Spirit of Summer

By: Jeremy
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Essential Info

Start Point

Head to the Ruins Northeast of Bounty Hunter in Level 26 Wilderness.


* Indicates an item that is obtained during this quest.


  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Length: Medium

Getting Started

Head to the Ruins filled with Deadly Red Spiders and look for the spirit of a little girl. She moves around a lot, but she shouldn't be too hard to find.


Make sure you are wearing your Amulet of Ghostspeak. Then, walk right through the spirit girl, and you have the choice to enter the spirit realm. Choose yes.

You feel as if someting is pulling at your consciousness.

As soon as you enter the Spirit Realm, a cut-scene will appear. It appears that the ghost man and the ghost girl are arguing, until he puts a ward around her. It also appears that a ghost boy and a ghost guard are arguing.

A ghost boy and ghost guard arguing

To converse with the Ghost Man, you must use emotes. When the ghost man uses an emote, you must also use one.

Man's Emote Your Response Emote
Angry Shrug
Yes No
Cheer Yes
Wave Bow
No Wave
Bow No

If you missed what emote the man used, just use the Think emote and he will repeat himself. You can tell if the man likes or dislikes your response by the text that appears in the chat box.

The spirit somehow seems displeased with your response...
The spirit somehow seems pleased with your response...

After all the rings around the girl are gone, talk to her while wearing the Ghostspeak Amulet. You will not be told in the chat box that all the rings are gone, so keep an eye open.

The Spirit World

Her words are hard to make out, but you can tell she wants you to go to a village to the west, near some mountains. The ruins west of the Bandit Camp and south of the Forgotten Cemetery are your destination.

Map of the location of the Ruins

You will see the little girl near the farming patch. When you talk to her, she will take you to the spirit world once again. Once there, she will need you to do several tasks. But before you do, look around the village for several items. In the north eastern most building take a Rake, a Seed Dibber and search the crates for a Limpwurt Seed. It would be a good idea to plant the Limpwurt Plant in the Flower Patch now.

First she needs to drink some water. Go back to the human world. Just south of the Flower Patch there should be a barrel of water. If you look around the village, you will find a bucket. Use the bucket on the barrel and it will empty. Then, go back to the spirit world.

Wow, that's strange. When I emptied the barrel in the real world, it filled it up in here.

Second she needs to eat. Go back to the human world. In the center of the village there is a log, pick the mushrooms off this log and they will appear in your inventory. The mushrooms heal 10 Life Points each. Then head back to the spirit world.

Third the girl needs new clothes. In the human world you will find a hammer, two planks, and a steel bar around the village. Smith the steel bar into steel nails on the anvil south of the Flower Patch. Head to the wardrobe in the human world and use the Nails or Planks on the wardrobe to repair it, therefore breaking it in the spirit realm.

Note: If you see any players around, it might be a good idea to give them some nails!

Fourth the diseased Limpwurt plant must go. It usually takes about 17.5 minutes to have a Limpwurt plant fully grow, and if you planted it before doing all the other tasks, it should be done by now. After it is fully grown, head to the spirit world, and the spirit will find her doll, and can fully speak now. She introduces herself as Summer.

Spirit: Thank you so much for your help!

She will ask you if you would like to come to her farm. Say yes and she will take you back to the Ruins close to Bounty Hunter. After talking to her, she will lead you underground to an altar. The altar needs the souls of those who have had the honor of dying. Head back to the human world and grab 5 bones and a skull from the surrounding area before returning to the spirit realm via the twirling white column inside one of the buildings. Put all the items on the altar and a disc will appear outside.

The altar

This is the tricky part. You will need one pouch for a Spirit Wolf, Desert Wyrm and a Spirit Scorpion, although its good to have extras. When you are near the circle (which can be found north of the dungeon outside the walled area), summon the Spirit Wolf, then quickly stand on the stone. Wait for the beast to appear, and when it is on the circle with the familiar, dismiss the Spirit Wolf. Spiritual lightning should shock the beast, and another disc will appear.

