The Brink of Extinction

By: Sobend
Special Thanks to: Army of One, Shooter585

Save the TzHaar, and join their ranks!

Table of Contents

Quest Essentials

Start Point

Speak to TzHaar-Mej-Ak or TzHaar-Mej-Jeh on the main plaza of TzHaar city


Getting Started

Start Point
You can start this quest by speaking to TzHaar-Mej-Ak or TzHaar-Mej-Jeh on the main plaza of TzHaar city. TzHaar-Mej-Jeh will tell you there is a bit of a problem. Since the events of The Elder Kiln, not one TzHaar has hatched, only Ga'al. He asks you to take some more Ga'al to the kiln for transformation. The TzHaar will recommend several dead TzHaar for transformation. One will be TzHaar-Mej-Gek, an ancient mage, TzHaar-Ket-Teg, and TzHaar-Xil-Kal. Mej-Jeh will hand you a communication orb. The two TzHaar will tell you to round up the TokKul of the three TzHaar using the orb and to send three Ga'al to the main plaza.

TokKul and Ga'al

The orb works by pulling you in a certain direction. For example, if the orb pulls to the south and strongly to the east, you will want to go southeast. The orb will also tell you how close you are to the target by the temperature, with a higher temperature meaning you are closer to the target. Now click on the orb and talk with TzHaar-Mej-Jeh. Tell him you want to located Mej-Gek first and the orb should bring you to the east. As you enter the birthing pool you should see a cutscene. Go to TzHaar-Mej-Het in the northeast area of the birthing area and tell him you require the TokKul of TzHaar-Mej-Gek.

Go through the conversation and he will give you the TokKul. Now choose to find TzHaar-Ket-Teg. Head out of the birthing area and east to an area south of the Fight Kiln minigame.

Find the statue of TzHaar-Ket-Teg and mine some TokKul off of the statue of TzHaar-Ket-Teg. You will need a rune pickaxe or better to do this. You will now be told you need to smelt the TokKul. Head west and find the furnace located southeast of the plaza and use the TokKul with the furnace. You will now have the TokKul for Ket-Teg. Now head south to the entrance of the TzHaar city and find the statue of TzHaar-Xil-Kal. Mine some TokKul from it and repeat the process you did with the previous TokKul. At this point you should have all of the TokKul required for the transformations. Now it is time to find the Ga'al. Head southwest and find the Ga'al that is standing next to a range. Talk to him, tell him anything and he will go to the plaza. The next Ga'al is a bit of a walk away and is unfortunately not around any landmarks. You should find the Ga'al in an area that looks like this.

Send him to the main plaza. The final Ga'al can be found by heading southwest by going around the rocks and then heading south. He should be standing around 20 steps west of a mining spot. Send him to the plaza and then go to the plaza yourself by walking or teleporting.

When You Wish Upon a TzHaar

Talk to TzHaar-Mej-Jeh back at the plaza. Give him the TokKul and he will tell you to meet up at the Elder Kiln. Walk or teleport to the Kiln using your TokKul-Zo. Enter the kiln itself and you will see you, the Ga'al, and the TzHaar approach TokHaar-Hok. The TzHaar will tel Hok that they wish to fuse the TokKul of the champions with the Ga'al as done previously in The Elder Kiln. He will tell you that the transformations will not work as the Ga'al are too weak to be transformed. TzHaar-Mej-Ak will then ask you what you think is best. No matter what option you pick the TzHaar will decide to go ahead with the transformation. Suddenly, Ga'al-Xox will appear and slay TzHaar-Mej-Ak.

TzHaar-Mej-Ak is Slain
Ga'al-xox will tell Mej-Ak that as long as he is alive he will allow no Ga'al will endure the pain of transformation. Ga'al-xox will flee and you will be tasked with tracking him down. Before you do that, you should gear up for a lot of fighting at the bank outside of the kiln entrance.The Ga'al can be found directly south of you but you will run into some obstacles around the way. Head south until you hit a wall, then west until you see an opening to the south. Head through the opening and keep heading east, around a wall and you will find a cave entrance.

The Cave Entrance
Activate the orb when you get here and Mej-Jeh will tell you to head through the cave entrance. Be sure to bring your combat equipment when you enter.

