platform. Talk with Holgart to sail back to the platform. Before you leave, Kent will stop you and take a slug off you. Once that's over with, speak with Holgart again and go back to the platform.

Trouble at the Platform

TorchOnce you arrive, head back up the ladder and go check on Kennith. When you try to climb the ladder, the fishermen will push you back down, causing about 40 damage on yourself.


Go and talk with Bailey again to receive a torch and learn that fire weakens the sea slugs. Since a tinderbox won't work, you'll need alternative resources. Take a piece of Broken Glass from the corner of the room with Bailey, and then head to the northeast corner and take some Damp Sticks. Use the glass with the sticks to dry them up. The sticks can now be rubbed together to light the torch.

Take Broken Glass
Take Damp Sticks

Saving Kennith

Now with your lit torch, climb the ladder. Go to the west room again and speak with Kennith, who won't come with you. Leave the west room and go around to the side and kick the loose panel on the side of the building.

Kick Badly-Repaired Wall

You will create a small hole that is big enough for Kennith to fit though and tell Kennith that it's safe to come out now. Go to the nearby crane and rotate it. You will see a cutseen of you using the crane to lower down Kennith.

Rotate Crane

Completing the Quest

Once Kennith is lowered and the cutseen has ended, talk to Holgart again who will take you back to the mainland. Speak with Caroline to complete the quest.

Congratulations, quest complete!

Congratulations! You have completed the Sea Slug Quest!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • Oyster Pearls 7,175 Fishing experience The ability to fish on the Fishing Platform.

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Talk to Caroline
  2. [^] Talk to Holgart
  3. [^] Buy the paste from the Port Khazard General Store or the Charter Ship General Store.
  4. [^] Bring paste back to Holgart.
  5. [^] Head West to Bailey. Speak with him.
  6. [^] Go to North West corner and climb the ladder
  7. [^] Head to the West room to find Kennith. He will talk about his Dad.
  8. [^] Head back to Holgart to go to a small island.
  9. [^] On the island is.. Kent! Speak with him.
  10. [^] Speak with Holgart twice because the first time Kent pulls a slug of your shoulder. You will head back to the platform.
  11. [^] Try to climb up ladder. You will take 40 damage.
  12. [^] Speak with Bailey to get a torch.
  13. [^] Take the piece of Broken Glass in the corner then to the North West corner to get damp sticks
  14. [^] Use glass with sticks
  15. [^] By rubbing the sticks together you can now light the torch.
  16. [^] Climb the ladder with your lit torch
  17. [^] Go to the West room again and talk to Kennith who doesn't leave
  18. [^] Exit west room, go to the side, kick the "Badly repaired wall."
  19. [^] You will tell Kennith that it's save to come out now.
  20. [^] Go to the nearby crane and rotate it. You will see a cut scene of you rotating the crane and getting Kennith out.
  21. [^] Speak with Holgart to go back to the mainland.
  22. [^] Speak with Caroline.
  23. [^] Quest Complete!

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