Smoking Kills

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Essential Info

Start Point

Speak to Sumona in northern Pollnivneach.



  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Length: Short

Getting Started

CatBegin by talking to Sumona in northern Pollnivneach. She will say that her sister is down the well in the center of city and is in need of rescuing. Of course that means you. Go to the well in the center of the city and try to climb in. A cat will stop you, preventing you from going in.

Note: If you don't have your Catspeak amulet equipped, you will not be able to understand him.

Once you are able to understand him he will tell you that there are many dangers in the well. You cannot survive without Earmuffs down there because of the Banshees and smoke. So you need a Facemask and Earmuffs equipped at the same time. Though, it's impossible. Or is it? Ali Cat will tell you that you need to find a spirit that can teach you how to survive down in the well. The spirit had once climbed down the well, but ended up dying there, he did find a way to combine the two items though.

You can find the spirit in a tomb south from Nardah and east from the Agility Pyramid. Now take your Catspeak and Ghostpseak amulet and your ranging or magic equipment. It is advised you take food, the monsters you encounter on the way are quite aggressive. Use this map to find your way to the tomb:

Routes to the tomb

When you arrive at the swamp be wary of level 58 Crocodiles. Also look out for the locust warriors north of the swamp. Get to the destination by following the map above (you will not need to push through reeds).

Push through the reeds

When you are at the Fallen Pillar, climb over it and go upstairs. You will see some Archaeologists and a spring that allows you to refill your waterskins. Head north and be sure to have your cat with you. Open these sealed doors:

Beware of the skeletons and zombies inside!

Getting to Catolax

Note: If you log out in the tomb, next time you log in you will be outside the tomb and be at risk of attack from high level skeletons.

WaterskinYou will find yourself inside the tomb. Take off the pickaxe from the tomb to the left from the entrance. If you had your cat in your inventory then he will climb out. He will tell you that the middle path is full of traps, but there are two small holes in the walls. Those are worth checking.

Kitten: Well, the obvious path is clearly a trap and that hole over there is very interesting.

Now search the holey wall and your cat will want to go and check if that hole is a good place for taking a nap. Well it isn't because both side walls of the room will collapse and you will discover two rooms.

Search the holey wall

Equip your ranging/magic equipment and go inside one of the rooms. One room has some Ranger Skeletons throwing rocks at you and other one has Skeletons casting battle spells on you.

Map of the dungeon

Go inside the room with Ranger Skeletons and kill them all. Destroy the door by clicking on it and run through the tunnel, but beware of the traps. They will hit some damage on you and cannot be evaded. Open the next door and kill the four monsters. This will make a Mummy Warrior climb out of his sarcophagus.


Darn, where is Brendan Fraser when you need him? Fortunately this mummy is not very difficult to beat, at level 54. If you have difficulty beating him your chances at the boss fight aren't looking good. You should kill him with ease.

Fighting a mummy warrior

Pick up the key he dropped and use it with the doors to the east. Go inside and pull the lever there. You disabled the traps in the both tunnels, but not in the middle one yet. Go to the other room with the Skeletons that cast magic on you. Kill them too and destroy the doors. Run through the tunnel to the other doors and open them. You will see more four monsters. Kill them all and another Mummy Warrior will appear. Kill him and pick up the key. Now unlock the doors to the west and pull this lever.

Speak to Catolax

Congratulations, you have disabled the traps in the middle tunnel. Go through the middle tunnel and talk to Catolax (with your Ghostspeak amulet equipped, of course). He will help you understand that you can combine the Facemask with Earmuffs. So use your Facemask on the Earmuffs and you will get Masked Earmuffs. Equip your armor, Masked Earmuffs and take some food. Now head for the well in Pollnivneach.

The Smokey Well

Masked earmuffsWhen you have everything you need (and your Masked Earmuffs equipped), climb down the well and go north until you find a Wavering Mystic Barrier. It looks like this:

The barrier

Banshees voiceNow kill the Banshees until one of them drops an item called Banshees voice. When you have got it, pass the barrier and you will see a cut-scene.

Attack the level 134 Mistress Banshee. The banshee is weak to bolts so it is suggested you attack with some form of range, preferably bolts. If you want, use Protect from Magic prayer. When she is low on HP then the Rangers will start attacking you too, so it is suggested to use your Protect from Missiles prayer then.