The Tunnel

Note: The tunnel is a safe area; you will not lose items upon death.

There are a total of 9 rooms in the tunnels, with the last one involving a fight with TokHaar-Hok. These rooms involve fights and puzzles. For most of your fighting you should be using ice spells. Gear for your average room would look like this.

Suggested InventorySuggested Equipment
You should have runes for ice spells, high healing food, and you will be required to take in the communication orb for most of the rooms. You will also need several free inventory spots to deal with the puzzles. The suggested inventory may change room by room (for example you may need to bring gear from another combat class). As for combat gear, armour and weapons in the 70's should suffice.There will be a TzHaar banker outside of the tunnel once you have entered it, allowing you to easily restock after fights.

Because you keep your items on death, you can use this greatly to your advantage. On death, all of your life points and prayer points will be restored. If you intentionally die when you have run out/are low on prayer or life points you will get a free regeneration of these two, allowing you to save food and prayer potions. If you find yourself in a battle that is too tough for you do not put up a struggle. Just intentionally die, take a breather, redo your battle plan, and try again.

Room One

Suggested items: Magic Gear
The first room in the cave will have four level 122 Tz-Kihs. These monsters are the same ones found in the fight cave. They can be killed very easily but also drain prayer with every attack. Because of this you should try your best to only attack one at a time. Using stun abilities, binds, or ice spells will prevent the Tz-Kihs from attacking you and thus will prevent your prayer from being drained. This is not necessary however as prayer is not required for a couple of rooms and getting it drained is not a big deal. Once you have finished with the Tz-Kihs you should find yourself in front of a gate with an obsidian mace on the floor and an obsidian sword and knife on two scales.

Floor Pattern
Pick up all three and place the sword on the left scale and the mace on the right scale. This will open the doors.

Room Two

Suggested items: Magic Gear
As you enter the second room you will see Ga'al-Xox escape from that room and seal the gate. The next room will have two level 124 Tz-keks. If you are using ice spells, particularly multi-target ice spells, this battle should be very easy. After you kill these a level 150 ranging Tok-xil and a level 122 Tz-kih. The Tok-Xil can be hard to fight if you are using magical attacks but you should be able to power your way through with this however. Once you have killed the monsters head north and find a bookcase just west of the ancient gate. The bookcase will contain an ancient account of one of the first TzHaar to depart the Elder Kiln. Mej-Jeh will read it through the communication orb and tell you the tunnel you are in connects TzHaar city to a ring of fire. Now head back a couple of steps and find some statues. These statues will consist of TzHaar of three different combat styles. You will need to set up each statue so that it is attacking a statue that its combat style is strong against. In other words you need to set up the statues in a combat triangle.

Combat Triangle Statues
You can find you the direction each statue is attacking from by right clicking on the statue and hitting the check button. The arrows will point out which way the statues will attack. Making a small triangle is a bit easier than making a large one. Once you have the statues in the triangle the gate will open.

Room Three

Suggested Items: Magic Gear and Melee Gear
As you enter the third room you will once again see Ga'al-xox escape the chamber. Pass through the hot vent door on your right and you will be warned about a battle with the TokHaar. The battle will take place over lava and some plates. The plates will sometimes get very hot and inflict very high damage if you stand on them. This is what a plate will look like when it is very hot.

Hot Plates
If a plate looks like this or is turning this color, get off it or you will be dead before you can say Jack Robinson. Stay away from these plates and keep to the cold plates. You will first need to move to the center plate because this plate is the only cold plate to start. After doing this four TokHaar will appear. You will have to fight two level 170 TokHaar-Ket and two level 160 TokHaar-Hur. These use melee so use magic attacks on them. Once you have finished them switch to melee gear and eventually three TokHaar-Xils will appear. Once you have killed them put your magic gear back on again and defeat the TokHaar champion. The champion will drain your prayer but as long as you have decent magic armour losing prayer should not be an issue. Kill him, pick up his maul and exit the area. There is another bookcase you can investigate before passing onto the next room. Investigate it with Mej-Jeh and then place the obsidian maul on the scales to open the door.