Note: If you leave the spirit realm you will not have to repeat disks you have already completed.

Spirit beast

Repeat this for the circles with the Desert Wyrm and Spirit Scorpion symbols as they appear, and a cutscene will start. After it, talk to one of the villagers. Finish the conversation, and Quest Complete!

Congratulations! You have completed the Spirit of Summer Quest!


  • 1 Quest Point
  • Jennica's Ring 7,500 Construction Experience 5,000 Prayer Experience, but if you go into the spirit world in the graveyard north of the village, you will get 10k Prayer Experience 2,000 Farming Experience, but if you go into the spirit world ruined village after the quest, you get 10k Farming Experience 1,000 Summoning Experience Ability to chop Cursed Magic Tree logs. The logs will turn into normal magic tree logs in the human world and they give the same amount of Experience. When the Cursed Magic Tree is cut down, a real magic tree will appear in the human world. You need 82 Woodcutting to chop down the Cursed Magic Tree, and each log gives 275 experience. Access to the Decayed Altar.


Jennica's Ring

In certain places around the wilderness, there are portals to the spirit realm, much like the ones used in the quest. To use them, you must have Jennica's Ring with you. There are currently six known portals, but you can only use three of them.

Portal Locations

  1. The Ruined Village west of the Bandit Camp. When you enter this portal, you have the choice to accept 10k Farming Experience.
  2. The second portal is in the Forgotten Cemetery north of the Wilderness ruins. When you enter the portal, there are four open coffins north of you. If you close them, then leave the spirit realm, four level 79 Ghosts will appear. Additionally, you have the choice of accepting 10k Prayer Experience.
  3. The third usable portal is in the hut filled with floating axes. When you enter this portal, there will be several level 42 Ghostly Warriors. You will also have the choice of accepting 7,500 Attack Experience.

The three that do not work are in the Ruined Castle area, in level 45 wild, one at the Chaos Temple in level 18 wild, and the one at the Ruined Farm. You need at least level 50 to gain the experience in the respective skill. Also, when defeating Revenants in the wild, their drops will become slightly better. The ring gives no bonuses.

Decayed Altar

It is north of the farm in level 33 Wilderness. It has an altar, fire pits, soft earth, and graves of the quest NPCs. It is currently unknown what these things do.

Fast Quest Walkthrough

  1. [^] Head to the Ruins northeast of Bounty Hunter.
  2. [^] Walk through the Spirit Girl and enter the portal just north of Quest start point.
  3. [^] Converse with the old man, and after the talking finishes repeat the exact emotes he used during the cutscene.
  4. [^] After all the rings disappear from the girl, wearing your ghostspeak amulet talk to her.
  5. [^] Exit the spirit world through the way you came in and travel west until you reach a ruined village.
  6. [^] In the North Eastern most building take a rake, a dibber and search the crates for a limpwurt seed.
  7. [^] De-weed the patch and plant the limpwurt seed.
  8. [^] In the building just west of the patch, take the bucket and empty the barrel full of water.
  9. [^] To the north west of the village by a statue, pick the log clean of mushrooms.
  10. [^] In the building south of your patch, take the available hammer.
  11. [^] Go to the building west of your patch and take 4 steel nails.
  12. [^] North of your patch, take 2 planks from the building.
  13. [^] In the building west of your patch, use the nails and planks on the broken wardrobe.
  14. [^] Wait for the Limpwurt Plant to fully grow, but don't harvest it.
  15. [^] Talk to the girl and she will take you into the spirit world, then watch her pick up her doll, eat, drink and search the wardrobe.
  16. [^] Let her take her you back to the previous farm.
  17. [^] Come back to the real world and pick up 5 bones and a skull
  18. [^] Head back to the spirit world and enter the basement of the building to the East and place all the bones and skull on the altar.
  19. [^] Find the disks and summon the corresponding familiar.
  20. [^] Dismiss your familiar once the Dark beast walks onto the disk.
  21. [^] Repeat for all 3 disks.
  22. [^] Quest complete!

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