The mistress banshee

When Mistress Banshee dies, there will be another cut-scene of the sister of Sumona killing the rangers and then she will teleport away. You will hear Catolax talking to you. He will say that you freed him because you killed the Mistress Banshee. Go back to Sumona and...

Quest complete!

Congratulations! You have completed the Smoking Kills Quest!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • 5,000 Slayer experience Access to a new Slayer Master - Sumona Access to a new Slayer Dungeon below the well in Pollnivneach. Slayer Rewards - An ability to exchange your points you get from slaying, for some really useful rewards. 2 extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune


Slayer Rewards

After you finish this quest you can use something like a rewards shop at any Slayer Master you like. The fastest way to open it is by right-clicking on the slayer master you chose and clicking "Rewards". In the shop you can buy things, learn things and you can do things with your assignments. The currency in these shops is "Points". You gain them by slaying. Each master gives different amount of points for your assignment:

  • Mazchna: 1 Point
  • Vannaka: 4 Points
  • Chaeldar: 10 Points
  • Sumona: 12 Points
  • Duradel/Lapalok: 15 Points
  • Kuradal: 18 Points

You will also receive bonus points for every ten and fifty tasks you complete. Now this is what you can get in the Reward Shops:

Things to Buy

  • Slayer experience - 400 Points
  • Ring of Slaying - 75 Points
  • Runes for Slayer Dart - 35 Points
  • Broad Bolts - 35 Points
  • Broad Arrows - 35 Points

Things to Learn

  • Learn how to fletch broad bolts/arrows at level 55 fletching - 300 points
  • Learn how to craft Rings of Slaying at level 75 crafting - 300 Points
  • Learn how to craft Slayer Helmets at level 55 crafting - 400 points
  • Persuade Kuradal to assign aquanites - 50 points
  • Learn how to deliver killing blows quicker - 400 points
  • Learn new technique to attack ice strykewyrms - 2000 points

Note: A slayer helmet Slayer helmet combines the black mask, facemask, nosepeg, earmuffs and spiny helm in one.
A slayer helmet can be combined with a focus sight Focus sight and a hexcrest Hexcrest to create a full slayer helmet. Full slayer helmet


  • Cancel your current task1 - 30 Points
  • You will never get the monsters of your current assignment again in an assignment2 - 100 Points

With 50 quest points you can block one task, with 100 you can block two tasks, with 150 you can block three tasks and with 200 you can block four tasks.


  1. Using slayer points to cancel a task will cause the point rewards not to reset.
  2. You can cancel this, so you can get these monsters in an assignment again. But you wont get your points back.

Desert Slayer Dungeon

After you complete this quest, you can enter the dungeon below the well, whenever you want. It has two floors. When you climb down the well, you arrive in the top floor. It is full of level 130 Mighty Banshees. The level below this floor has different monsters. You can find level 100 Basilisks, level 123, 126 and 133 Turoths, level 112 Abberrant Spectres, level 112 Kurasks and level 112 Cave Crawlers there. Remember that you need your Masked Earmuffs, Slayer Helmet or Full Slayer Helmet to survive in this dungeon.

Unlocked Music Tracks

  • Cool for Ali Cats
  • Under the Sand
  • Desert Smoke
  • Slain to Waste

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Talk to Sumona.
  2. [^] Try to enter the well with a Catspeak amulet equipped.
  3. [^] Go to the tomb entrance, that is west from Sophanem.
  4. [^] Go inside with your cat and take the pickaxe from the tomb next to you.
  5. [^] Search one of the Holey Walls.
  6. [^] Go inside the room with Ranging Skeletons and kill them. Then destroy the doors and go north.
  7. [^] Kill all the monsters and pick up the key from the Mummy Warrior.
  8. [^] Unlock the doors near you and pull the lever.
  9. [^] Do the same with other room, that has Magician Skeletons (kill them, destroy doors, kill monsters, pick up key, pull lever).
  10. [^] Follow the middle tunnel and talk to Catolax (with your Ghostspeak amulet equipped).
  11. [^] Combine Earmuffs and Facemask. You will get Masked Earmuffs.
  12. [^] Take whatever you need for fighting and climb down the well in Pollnivneach.
  13. [^] Go north and kill the banshees until you get an item called Banshees voice.
  14. [^] Pass the Wavering Mystic Barrier and kill the Mistress Banshee.
  15. [^] Go and talk to Sumona.

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