Room Four

Suggested Items: A crossbow and ranged gear would be best, but sticking with magic gear will suffice.
Upon entering the next room you will be attacked by four level 148 Lava Monsters.

Lava Monsters
Kill these with either a magic or ranged attack and then head north. Pick up the six obsidian weapons on the ground. Place the staff on the southwest scale, the knife on the northwest scale, the mace on the northeast scale, and the ring on the southeast scale.

Room Five

Suggested items: Magic Gear
Open the next door, and you will have to defeat three Tz-Kihs again. Kill them and suddenly a level 150 Yt-MejKot will appear with two level 148 Lava Monsters.

The Yt-MejKot will have no listed weaknesses and attack with magic and melee. MejKot will have a powerful melee attack however, so move a couple of steps away from him, turn on a magic protection prayer, and blitz him and the others with magic or ranged attacks. Once you have killed the monsters head north and investigate another bookcase. Head back south and now deal with the pedestals. The puzzle here is similar to the 1980s game "Simon." You will have to touch the pedestals in the order they light up. Begin by touching a random pedestal and see which pedestal lights up after this.

Lava Monsters
Touch that pedestal and you should see that pedestal and another light up. Touch that pedestal and then touch the second pedestal that lit up. This will keep going on until you have to touch eight pedestals in a row. If you get the order messed up you will have to start all over again. It may be a good idea to write down the order if you are having trouble.

Room Six

Suggested Items: Magic and Melee Gear
Once you have done that move on to the next room. Investigate the bookcase if you wish and then move through the hot vent door. The battle will take place over an arena with hot plates seen earlier in the quest. Do not forget to avoid the hot plates! First you will have to fight four level 160 TokHaar-Hur. These can be very easily killed by using ice magic. Now put on some melee gear and kill the two TokHaar-Xil. Now put your magic (or ranged) gear back on and deal with the two TokHaar-Mej. Following this put on magic gear if you don't have some on already and put on a melee protection prayer as now you will have to defeat two TokHaar champions. Try to get one champion stuck behind the other so you don't have to fight and deal with the prayer draining abilities of both at once.

A Champion
When you have killed both TokHaar pick up the maul dropped, exit out of the arena and use it on the ancient scale to open the door. Before you enter into the next room, Mej-Jeh will warn you that his communication spell is fading and that he will soon no longer be able to communicate with you in the tunnel. With that happy news, move on.

Room Seven

Note:You will not need to bring the communication orb into the tunnels for the remainder of the quest.

Suggested items: Magic Gear.
The next room will contain three level 124 Tz-Keks. Using a multi-target ice spell will make quick work of these three even with their spawns. Now head north and pick up the stone tablet. Read it if you wish (it is not necessary) and pick up the obsidian weapons. Place the mace on the southeast scale, the staff on the northeast scale, the maul on the northwest scale, and the knife on the southwest scale.

Room Eight

Suggested items: A powerful crossbow (Kharil's/Royal/Chaotic) and ranged gear would be best, but magic gear will suffice.
Continue on and you will be greeted with three Tz-Kils. Kill them with your magic attack. After you kill them you will face two Tz-Keks and a new opponent: a level 150 Ket-Zek.

The Ket-Zek will have a powerful magic attack so it is advised that you use a magic protection prayer when dealing with him even though you will be fighting two melee TzHaar too. The Ket-Zek is best killed with a weapon with bolts but if you wish you can likely defeat the Ket-Zek with magic. Once you have defeated the Ket-Zek kill the remaining Tz-Keks and head north until you see a fragmented emblem. You will have to rotate each fragment in a particular way so a full and complete emblem is seen. This should not be difficult. The emblem is in the shape of the circle so all but one piece can be rotated so that the edge of the circle is facing outside. After that you can just rotate the middle piece until the gates open. The completed emblem should look like this.



Suggested items: Magic Gear, super potions, prayer potions.
The next room will have a bookcase and a lava fight arena with hot plates as seen earlier in the quest. You can try to search through the bookcase but you will be too far from the city to receive a translation. Oddly the gates will already be open, but instead of entering them go through the hot vent door (right now you don't need to worry about hot plates) and speak to Ga'al-Xox.

He will tell you that the TokHaar have shut off the conduit that sends lava from the kiln to TzHaar city and thus responsible for the absence of TzHaar births. He states that if you can get the lava flowing again TzHaar eggs can be born again. He will ask you to activate the mechanism. Head over to the valve not occupied by Ga'al-Xox and turn it. You will successfully be able to open the conduit and lava will once again flow through TzHaar city!

The Lava Flows Again
Just as this happens TokHaar-Hok will appear.

He will display disappointment in Ga'al-xox and tell him that you both will have to face quite a fight if you are to keep the conduit flowing. He will then attack you. TokHaar-Hok is a very formidable adversary who will drain prayer and also heal when there is text above his head. He will fight only with melee so even though he has no listed weakness it is strongly suggested you use magic (preferably ice spells) when dealing with Hok. Using ice spells will further allow you to freeze Hok and attack from a distance, separating you from his attacks. Although the ice spells will freeze TokHaar-Hok, they will not prevent him from healing. Here is what you should do in terms of abilities to prevent Hok from healing and eventually defeat Hok.

  1. As soon as combat begins, stun Hok with the Impact abilty.
  2. Step back. continue blasting him with basic abilities, and the Wild Magic threshold.
  3. When text appears above his head, initiate the asphyxiate ability.
  4. Use Impact again as soon as asphyxiate ends.
  5. Repeat.

Hok will also (usually) summon a TokHaar-Tok-Xil and/or several other TokHaar to help with the fight.

Other TokHaar
The TokHaar-Tok-Xil will attack with range, which is an issue considering you are going to be wearing magic gear. His attacks pale in comparison to Hok's but if you correctly freeze and stun Hok you should be able to pray against ranged. If you do this though be careful; Hok's melee attack is quite powerful! Do not go after Tok-Xil or any other minion because he will crumble to pieces as soon as Hok is defeated. Once you have defeated Hok talk to the defeated Hok.

It's Not Easy Being TokKul

Suggested Items: None, but if you are a softy in real life you may want some tissues.

TokHaar-Hot Admits Defeat
Go through the conversation and Hok will retreat to the Elder Kiln and allow lava to once again flow to TzHaar city. Talk to Ga'al-Xox and he will tell you that the TokKul must be dissolved to release the dead from their torment. He will tell you to contact TzHaar-Mej. Head outside and talk to Mej via the communication orb. Tell him to meet you at the Elder Kiln. Now teleport or walk to the kiln. Go in and you will be greeted by TokHaar-Hok, TzHaar-Mej, and Ga'al-Xox. Now that healthy TzHaars are being born instead of Ga'al Mej-Jeh will tell you that there are a limited number of Ga'al which can be used to bring back the former great TzHaar. The Ga'al will now no longer be sentenced to death in the fight pits but still be used for transformations. To convince TzHarr-Mej-Jeh of the torment faced by TzHaar in the form of TokKul he will ask that the TokKul of TzHaar-Mej-Ak be used to transform him so Mej-Ak can tell Mej-Jeh of the pains of being TokKul. TokHaar-Hok will agree to allow one more transformation if you will agree to fight the TokHaar so they can learn more about your fighting techniques. Agree to this and the transformation will occur with Ga'al-Xox being transformed into TzHaar-Mej-Ak.

He is Released!
Speak to the now-a-little-strange Ga'al-Xox who will tell you that he wants to be melted in the lava so he can be released from his "obsidian prison." Mej-Jeh will agree to allow the trapped Mej-Ak be melted in the lava. Now Ga'al-Xox will ask what will become of the surviving Ga'al. Say they can be any of the four options given to you. Mej-Jeh will agree and tell Ga'al-Xox that the Ga'al will be nurtured and trained to their best abilities. The Ga'al-Xox will then shake your hand, jump into the lava and disintegrate. Following this there will be a formal ceremony honoring you.

Your Ceremony
You will be lauded and given the title of "TzHaar," the first outsider to be awarded with such an honor. Congratulations, quest complete!

Quest Complete!


  • 3 Quest Points
  • A 275,000 experience lamp for Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, or Ranging 100,000 experience in Mining TzHaar title Ability to smith Obsidian armour Access to Fight Cauldron Two extra spins on squeal of fortune

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